Sightless Love Episode 25 Update on Tuesday 7th November 2018

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Marina and Alberto officially have their civil marriage ceremony at the registry with few loved ones as their witness and they look so happy as they are pronounced husband and wife. Their loved ones then congratulate them for their union.

Susana tells Vanessa not to worry so much about marina because she has a protector (Isauro) willing to console her for the breakup because he really loves Marina more than anything. 

Prudencia tells Angustias that Alberto will never forgive her for having spoken with marina and he doesn’t even want to see her but Angustias tells her that Alberto needs time to overcome the disappointment she caused him but what she has to know is that marina interceded for her by telling Alberto not to extend his anger on his mum because she did that out of motherly love and so Marina did well and didn’t put Alberto against her (Prudencia); which means that she is a good girl and she hopes Prudencia realizes that. 

Baldomero tells Damiana about the official marriage of Marina and Alberto and Damiana looking so happy talks and says to Baldomero that it’s because the two love themselves very much and Baldomero tells Damiana that he is happy because she is getting better day by day and he already wants to ask permission from marina to be sweethearts and Yolanda goes surprise upon knowing that Baldomero is in love with Yolanda. 

After enjoying the full love making together, Alberto tells marina that before going back to the village they he has to take care of some unfinished matters now that they are married and marina tells him that she is going to look for a job so that as his wife she can support him in everything but Alberto tells her that she must finish her studies first but for now he will do well and speak with his friend Eric’s father so that he can offer him a job to earn money and take care of her.

Alberto arrives home in full happiness and Angustias tells Alberto his mother regrets what she did and she is suffering because she thinks he will not forgive her and Alberto replies that he forgives her because he already married Marina and Angustias gets surprise but he asks her not to tell anyone until he and Marina go back to the city. 

He asks her to take care of Marina and her mum for him whiles he goes to the city to look for a job as the two will now be moving into Baldomero’s house and later find a place for them. Same vein, Marina also tells Damiana about it and though she looks happy, she still wishes that Prudencia should have known that.

Prudencia asks for Alberto’s forgiveness for not supporting him and Marina and Alberto forgives her and she now looks happy and at ease. He tells his mum about going to the city and Susana thinks she and her daughter Vanessa will be going with him and he is fine with it. Susana then is sure that in the city she can help Alberto and Venessa to be together forever and Prudencia tells Susana to leave Alberto and Vanessa to sort out their differences and not to meddle. 

After Alberto helped Marina and Damiana to move in to Baldomero’s house, Alberto tells marina that Angustias is the only one who knows that they got married and so if she needs something, she shouldn’t hesitate to look for her so the message can get to him in the city. 

Margarito arrives at Baldomero’s house to speak with Baldomero and he tells Margarito that he and Damiana are going to start a relationship so he doesn’t have to worry about her because he will protect her. 

Margarito’s children sit him down to let him know that Damiana has been in love with him all these years but it’s looks odd that their dad only saw her as just a part of their family and Baldomero has outsmarted him but Margarito thinks their thought isn’t real because there was never a day Damiana showed any interest in him but it hurts him that after providing for them all these while, Baldomero is going to take that responsibility from him which pisses him off. 

Whiles Alberto gives some cash to Angustias to give it to Marina whiles he departs to the city, Susana overhears them and detects that Alberto and marina didn’t end their relationship and she goes ballistic. 

Isauro goes to look for Marina at the abandoned house but he only met an empty but closed house.
Angustias tells Prudencia that she is going to give something Alberto left behind for Marina and she gives her the permission to go and in case Marina also needs something she should let her know and Angustias tells her that Damiana and marina are now living at Baldomero’s house and Susana again now knows that they are now out of the apartment too.