Kuch Rang Episode 313–314 Update on Thursday 8th November 2018

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Dev goes to meet Khatri in police station with the help of his inspector friend Prakash and requests inspector to let him speak to Khatri alone. Prakash goes aside. Khatri comments that earlier goat/Ishwari used to meet him and now even lamb came, he says if he has come to know about house #12, he will not. Dev says he is asking peacefully. Khatri continues badmouthing about Ishwari and says to lessen her sin, she got area girls married and helped families, but her guilt will continue whole life. Dev angrily punches him repeatedly and tries to strangulate. Prakash reaches with team and holds Dev. He sends Khatri away and says Dev that Khatri will not reveal anything, he should bring Sona and Khatri may reveal her something.
Dev reaches home. Soha asks why he is looking sad.
He says he is fine. She sees his hand injury due to punching Khatri and does his first-aid. Dev asks if she knows to do first-aid. Soha says she learned a lot in school. She tells mom told she will meet Dida/Asha and return home.
Asha looks at Dev and Sona’s wedding pic and hopes they reunite forever. Sona comes there. Dev reaches outside and calls her out. He tells what he did. She scolds why did he punch Khatri, he will not reveal anything, his hand has also swollen. He says it is all because of her, if she had accompanied him, she would not have let him make mistake, he is Soha’s father and it is her duty to keep him out of troubles. Their discussion continues.
Ishwari returns home in car and GKB picks her from airport. GKB starts brainwashing her against Sona again and says she is tricking Dev and getting closer to him again and wants to reenter this house. Dev and Son even celebrated their wedding anniversary. They pass by Sona’s area and see Dev and Sona together. Ishwari fumes seeing them. GKB continues brainwashing her. They both reach home.
Sona and Dev’s nok jhok continues. Inspector Prakash calls Dev and asks to give phone to Sona. Sona speaks and asks him to do something, he can start by searching Khatri’s house. Dev says she is more intelligent. Their chatting continues. They head towards home.
Ishwari goes to her room and prays god that Sona will make Dev’s life hell again, to protect her son from Sona. Soha enters and asks how can she enter room without speaking to her even after knowing she is here. Ishwari hugs her and apologizes and gives her gift. Soha says they will meet next week as her 7-day stay here is over. Ishwari’s makes her usual frowing face.
Asha sees Ronita and Sourav fighting to cook food and both insisting they will prepare food. Asha asks them not to fight. They say Soha and Sona are returning home and they will prepare food for Soha.
Dev and Sona return home. Ishwari frowns more and reminisces Dev telling for him Soha matters and he does not care if Sona is around him or not. Mamaji asks Dev to come and greet his mother. Dev sits next to her. Soha tells she is going to her favorite daadu today. Mamaji asks if he is not her favorite. She says he is her cool dadu. Sona speaks to Asha and informs that she wants to stay at Dev’s house for 1 more week. Asha permits. Sourav gets angry and walks out of kitchen. Mamaji says Sona gave a good new and princess Soha will stay with them for 1 week more. Soha says she will bake cake for daadi like she did for mamma and papa. Ishwari’s face gets struck in frowning emotion. Sona takes Dev aside and speaks. Ishwari frowns more.
Precap: Sona holding Dev’s hand says if he trusts her, he should just help her. Ishwari fumes seeing this.
GKB continues brainwashing Ishwari against Sona. She tells Sona played her trick and again easily staying back in this house. She just wants to be back in Dev’s life and in this house. On the other side, Dev thanks Sona for staying here for 1 more week. She asks if he trusts her. He says yes. She says this time she will handle issue and he just should trust her. Ishwari passes by and fumes seeing Sona holding Dev’s hand. Sona says she will go alone and speak to Khatri and he will stay home and just wait. He agrees.
Ishwari goes to Elena’s room and says she prayed god for her and Vicky’s happiness and togetherness. Elena thanks her. Ishwari trying to extract info from her asks if something happened during her absence. Elena says no. She asks about Dev and Sona.
Elena says they both are doing what is better for Soha. Ishwari leaves making her weird usual expressions.
Sona reaches police station and meets inspector Prakash. He asks if Dev did not come with her. She says no. He says he is taking risk by letting her meet Khatri. Sona then meets Khatri. He shows her usual arrogance. She tells Dev has both money and power and she heard Prakash and Dev discussing they will get Khatri killed and portray it as accident. Khatri asks what he should do. She says he should tell address to Dev and she will assure he will not harm him. Khatri agrees. She says she will get his bail papers while he writes address.
Ishwari sitting in her room fumes Sona touching Dev repeatedly. Soha comes and asks her to play video game with her. Ishwari says she cannot understand this. Soha asks what will they play then. Ishwari says snake ladder. Soha says it is also her favorite game and says good she came back, even papa had gone out sadly and mamma promised to bring papa home and she kept her promise.
Dev eagerly waits for Sona’s call. Sona calls him and says she met Khatri and he revealed address. He thanks her and asks how did she do that. Sona says she got him released in return. Dev again eagerly waits for her. Ishwari passes by and asks if he is tensed, he can speak to her. He says he knows she is always there for him, but he is not tensed.
Sona waits near her car for Khatri. Khatri gets out of police station and taunts her that rich people are so fool and repeatedly make same mistakes, he gave wrong address to her and knew she told him cooked up story. He shows cheque given by her and taunts it is his fees, thanks her and leaves.
Dev eagerly waits for Sona outside house. Sona returns and informs him that Khatri gave wrong address and lied. Dev shouts now they don’t have Khatri to know address, it is all because of her oversmartness, his mother’s dignity is questioned again. He continues yelling and leaves. Sona stands sadly.
Precap: Jatin calls Sona and says he found Khatri’s address and asks how did she know he would betray. Sona says he had done it earlier also. Dev hears her conversation.