Kundali Bhagya Episode 180 Update on Friday 9th November 2018

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Karan tells Kareena he helped her only for the name of his family, a girl always need a boy. Kareena agrees he did right, it was important to her to have a man by her side. Prithvi asks Kareena why she is on his side. Kareena says if Karan had to spend a night with her he could have booked a seven star hotel. He isn’t short of any money.

Before Prithvi could interfere Karan says they all know what kind of girls he likes. Prithvi says he isn’t still convinced, they could have taken a lift and reached here earlier. There is a lot of traffic on the highway. He questions where they spent the whole night.

 Prithvi says it was someone’s house. Prithvi says they must go there right now to inquire about it. Karan smiles saying they were at God’s place and tells Kareena they stayed at a Devi’s temple.

He turns to ask Preeta if she was Manjolika. Or Prejolika? Preeta recalls the joke of b*t*h with Karan. Shrishti says it must be Holika. Karan narrates further that Preeta began ringing bells into the temple for the sake of this Prithvi. Preeta wonders why he is lying continuously.

Karan asks Rakhi to look at her neck, he swear it’s not tomato sauce. Preeta recalls rubbing the sauce over herself. He then asks Preeta to turn around, he was proud of lying so easily. Sherlin asks if she was ringing the bells with her hands, why her neck is injured. Karan leaves it to Preeta.

Then instantly makes up the story that she was climbing the stairs of temple by rolling over, he had forbidden her but she was obsessed by the ghost named Prithvi. Sarla comes to Karan and thanks him. He hugs her back.

Karan asks Rakhi if she told Preeta to find Prithvi, she couldn’t negate her demand. Rakhi also praises Preeta’s brought up. Shrishti asks Prithvi if he now understands this, he isn’t worth all the efforts of Preeta. His doubtful mind is a home to devil, no respect for elders.

Sherlin accepts that Prithvi ruined a petty matter, they shouldn’t have trusted him. She apologizes Preeta. Karan winks at Preeta and asks everyone what was possible if an innocent girl was walking across the roads at middle of night. It’s a man’s responsibility to stay with her. If this is what he helped her for?

He could have left Preeta right there, had he known about Prithvi’s reaction. Mahesh tells Karan they trust him, they didn’t believe a single word Prithvi uttered. Rakhi also appreciates Karan. Shrishti hugs Preeta saying she is one in a thousand.

Rishab questions if Prithvi thought he is precious diamond, but turned out to be a fake stone. Sherlin also accuses Prithvi. Sarla wasn’t ready to hear a single word from Prithvi anymore.

Sarla brings Preeta into a room. She says she doesn’t want to tell her daughters how much she trusts them. She was hurt by the accusation she had to bear upon her character. She understands well what Preeta must have gone through.

She accepts her mistake for not being able to understand Prithvi. He isn’t a human. He couldn’t understand her worth at all, she can’t marry Preeta to Prithvi.

He can’t respect a girl or her relations. When Deepak slapped her she broke the relation, she challenged Deepak then to find the best man in the world for her.

But Prithvi isn’t the best man, he isn’t worth standing in front of her. She cries that she was silent only because of Luthra’s here. She turns to go right away and break this engagement.

Prithvi comes to Sherlin in the room. He was furious over her for blaming her in front of everyone. Sherlin says she was helpless there. Prithvi says its only because of her stupid ideas, he shouldn’t have followed them.

Sherlin argues that he isn’t able to implement the idea. Sherlin was annoyed. Prithvi wonders how to regain his image in front of Arora’s and Luthra’s. He must make another attempt to repair this image.
Kareena and Rakhi come to the room and says she didn’t know Sarla would break this engagement.

Prithvi will break it; he is rich and handsome. He has no combination with Preeta. Rakhi says only money isn’t everything? Kareena says people won’t believe Arora’s broke the engagement, everyone would consider Preeta as wrong and the reason being Preeta spending a night outside.

Sarla forbids Kareena to interfere in the matter, she is aware what her daughter can do.

PRECAP: Rishab asks Prithvi if he can’t respect that his fiancé is asking for his permission to step out, why he is marrying her. He suggests him to break it.