Fall Into Temptation Episode 74 Update on Wednesday 7th November 2018

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THE PAST: Raquel can’t think far for her daughter Mia as to why she always gets obsessly angry anytime they raise issues of the Alvarados Mia’s suicide attempt wasn’t successful, but Raquel tells Jovita that she is not well because she is obsessed with the Alvarados and she doesn’t understand why. 
At Therapy, Mia tells Doctor Moreno that she is willing to do anything to keep Damian from abandoning them and the doctor is puzzled because Mia always mentions her dad Damian but never her mum Raquel. 

Nico can’t imagine that upon all the sacrifices his dad has done for her she still is demanding for divorce and Carolina tells Nico that they blame her for the break up because they don’t see she was unhappy for many years and Nico says that he is not blaming her, but he wants her to explain things because he and Lola are having a very hard time dealing with the situation. 

THE PRESENT: Santiago tells Raquel that he’s not romantically involved with Alina, but she says that the situation is hurting her and that he had promised her to walk away if that ever happened and so what is he now going to do now that his actions are hurting him and Santiago wants her to believe him of not having anything with Alina but it looks like Raquel is hurt with the fact that Alina was the one who answered his call whiles trying to reach him and she doesn’t know what lies her will tell him again and Santiago asks her to think things through because she is the love of his life. Andres arrives and his provocations would have ended up in a brutal fight since he blamed Santiago for being the cause of Damian’s situation.

Federico is upset to see Rueda in the house of his grandma discussing about matters of the company and he thinks its hard time his grandma stops dealing with Rueda because if he was able to help Andres with all of the shady business in the company then he still can’t be trusted. 

THE PRESENT: Antonio questions Azucena about the suitcase filled with money to be given to Vicente and she tells him about the money she put in Damian’s car but Damian told her when she paid him a visit that the money wasn’t in the bag and Antonio asks her if she can recognize the suitcase and she assures him that she could identify the suitcase should he see it. 

Santiago has sleepless night and he tells Nacho that he can’t think through when Carolina stopped loving him and Nacho says it’s just one of marriage crises but it will end soon because he can says she is just confused and so he should rather think of how he will get back with Carolina in case she asks him to come back home again because he believes they will be together again because Carolina is a good woman.

Lisa tells Godoy that Vicente came to see her and that he seemed to be so depressed and Godoy never realize that Vicente is actually hiding in the house and Lisa defends Vicente to Godoy that he cannot kill Carolina. After Godoy left, Lisa tells Vicente that it is the last time she is going to protect him and so he should leave her house and not come back to her again and she doesn’t care about where he will be going. 

Vicente the seizes the opportunity to tell Lisa that no matter the awful things he’s done and said against her, she should believe him that indeed, she and his son are the most beautiful things he’s had and this makes Lisa go tearful and afraid as it looks like Vicente is bidding farewell.

Federico tells Nico that Andres is laundering money from the company and Nico asks him if he thinks that Andres was responsible for the accident and Fede replies that now that he knows about the laundering, Andres is capable of killing Carolina. 

Antonio questions Andres about the money and Azucena takes advantage of the situation to download the last files from his computer for evidence to pin Andres down under the orders of Federico. 

Antonio tells police inspector Trevilla that everyone involved in the accident had a motive to kill Carolina and so they should continue looking for the third party with the third car at the accident scene. 

Andres fires Azucena from the company thinking that she is a traitor. Luckily, she was done already with downloading all of the files on Andres’ computer and she calls Fede to let him know and he arranges with her to get it at the work place but she discloses to him that they have to meet somewhere else because Andres fired her.

Jovita tells Santiago that she’s afraid that Raquel could have a relapse as she did on the day of the accident, when she went missing and didn’t turn up until the next day and this puzzles Santiago. 
Same vein, Andres hires and command an unknown man to make sure to tach Santiago a very great lesson and hurt him really hard.

THE PAST: Damian asks Raquel to forgive him and he also says he loves her but she replies him that she will not keep playing his game because too many things have happened and so he should try and remember that.

THE PRESENT: Andres tells Antonio that he was the one who took the money from Damian’s car and switch it with Documents because he found out that his cousin Damian was stealing from the company and Antonio questions him where he was the day they killed Carolina and he says he was with that he was with Raquel on the day of the accident. 

Godoy continues to go after Vicente so he can arrest him and take him back to the station to continue with the investigations about the accident as Antonio has requested and he sees Vicente alongside the river Vicente trying to commit suicide or drown himself in the river and he shouts asking him to stop but he goes under the river already.