Ashoka Samrat Episode 58–59 Update on Friday 9th November 2018

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Scene 1
Dharma is running from Khurasan’s soldiers, she comes in palace and hides behind pillar, soldiers says dont know where she went, Dharma distracts them by throwing her jewelry in one way and run in other way, soldiers goes in all way to find her. Dharma is going in palace, she finds Drupat acting like Samrat in his room, she hides in same room, she finds Drupat doing sword fighting, Kasturi is hiding behind pillar and finds Dharma in Subhrasi’s room and thinks what to do, soldiers are behind her, soldiers leave from there, Dharma turns to find Drupat is standing on top of pillar is about to fall but Dharma catches him in time, soldiers find some noise and come in room, Khursan’s soldiers come there and ask Dharma did you see some lady running from kitchen? Subhrasi comes there and ask what is happening here? Drupat says i was about to fall but she saved me, she ask Dharma who are you? Dharma says i am new dasi, Subhrasi scolds soldiers that why did they come in her room without permission, leave from here, they leave, Subhrasi says to Dharma i am thankful to you for saving my son, my son liked you too, you will be my dasi now.
Soldier says to khurasan that she was clever, Khurasan says you couldnt catch a women? shame on you, he thinks that i am sure she was not common women, she must be secret agent of Chanakya.
Scene 2
Chanakya says its good Khurasan couldnt catch Dharma, Kasturi says but he has doubt so he will not sit quietly, we should do something, Chankaya says let Dharma be servant of Subhrasi for time being, she has to meet her son too, he says to Radhagupt that you know what you will do now, Radha leaves. Radha comes to Subhrasi’s dasi and gives her coins to leave palace, she leaves.
Khuarasan comes to Chanakya and says i went to kitchen and i doubted one cook to be your secret agent, Chanakya says we have to take measures for security of Maghd, Khurasan says that is my work, Chanakya says you fight with external enemies and i keep eye on internal enemies, Khurasan says i have eye even on you, he leaves, Chanakya ask Kasturi to go and protect Dharma, she leaves. he thinks that now i have two tensions, one is whats conspiracy of Raj and Helena and how Ashok will perform in competition.
all student gathers, Aakramak says to students that you will be blind folded in blind war, then 3 soldiers will attack you and you to protect yourself and fight back, soldiers come there with stick which has fire on top of it, aakramak says you will be announced winning by seeing your intelligence, till night, we will have fight then competition will continue tomorrow, when your eyes are closed then you use your intelligence and mind to fight back, the one who wins this competition will go forward, Sushim says i will win at any cost, Siamak says i will pass from sushim in this competition and will become first, Ashok says i pray to lord that in 10 students that will go to next level, my name is also in it.
Scene 3
Acharaya Shrist announce to starts blind war. Sushim is first, Ahenkara comes there too. Sushim takes blessing of land, soldier puts blind folds his eyes and gives him wooden stick to fight, timer start (water droplets flow from vessel and before they end, Sushim will have to throw out all three soldiers out of boundary). Sushim beats the soldier by sensing their movements, he beats two soldiers, one soldier is remaining, he gives him a good fight but Sushim throws him out and wins, Ahenkara says it was great performance, Sushim says when such beautiful lady is watching you then you have to perform well, she gets shy. Next is Siamak, he is blind folded, soldiers fight with him, he beats them but one soldier hits him on back, Siamak gets up and fights again, he beats all soldiers in time, all claps, Acharaya kitasaraya says his performance was great too, next Subbu fights but gets injured, shrist ask him to take him to clinic, Aakramak ask Ashok to fight, Shirst says should we do competition tomorrow, its going to be night soon, Acharaya kitasaraya says he will not fight for much time, let it end today only. Chanakya comes there and ask Aakramak was i late in coming? aakramak says you came on right time, Ashok sees soldiers face, he says one of them attacks from front, one from back and one is mysterious, AShok is blindfolded, Soldiers attack him, Ashok fights with soldiers but sun set down so Shirst stop the fight and says Ashok will contnue fight tomorrow, Siamak comes to Ashok and ask are you fine? AShok says i tried my best but couldnt beat them, Ahenkara comes there and says you will lose tomorrow, Ashok ask do you predict future too? Ahenkara says i will witness you going to clinic tomorrow.
PRECAP- AShok says to Aakramak that anger distract you from your goal, will you teach me how to keep an eye on your mission, how to concentrate on your target like you do? Aakramak slaps him hard, Ashok gets angry, aakramak checks his reaction..
