Sightless Love Episode 26 Update on Wednesday 7th November 2018

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Angustias tells Prudencia that she is going to give something Alberto left behind for Marina and she gives her the permission to go and in case Marina also needs something she should let her know and Angustias tells her that Damiana and marina are now living at Baldomero’s house and Susana again now knows that they are now out of the apartment too.

Susana then invents that she lost a very valuable bracelet that they are not going to go back to the city until she finds it and in fact, she moves everyone into believing it even her own daughter but she tells Vanessa to follow her whims because it was only a made up since Alberta and marina didn’t break up as Prudencia made her to believe.

Vanessa still wants them to go to the city because if perhaps Prudencia, Angustias and Alberto did all that to hide their relationship from them, it means it was to compel them to leave their house but Susana answers that they are not going to leave until Alberto and Marina end that so-called marriage of theirs. 
Baldomero tells marina that Damiana agreed to be his couple and he hopes she doesn’t mind and marina tells him that she is glad her mother will be happy and more with a man who adores her. 

Isuaro tells Ramona that though he met the absence of Damiana and Marina in their house but he will go there the next day because he will go there to check again and that will make him be sure that I could be true that Alberto took them to the city as Ramona is saying.

Margarito calls Luis to let him know that Marina and her mum Damiana finally left the house to stay temporary with Baldomero till they find a place and Luis says he doesn’t know why the rush because he never intended throwing them out but Luis asks him to lock the doors for him.

Angustias takes Marina’s money left behind by Alberto to her but she refuses to take it because she thinks that she and her mum are okay with the little savings they’ve made. 

Damiana reveals to Baldomero that Zacharias was the one who provoked her accident, but she doesn’t want to press charges because of marina and she also doesn’t want Marina to know that. 

Susana and her daughter now plan that they will have to do everything for Marina to come stay with them in the house but Vanessa thinks that is impossible but Susana says that it’s good that Luis doesn’t know about Alberto and Marina’s engagement still because should he have known may be Luis could have come back to disinherit Alberto 

Angustias tells Damiana that he has to understand her because it’s not easy for her to speak the truth since Mr. Luis even hate Marina to the Max. Damiana then tells her that Luis sent Zacharia’s to attack her and Angustias tells Damiana that it’s true but he only sent Zacharias to make them leave the apartment, but not for Zacharias to get violent with her and Damiana tells her that Mr. Luis must know that marina is his daughter and Angustias replies that it is not the answer because Mr. Luis would abandon Prudencia should he gets to know that, and so it is better to keep silence for now until they accept her as their daughter-in-law so marina is going to have everything that is rightfully hers. 

Prudencia tells Susana that Alberto and marina are still together and so Vanessa could rebuild her life back at the city but Susana tells that her poor daughter will suffer very much because she got her hopes up thinking that she could become Alberto’s wife soon and this is what comes up and Prudencia tells her that there is nothing they can do and that proves that their love is so much deep and it can face all storms of life. 

Susana then goes to tell her daughter about it and Vanessa advices her mum to forget about Alberto and accept that he is in love with the blind girl but she tells her daughter that Alberto’s happiness is the least of her thoughts all she cares about if not affording to lose the fortune of the Ocaranzas family. So, following her mum’s whims, she goes to see Prudencia to allow Marina to come and live with them for few days so she can know what exactly looks so extra ordinary about her that attracted Alberto to her side more than her (Vanessa) but Prudencia thinks that is childish and not the best way to solve the problems.

Prudencia then speaks with Angustias and asks her if Marina will accept to stay few days with them and Angustias thinks that will depend on her but it will still be a better thing to do to get to know Marina better in the absence of Luis. 

Prudencia goes to see Marina to apologizes to Marina and she invites her to come to her house
Isauro goes to see Baldomero to ask the whereabout of Marina and Damiana and he lies to him that they moved to a different city but he would have loved for them to stay with him (Baldomero) in his house nut they refused and Isauro wants their address but he tells him he doesn’t give information out just like that to people.

marina and Damiana discuss about Prudencia’s invitation and they both accept to honor the invitation.