Kuch Rang Episode 315–316 Update on Friday 9th November 2018

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Dev nervously thinks from where to find out Khatri, he needs to ask a person because of him Khatri escaped, only after drinking cold water with calm mind. Jatin calls Sona and informs that he found out where Khatri’s stays and asks how did she know he would fool her. She says because he had fooled her once before. They disconnect after a bit of chat. Sona goes too washroom. Dev hears her conversation standing near door.
Mamaji comes to Ishwari and says he is angry on her. She asks what did she do now. He says she went to Vaishnodevi for so many days away from family. She says she went there to pray for family. He says that is there. She says she is worried about Dev, they all saw how sad he was for 7 years, but now after Suhana came in his life, his life is full
of happiness again. She is worried Sona will..Mamaji sys Sona and Dev are responsible parents and they are lucky to have Sona and even she is lucky to have them, so Ishwari need not worry.
Sourav sees Ronita crying and asks reason. She says she saw a movie with tragic love story ending. He says what is there to cry. She shows him movie. He acts as strong at first, but then starts crying again. She says let us watch comedy movie then.
Dev feels foolish for not misunderstanding Sona and scolds himself. Golu passes by and he asks Golu if he papa asks to do A B C and mom X Y Z, what he will do. He says he will obey mom as X Y Z comes last and he obeys only mom. He says why did not he understand that girls are always right and mimics Sona. Golu sees Sona hearing him and shouts Devvv…Dev asks what the hell..Golu points at Sona and says big chi will tell this. Sona scolds Dev and asks Golu to bring hammer to check if Dev has brain or not. Golu says he will ask daadu where is hammer. Dev stops him. Sona continues scolding. Dev apologizes. She says why he thought she wants to harm his family, she also cares for them. He says sorry again. She says earlier one was better.
Jatin sees Sourav passing by outside Khatri’s home and tells him that he will get in and get some item from that house and he should inform via phone when man comes back. Khatri leaves home and Jatin rushes in via back door.
Vicky sees GKB trying to use laptop and asks what is she doing. She says she heard internet has solution for any problem, so she is trying to find out how to get rid of Soha and Sona. Vicky says he has better plan and shows girl’s photos. GKB asks why is she showing them to her. He says Dev likes these kind of girls and they should get him married to one of these girls. GKB says they will not agree. Vicky asks him to brainwash Ishwari as she is the soft target and can do anything for Dev’s happiness.
Jatin continues searching Khatri’s house. Sourav sees Khatri returning and stops him at door and loudly says he came to offer him something. Khatri shouts he does not need anything. Sourav says he wants to offer credit card. Khatri yells at him and tries to hit. Sourav leaves. Khatri opens door, and Jatin already left.
Sourav sees Asha tensed and asks what is the issue. She says Bejoy is returning from Kolkota and he will get angry when he will know that his loving daughter and granddaughter is staying at Dev’s house for 1 more week. Sourav signals her that Bejoy already came. Bejoy angrily looks at Asha.
Precap: Sona searches something and Dev tries to help.
She scolds not to increase her work.
Asha tells Sourav and Ronita how will she tell Bejoy that his loving daughter and granddaughter stayed at Dev’s house for one more week when Ishwari is present there. Bejoy enters and hears their conversation. Sourav and Ronita signal Asha that Bejoy has returned. Bejoy fumes how dare Ishwari is to force them to stay with her, he will go and show Ishwari her place and get back Sona and Soha. Asha says she will accompany him. Bejoy says he will go alone and leaves.
Bejoy reaches Dev’s house and calls Dev loudly. Dev murmurs he returned again. Ishwari with GKB comes out and asks why he came here. Dev asks them to stay there, he will go and check. Dev walks to Bejoy. Bejoy shouts why did he stop Sona and Soha, call them right away. Dev asks him to come in. Bejoy says
he will not and to call them out. Dev brings chair and asks to sit. Bejoy asks to call them and Dev walks in. GKB starts brainwashing Ishwari that Dev is serving is ex-FIL and reminds how Dev’s went away from Ishwari for 7 years because of Bejoy and his family. Ishwari says she will not do anything now and does not want to lose Dev. GKB fumes that her plan did not work, she has to try something else.
Asha gets tensed and says Bejoy must be fighting with Ishwari. Sourav says there is a cold war between Bejoy and Ishwari since the beginning. Asha says it is direct war as they fight directly instead of fighting behind each other. GKB goes to Ishwari’s room and starts brainwashing her. Ishwari says she will not do anything that will spoil Dev’s happiness and keep him away from her. Dev’s happiness returned with Soha and he does not want Soha to go away. GKB continues her dirty game and asks her to get Dev married to end this drama and send Sona out of Dev’s life permanently.
Dev goes to Sona and says someone has come whose ego is big and his arrogance much bigger. Sona asks if baba came. He says he praised her baba without taking his name. Sona goes out and asks Bejoy what happened. He asks what happened to her, why she wants to stay here for 1 more, if she does not remember how much this family troubled her, go and bring her bags. Sona says they were leaving when Soha’s grandma came and Soha wants to spend time with her. Ishwari comes and says when they had decided to stay at each other’s house for 1 week, they should not break that rule and let Bejoy take Sona and Soha. Dev says Sona wants to stay here for 1 week. Dev says then he will go and stay at Sona’s house for 2 weeks. Ishwari tells Bejoy that Sona and Soha will reach his house tomorrow morning. Dev says okay then he will go and stay with Sona and Soha for one more week. Ishwari makes her usual frowing face.
Sona tries to pack her bag and Dev stops her. She asks not to increase her work. He says she will not go anywhere and mom told Bejoy to send him away and calm him down. If she goes, how will they solve Khatri’s case. She says she can solve it even at her house. He says she is always self-centric, how will she solve it without his help. Their conversation continues.
Bejoy returns home smiling and tells family that Sona and Soha will return home tomorrow morning. Sourav confronts him and says what he did was wrong. Bejoy shouts he cannot misbehave with him. Sourav says he can after what he did. He says they have grown up and not kids that he controls their lives. Argument ensues. Ronita tries to calm Sourav. Asha asks Sourav to go to his room and he leaves. Ronita apologizes Bejoy on Sourav’s behalf. Asha asks her to go and calm down Sourav.
GKB tells Vicky that she convinced Ishwari to get Dev remarried. Vicky says his plan will not fail. She praises him. He hopes plan works. Ishwari enters. GKB nervously asks her to sit and brainwashes her again that Sona will control Dev’s life again and get back to his life, etc. Ishwari yells how to explain Dev and Sona if they come together, they cannot stay happy. Dev enters and hears her conversation.
Dev goes to Sona and tells what Ishwari was telling, he says it is all because of her fights and her baba who came and created this situation. Sona says it is not her fault alone. Their argument continues. Dev says if she had not fought and went away, they would have more kids and led a happy married life. Their argument continues.
Precap: Sona asks Soha to pack her bags as they are going to Daadu/Bejoy’s house. Soha says she had promised to stay here. Sona says Daadu is missing her. Soha says she wants to stay with Daadi now and why can’t they all stay together.