Fall Into Temptation Episode 72 Update on Monday 5th November 2018

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THE PRESENT: Azucena assures Damian that she put the money in his car on the day of the accident but Damian tells her it wasn’t in and Azucena swears and so Damiana asks her who else knew about their idea and she calculates and pinpoints Andres and asks Damian if he also thinks that Andres could be the one who took the money.

Cynthia tells Mia that Raquel broke up with Santiago because she discovered he was with Alina and he never told her about it and so they have to give Raquel their support and not to stress her up in this bad time of hers.

Andres and Alina make plans to split up Raquel and Santiago for good.
Andres asks Raquel to sell him her part of the company and he promises to offer her a great amount so she can move out of the and get herself off many burdens as the place only brings her bad memories whereas he will get more money out of it.

Lola agrees with her family to agree and set a trap up for Juan and through that he gets arrested when he goes to meet Lola at that point.

THE PAST: Damian and Carolina decide to talk to Raquel and Santiago finally about their affair, respectively, to tell them that they love each other and therefore wants to separate from them.
Federico decides to tell Nico about Damian and Carolina’s affair since he can’t harbor it again in him, but he has an asthma attack and Nico has to take him to the hospital; once there, Federico asks Damian not to try leaving his mum Raquel. Same vein, Carolina asks Santiago for a divorce.
THE PRESENT: Raquel sells her part of the catering business to Andres and she asks him to be fair with Carolina’s family when he buys their part.

Alina and Santiago dine with the investors to close their business deal and Alina promises to speed things up to sign the contract as soon as possible.

Same vein, Raquel calls Santiago on phone to let him know about her decision and she is unpleasantly surprised when Alina is the one who answers Santiago’s call and Raquel tells Jovita that.

Blas Garrido asks Vicente to go back to the police and tell them the whole truth because they want to pin Carolina’s murder on Tato and him when he Vicente know perfectly well that they didn’t do it. Whiles arguing, Godoy arrives with the police team to arrest Blas.

Damian has a nightmare about the accident and about how Vicente went crazy when he didn’t find the money in the bag but papers. Damian then has a panic attack.

Miriam calls Federico over to her house and she tells Federico that Andres is ruthless and that she is afraid that he could hurt him and Mia and they are all she’s got left; she tells him about Andres’ shady dealings and tells him it would be best if they sold the company to him, but Federico flatly refuses.

At the police station, Blas tells the police that he and Tato were at the site of the accident, but he claims they didn’t kill Carolina and mentions that there was a third car at the site and Antonio wants to know the one who was driving that car and Blas goes silent.