Scene 1
Ashok says to Chanakya that i was close to losing the competition, dont tell me what is right and wrong, Chanakya says i know you think that i am responsible for your mother’s death and i am reason for your difficulties, but one day will come when you will know why i chose you, Ashok says whatever i will do, will i get reward from my mother? Chanakya says yes, you will get reward from your land, you will everything for your land from now on, he blesses him and leaves.
Aakramak is practicing sword fighting, Ashok comes to him and says you were right that anger distract you from your goal, will you teach me how to keep an eye on your mission, how to concentrate on your target like you do? Aakramak slaps him hard, Ashok gets angry, aakramak checks his reaction, he gulps down his anger seeing Aakramak, he is about to leave, aakramak says this is what i want, to control over your anger, anger can destroy you and peace can make you win, if this peace is applied in mission then you will never fail, AShok smiles, he says shall we start practice? Ashok nods.
Raj says to Helena that our workers will come in Patliputra tomorrow, Helena says no one will stop them, Agni ask whats mission? Helena says they are our secret soldiers, Helena says what about weapons? Raj says it will brought in cement and blocks truck, Helena says we have to be careful from Chanakya.
soldiers comes to Chanakya and says tomorrow, workers and cement are coming from Ujjain, they have ordered me to not check it and let them enter Patliputra, Chanakya says there must be some conspiracy, we will do checking for sure.
Scene 2
Acharaya kitasaraya says to all that from 15 students, 14 fought yesterday, only one is remaining that is Ashok, after Ashok’s fight, all’s score will be decided and then 10 student will go to next level. Aakramak ask Ashok to start the fight, Ashok takes blessing of land, he is blindfolded, is given stick to fight, soldiers surround him.
On border, Raj’s worker is about to enter the Patliputra, soldiers doesnt check them and ask them to enter, Radhagupt comes there and says to soldiers how you didnt check their stuff? soldier says they have permission to enter without checking, Radhagupt says i have order of Chanakya to check everyone on border, now you people should not have any problem, he ask his men to check workers stuff, she starts checking it.
Helena says to Agni and Raj that no one should know about our conspiracy, not even Justin, Agni says why? we are doing all this to make Justin king only, Helena says for now making our conspiracy successful is more important, we should know our weak points, Justin will be informed on right time. soldier comes and informs her that Radhagup t has stopped caravan of workers on Chanakya’s order, Helena says i hope our weapons are not caught, Raj says you promised me that they will not be checked and you couldnt fulfill it, Helena says why Chanakya doesnt leave me alone.
AShok starts the fight, he senses the movement of soldiers, he thinks one is moving towards and other is trying to distract me, i have to be cleaver, he jumps and gets saved by attack of both soldiers, Sushim says how he got such skills in one night, Ashok fights with them well, siamak says nobody will believe that he is same Ashok who was not allowed to enter competition because of lack of skills, Ashok beats and cleverly throws two soldiers out of ring, Ashok knockouts two soldiers, only one is remaining, the soldier give him tough time as he break his stick in two pieces, distract Ashok from one stick and beat with other stick, he beats Ashok, Ashok falls on ground and says Maa. otherside Dharma who is making Drupat eat, feels Ashok’s pain, Drupat ask what happened? she says i am missing my son, he says he must be going to school, i will go to school to learn fighting, she ask why fighting only? he says i am Samrat so i have to protect my people and to protect them i will have to do war, Dharma says there is one more skill with which you can handle wars and protect people, he ask what? she says love, with love and peace, you can make your enemies, your friends and then there will be no war, Drupat is impressed, Subhrasi comes there and says your thoughts are great, from where do you belong? Dharma is tensed, when Dasi comes and says Noor and Charu are coming to your room, Subhrasi ask Dharma to prepare for theri welcome, she nods.
AShok has fallen on ground, he recalls how Aakramak asked him that when you fall on ground and your weapon is lost then be clever and defend yourself, he gets up and cleverly distracts soldier by moving here and there, his foot touches stick, he takes it and beats soldier, Aakramak and Chanakya smile, he recalls how he promised Dharma that she will be proud of him after he complete his learning, he recalls how Chanakya said to him that common man is common till he keep bearing cruelty, he recalls how Aakramak said to him that utilize your anger to concentrate on your mission, he beats soldier and knocks him out too, Ashoka Hai Ashoka plays.

PRECAP- Drupat says to Dharma that i got to know, Sushim is going to make Ashok learn lesson in Vann, Dharma is shocked and thinks that i will have to save Ashok at any cost even if i have to go behind him, she runs from there, Drupat runs behind her