Fall Into Temptation Episode 75 Update on Thursday 8th November 2018

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THE PRESENT: Vicente is saved from committing suicide in the river by Godoy he confesses that he was about doing so because he was scared of being blamed for his sister’s death and though he was at the scene of Carolina’s accident but he didn’t kill her and Godoy says he has to say the truth to his heads.
Same way, Santiago speaks with Lisa and she mentions to him about how Vicente was about drowning himself in the river which she thinks she was the caused for throwing him out of her house and they suspect that he killed her if Vicente finally told the police that he was at the accident scene. 

Damian is now using a wheel chair and Azucena goes to visit Damian and there she tells him that Andres fired her because the police interrogated her about who they think could be capable of taking the money from the car and she pinpointed Andres and that is how come he thinks of her as a traitor and fired her.
Andres hired guard is now monitoring each and everyone who enters the Becker’s house as he’s been commanded by Andres and he gives him that feedback about Azucena entering and Andres tells him not to do anything to her because the right time will come for them to get rid of her if the necessity comes up.

Santiago question Alina as to why she answered his call when he went to the washroom and she says she sees nothing wrong with it and also Raquel even hang up upon hearing her voice and Santiago attacks her that he knows Alina did that on purpose. She diverts the question and tells Santiago that Andres gave a statement at the police station that he and Raquel were together on the night of the accident and this makes Santiago anxious. Alina also asks him to make love to her and he rejects her.

THE PAST: Two months before the accident; Fede tells his dad that Mia knows that he is having an affair outside but he never told her because she suspected him a long time ago. He then tells Fede that he is going to mend or resolve his issues with Carolina and Fede warns him to do it as he’s promised if not he is going to lose the little trust and respect his children have for him and Damian now has a long face. 
Same vein, Carolina tells Raquel that everybody including her family think that she is the one to blame for their divorce. Raquel wants to know how Santiago is doing and Carolina says Raquel should call Santiago to know from him because she can’t say anything. 

Damian visits Santiago at the construction site and he supposedly went there to know how he’s doing and Santiago says very bad because he can’t stand to see his wife having an affair with another man and Damian wants to know how he can think that and he questions Damian if he knows anything he is not telling him and Damian asks why he is asking him that and Santiago says he wishes that it will just be his suspicions and not real. 

He asks Damian if he thinks everything can come back to normal between him and Carolina and Damian go silent and Santiago thanks him for at least passing by to check on him
Damian visits Santiago to see how he’s doing with the separation. Carolina is upset with Damian since he hasn’t left Raquel, he promises her that he is going to talk to her that very night. 

From there, he goes to see Carolina and there she sarcastically tells him that now that she is alone without any family after following Damian’s whims to seek for divorce, they can have all the sex as he wishes. 

Damian says that isn’t his mind but she should understand him because now Federico is blackmailing him and he needs time and after they calm down, he can tell them about the separation but seriously it looks like Carolina is disappointed in Damian threatening him that if he fails to talk to Raquel, their affair is over and Damian assures her.

Raquel visits Santiago to console him after hearing that he moved out of the house because of Carolina’s demand for separation.

THE PRESENT: Damian lying in bed asks Raquel to forgive him and help him to begin again and make everything to be as normal as it was before but she refuses and says nothing will be like as it was before so he should stop dreaming. 

Again, she tells him that, she thanks God for his gradual recovery because she needs him to be well so that he can grant her divorce and Damian goes nervous and shed tears.

Vicente confesses at the station that he was only there to get his money but the accident happened and since they were locked in the car, he got his shovel from his personal car and crash the car to open and there he discovered that the money wasn’t in the bag but some waste documents and while his sister was running away, he goes after her to demand from her his money and whiles struggling and arguing with her, he heard a gunshot at Carolina and she died and seeing how Damian was embracing her and thinking he was responsible, he took his shovel and hit Damian until he went unconscious and out of respect buried his sister because he loved her sister very well dearly but insists that he did not kill Carolina but it was Damian. 

Antonio then thinks that Vicente is now prime suspect in the attempted murder of Damian and also the murderer of Carolina and so he will be put behind bars but they will still continue searching for clues about the third car.

Alina still insists that Santiago makes love to her but Lola bounce on them questioning what the herk is going on and tells her dad that their lives has already been destroyed by her mum and so he shouldn’t try committing same mistake to make their lives so complicated. Alina then tells Santiago that for his rejection with her, he just won himself an enemy.

Damian tries to get Raquel to forgive him but she does not want to, she seeks comfort with Santiago and there she tells him that she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. 

Andres tells Fede that if he doesn’t get a million box of money to push the company forward, Fede is going to end up as the owner of the Company in bankruptcy and Fede goes to see Miriam and informs her about all that Andres told him. He then goes to ask Reuda for help to resolve this problem.

Azucena pays a visit to Damian and he tells her that Raquel demanded for divorce and she tells him that a lot of things have happened but when he begins remembering everything, he will understand why Raquel is demanding for divorce. Raquel then states that he remembers everything but he has to continue to pretend because he wants to get his family back. She questions him if he murdered Carolina and he goes silent.

Antonio and Godoy discover that the third car at the accident scene is registered in the name of Raquel.