Sightless Love Episode 24 Update on Monday 5th November 2018

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Susana advices Vanessa that if marina and Alberto has split up then it’s time that she tries and comfort him so she can win him all over and be his fiancée again if not they (Vanessa and Susana) will be thrown out from the Ocaranzas apartment and Vanessa goes anxious.

Susana tells Prudencia that they should be satisfied because they managed to separate Alberto and marina and soon Vanessa and Alberto will get married as they have always dreamed about, Prudencia tells her that it should have been very painful for marina to leave Alberto.

Alberto and marina go to see Isauro to ask him for Marina’s birth certificate so they can use it for their marriage officiating but he lies to them and tell them that he sent it with the application for her exams, Alberto tells marina that they should go to the registry office for another copy and he goes with her and there they fill a form and they are able to get a new copy.

Paulino is now trying his best to forget Vanessa and this makes her also looks sad as his sister Yolanda also reveals to her that his brother has an appointment with his longtime girlfriend who has been interested in her brother and may probably, they might even get married.

Alberto tells Marina that he never wants anyone to know about their marriage because the less people know about their wedding, the better because he can see they only want to separate them.

Prudencia is surprise after she gets to know that Damiana is the mother of marina and Angustias lies to her and tells her that Damiana had a relationship with a foreigner and that’s why marina has clear eyes.

Susana tells Alberto that she knows that marina split up with him and that he must not shut himself in because of that, Alberto replies his issues with marina are his and she shouldn’t meddle in his affairs.
Alberto tells his mum that he can see Susana is a clear hypocrite because he thought she was backing him with his relationship with Marina not knowing that she rather wanted to separate them because it seems she spoke with Mariana to stay away from him.  but his mum should let Susana know that they never got separated and so all her plans has failed.

Prudencia then confesses to Alberto that it was not Susana but she instead was the one who spoke with marina to distance herself from him and Alberto tells her that marina was willing to sacrifice but he didn’t allow it and they did not split up, Prudencia tells him that she did it thinking of his own good, Alberto tells her that he is disappointed in her as a mother.

Angustias tells Prudencia that there was no need telling Alberto about speaking with Marina and Prudencia says she wanted him to know her intentions behind that but he got angry with her and now she is afraid that Alberto might rush into things and Angustias asks her if she thinks Alberto could marry Marina impulsively and she says yes.

Angustias then warns Prudencia to not tell Susana about her conversation with Alberto and let Susana continue to think that they two have indeed split, if not should anything happens later between Marina and Alberto, he will blame her for it.

Susana tells Mr. Luis that Alberto and marina ended their relationship, since she convinced Prudencia to tell marina that they were having problems because of her relationship with Alberto, Mr. Luis answers that it is good news.

Marina and Alberto officially have their civil marriage at the registry with few loved ones as their witness and they look so happy.