Till The End of Time Episode 74 Update on Thursday 8th November 2018

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Maya asks Ashwin if his drama is finished. Ashwin asks what drama, Maya baby. Maya says a snake can change his move, but not Ashwin Mehrotra, he is a chameleon and will act as one. He says after all he is her papa. He knows why she arranged this party, exposed him in front of media, etc. Maya says it was needed and if he tries to harm her or Jahnvi, everyone will know who did it. Ashwin says he will inform the secret of his broken leg and warns her to let him stay here, else she knows what he can do. He walks out smirking, says sweet dreams and walks away.
Vandana scolds Arjun how can he announce marriage in just 1 week, he did not give her time at all. He says he wants sweet and simple marriage. She shows front page news about Arjun and Maya’s marriage and says if marriage
does not happen as thought, people will think step mom does not care about him. Ajun jokes she is step mom. She will hit him with shoes if he calls her step mother. Arjun jokes and says marriage will happen in a sweet and simple way and whole world will watch and asks her and Ayan to do arrangements well in a week.
Prem and Suman look at Arjun and Maya’s marriage announcement news and get sad. Saanjh comes out of her room and asks Suman to give her lunch box soon as Malkani will not like her coming late, he is very happy hearing she is not going to Singapore. Prem asks if she is fine. She says she is fine, she was waiting on the hope of Arjun’s friendship and Arjun did not break her hope, Arjun and Maya love each other, so obviously this would be the next step. Suman says she will find her a best boy and get her married soon. Saanjh says she still has a long time and tells Prem she knows she has to reach her goal. Prem hugs her and says that is like my girl. Saanjh walks out smiling and then gets sad looking at newspaper photo.
Ashwin looks at newspaper news. Jahnvi says they both are looking good together. Ashwin says if she does not think something is wrong, this boy is not good for Maya. Maya comes out and says she knows difference between good and bad since her childhood and asks Jahnvi to ask this man to stop acting as her father and walks out. Ashwin says Jahnvi that Maya did not accept him yet. Jahnvi says Maya’s wounds are deep and need time to heal, let us start preparing for marriage Ashwin thinks he does not want Maya to marry.
Saanjh reaches office and tries to speak to colleagues, but they ignore her. She sees her table missing and asks peon what happened to her cabin. He says he obeyed Malkani sir. Malkani comes and Saanjh asks where is her desk. He hesitantly says he dismissed her from job as client threatened to take work away if Saanjh is in. She asks which client. He says Maya Mehrotra and says it is nothing personal. Saanh walks out angrily.
Arjun gets breakfast for Maya and says food is very tasty. Maya asks if he prepared food. He says mom prepared and reminds his words that he wanted to kiss her hands when he ate her prepared food. Maya reminisces and takes his hand to kiss. He says his hand is injured.

She asks where he is not injured. He shows his lips. She kisses her finger and keeps it on his lips. Saanjh walks in and angrily asks Maya this is how she obliges her friendship. Arjun asks what happened. Maya got her out of job. Maya holds her hand and takes her to a big cabin and shows Saanjh’s name board as chief legal advisor and says she wanted to give her a better job and makes her sit on chair and says she gave her legal advisor job and told Malkani not to reveal anything.

She says she knew Arjun is very busy now and cannot give time to his best friend, so she decided to let both friends work together. Arjun praises Saanjh that she is magnificent and asks Saanjh what happened to her anger now. Maya says welcome to Fashion and the City, they can continue chatting and walks out. Arjun jokes with Saanjh that new job, new cabin, let me take selfie.

Saanjh says she cannot accept this job as she got it because of him, she is not qualified for high post. He says if she thinks so, if she thinks even he got job as he is Maya’s boyfriend. Saanjh says he cannot see what Maya is doing. Maya enters and says Saanjh.

Precap: Jahnvi calls Maya and informs that Vandana wants her janam kundali to match with Arjun’s for their marriage. Maya panics and tells Arjun that if they read what is in kundali, they will believe it true. Arjun asks what is written in kundali. Saanjh hears their conversation standing near door.