Fall Into Temtation Episode 73 Update on Tuesday 6th November 2018

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THE PRESENT: Azucena tells Federico that Andres knew about the money in Damian’s car and that he must have taken it because he knew that Vicente was blackmailing Damian, and that he was planning to leave with Carolina because he saw their plane tickets. 

Mia wants to be back with Nico because she loves him very much and Nico asks her to give him time to think things through because he’s been hurt a lot about her several rejections towards him and Nico asks her in he believes him and she says Yes because she knows that he’s no more with Alina again and also that she knows Alina is sleeping with Santiago. Nico then goes shocked and says he doesn’t believe it but Mia says that is the reason why her mum and his father broke up. 

Vicente asks for Lisa’s help and she suspects that maybe he killed Carolina wants him to turn himself in to the police but he tells her that he didn’t kill his sister but they blaming him. 

THE PAST: At the hospital, Federico lying on his hospital bed due to the asthma attack he had, he tells his dad Damian to stay away from Carolina and not to leave his mum and he promises to not say anything about his affair with Carolina and Damian assures him. 

Lola discovers the brochures about the apartments in the United States, and Azucena tells her that Damian wants to set up a plant over there and asks her to be discreet about it. 

Santiago asks Carolina if the reason she is asking him for a divorce is that there is another man in her life, but she dodges the question brings up unnecessary argument telling Santiago that he’s been selfish when it comes to things about her when in fact she always agrees to his decisions. 

Damian can’t tell the truth to Raquel about his decision to get divorce from her because he promised Federico that he wouldn’t leave her. Upon telling Carolina that he can’t do it due to circumstances, this infuriates Carolina and she berates him because they had agreed to tell the truth but now she is in a complicated situation with Santiago since she demanded for divorce already but Damian wants her to understand him because Federico is sick. 

Nico tells Mia that Carolina asked his father Santiago for a divorce and whiles telling them, Carolina overhears and discusses it with Jovita and she thinks that, it’s either Carolina has seen another man and Raquel says she all along though Santiago and Carolina are a perfect couple. 

Raquel meets with Carolina and asks him if she is divorcing Santiago because there is another man but she wasn’t able to answer wandering about and saying that it is because for sometime now she and Santiago’s relationship is not moving on well and they are not happy too. She seizes the opportunity to advice Carolina to not divorce but try and fix their marriage as she’s done with Damian with even the amount of problems they have. 

Antonio asks Godoy to go get Vicente to bring him face to face with Blas Garrido to find out who is lying. 
With the news about Carolina and Santiago’s divorce, Federico thinks that Damian lied to him and he confronts him and tells him that he should forget that he has a son if he leaves his mum Raquel. 

Santiago tells Nico and Lola that he’s moving out of the house to go stay with Nacho and seriously the children look very depressed with the divorce. 

At dinning, Mia tells Damian and Raquel to stop thinking about the Alvarados if not sooner or later the Alvarados are going to end up ruining their lives; later, Federico finds Mia unconscious after she took some pills. 

Santiago tells Carolina that he can’t stay in the house with her now that he knows she doesn’t love him and Santiago finally moves out of his house.