Till The End of Time Episode 75 Update on Friday 9th November 2018

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Saanjh tells Arjun that she cannot take chief legal advisor job, he does not know what Maya is up to. Maya enters and tells Saanjh that she had informed Malkani that she will deal with only Saanjh hereon and reminds her, says she is smart and intelligent and deserves this job. Saanjh repeats again she cannot accept this job. Maya says it is her wish, but she should rethink and says Arjun she has some work with him.

Walk says Saanjh that she is mad and walks behind Maya. Saanjh comes out and tells Maya that she was right, she will accept this position. Arjun says thank god Dusky got her senses back and hugs her. Saanjh feels jealous, but then smiles and congratulates Saanjh. Arjun says she calls him duffer, but in her case, if a lost person returns home, he/she is called Saanjh, now they
both cannot escape from uncle Arjun. Maya says if uncle Arjun does not get back to work, he should get back to work. He murmurs in Saanjh’s ears that they will go for lunch away from boss.

After returning to her cabin, Saanjh reminisces seeing an e-mail if she wants to save Arjun, then she should accept this job. She opens e-mail and reads if she wants to save Arjun from Maya, she should know Maya’s past. If she does not trust, she can check this Maya’s school termination letter and requests again to accept job. Saanjh replies who is she, what danger Arjun has.

Mail does not go and tries to check who is sending this mail, but gets an error, thinks of finding who is his unknown sender.

Jahnvi over phone invites her relative for Maya and Arjun’s marriage. Door bell rings, she opens it and Vandana gets in. Jahnvi says she wanted to call her and asks to feel this house as hers. Vandana says Maya…Jahnvi says Maya is a very good girl.

Vandana says she knows, but children took decision in a hurry, if she can permit, she wants to say something. Jahnvi says she has right to speak. Vandana gets out Arjun’s janam patri and says she wants to match it with Maya’s.

Jahnvi says it is a good idea, but if she believes in all this even now. Vadana says yes and asks Maya’s janam patri to show it to panditji. Jahnvi asks her to call pandit here itself and goes in to bring janam patri.

Vandana calls pandit and asks him to reach her sent address. Ashwin enters and greets Vandana. She says she must be feeling weird in big house, anyways heart should be big and she has a big heart. He holds his face and asks Arjun is very strong, what does she feed him. Vandana reminisces Arjun beating Ashwin.

Vandana says she came to show Maya and Arjun’s janam patri to panditji. Ashwin says it is good, everything happens according to janam patri. Vandana says she wants to find out marriage date. Ashwin says if her pandit is good, he will find out everything hidden in janam patri. Jahnvi is seen searching janam patri in Maya’s room.

Arjun enters Maya’s cabin and gets romantic with her. He tries to kiss, but she escapes and says only work in office. He tries again. Jahnvi calls her and asks where is her janam patri, says she found it. Maya panics.
Ashwin tells Vandana that Maya is not like she portrays herself, it is Maya is maya/magic. Jahnvi enters and says he is right, Maya is very good.
Maya panics and tells Arjun if panditji reads janam patri, Vandana and pandit may believe what is in it. Arjun asks what is written in it. Maya reminds him about Mauritius pandit’s words. Arjun says life cannot be decided with janam patri. Maya says what if wrong is written in janam patri, what will Vandana do. Arjun says mom will not do anything and takes her along. Saanjh hears their conversation hiding near door and thinks what is written in patri.
Maya with Arjun reaches home. Jahnvi praises that Arjun changed workaholic Maya, she came home from work so early today. Arjun says without us how will they match patri and then tells Vandana that Maya gave chief legal advisor job to Saanjh. Vandana is shocked and asks if Saanjh accepted job. He says yes. Maya says what is the need of matching janam patri. Arjun says same with extended witty dialogue. Vandana says she wants to check if something is wrong. Pandit checks patri and gets very tensed and looks at Arjun and then Vandana. Vandana asks what is the issue, if there is any tension. Pandit says there is tension. Maya looks nervous.
Precap: Maya burns office floor and tells Arjun she wants to take oath they have to take during marriage right now, nobody should come between then and it is only him and her. Saanjh hears their conversation hiding near door.