Till The End of Time Episode 55 Update on Friday 12th October 2018

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Saanjh hears Arjun telling Ayan that he bought dress for Maya, not Saanjh. She’s heartbroken.
Maya’s mum tells her to tell the truth to Arjun. She will have nothing to fear then. Maya recalls events from her dark past. She tells her mum that you need to hide wound if you want to get rid off it, else it becomes poison and kills you. She can’t tell the truth to Arjun.
Arjun tells Ayan that the dress was for Maya and he gave it to her. Both brothers are clueless what to do. Saanjh leaves from there. Vandana asks her whether she got her dress and became friends again? Saanjh is quiet. Vandana asks why she’s crying. She tries to leave, but Vandana stops her and asks her what happened. Saanjh tells her that dress was for Maya, not her. Vandana is shocked. Both brothers
come out. Vandana takes Saanjh to Arjun. She scolds Arjun. Saanjh asks her to leave it, but she says no. Arjun must answer her today. Arjun says it’s between him and Saanjh. She says it’s now his, her, and Maya’s matter. From day he started giving Saanjh’s smile to Maya, since then it’s everyone’s matter. Saanjh tries to keep her calm, but she says someone needs to explain relationships. Arjun doesn’t know it. Arjun says so she will explain relationships to him? He knows her truth. She became his mum’s friend and trapped her husband. Vandana is shocked. Arjun continues, she kept waiting when that sick woman dies and she marries her husband. Saanjh supports Vandana. Arjun says for him, she’s that woman who kept praying for his mum’s death, she’s that woman who took away his dad, that woman because of whom he’s alone. Vandana is in shock. Saanjh says enough. Who he is talking about is a picture put in a young boy’s mind. Arjun says, no, that is her truth. That is why he hates her. He had promised his dad, otherwise he would have broken relationship with her long ago. Saanjh says maybe she just doesn’t know Arjun. He asks she’s taking her side? Saanjh says it’s not about her or his side. What he’s saying is very wrong. She asks him to apologise to aunty, but he stays quiet.
Saanjh says fine. She tells Vandana there is no point crying for person who doesn’t care for her. She takes her and leaves from there. She asks Ayan to come as well. Arjun says go, he doesn’t need anyone. He still stops Ayan and asks he will do drama too? Ayan pushes his hand and says he doesn’t need anyone, right? Arjun says he said it in anger. Ayan says he said too much in anger. He always thought Arjun just says not his mum, but has feeling for her. He respects her, but he was wrong. Ayan leaves. Arjun is angry. He receives a call from Maya. He says he’ll talk later, he’s not in good mood and he will take his anger out on her for no reason. Maya says friends don’t wait till mood changes, they change mood together. She asks where he is. He says where no one sees his truth, where he’s all alone. He says he will call her later and hangs. Maya hugs the dress that he gave and says you’re never alone, Arjun. She sees his truth and today, he will make a decision for her truth.
Suman tells Vandana what decision will Arjun make. He said and she believed it? Vandana says, he never talked like this before. He was 6 years old when she went to his house to take care of his mum. He used to play a lot with her. But after his mother passed away, he went all quiet. She could never understand what his problems were. Vandana cries saying she’s very bad. Saanjh consoles her. She says Arjun never took her as his mum, but she took him as her son. If Arjun said anything wrong, then she should get angry at him for being his mum. If she says nothing, then Arjun will go further away from her. Other hand Arjun says, let them go. He doesn’t need anyone. Here Saanjh tells Vandana that Arjun needs her, her scolding, her slap. Maybe he doesn’t know it, but he gets all alone without her. It’s time to change the picture that he has kept in his mind since childhood.
Arjun is on terrace. He calls Saanjh, but she doesn’t pick up. He says he doesn’t need anyone. that means no one needs him either? He got little angry and everyone left him alone.
Vandana says how to explain him that it was not love relationship between her and Arjun’s dad. It was a relationship of need. The need of raising a child without a mother. She thought she will win Arjun with her love, but she lost.
Arjun again calls Saanjh, but she disconnects. He hears someone coming there and says he knew Saanjh would come. But it’s Maya. She says she told him friends won’t wait for mood to change. He asks how she found out he’s here. Maya tells him his words that he comes to this place for peace, but seems like today he’s not getting peace here either. Arjun says today he may not find peace in any corner. Maya says maybe he will find peace with a person sitting in those corners. When time is bad, good friends don’t leave you. And when time is good, bad friends don’t leave you. Arjun gets lost in some thoughts. She asked what happened. He says he just remembered some memories from his childhood.
Vandana says she married Arjun’s dad just so he doesn’t miss his mum. She thought she would convince him and all would be fine.
Here Arjun says how all would be fine. Vandana broke trust of his mum. His mum had cancer and she came to take care of her. She took such a care that his mum passed away in 2-3 months.
Vandana says Arjun’s mum had 3rd stage cancer. Doctors had given up, but she didn’t give up. She fought till her last breath.
Arjun says after his mother’s death, his father didn’t even wait for 6 months and married Vandana…as if both were waiting for his mother to die.
Vandana says she stayed in Arjun’s house for 4 months after his mother’s death. She didn’t care what others were saying. But it mattered to Arjun. He stopped talking to her. His father told her that they should marry. She only had Arjun in mind and she agreed. It was a compromise between them.
Arjun says his dad told him that they are marrying only for him and no one would take his mother’s place. But someone had already taken his mum’s place in his life.
Vandana says Arjun’s dad was a very good person. He never forced her for anything. They were just friends and they couldn’t know when that friendship turned into love and Ayan is symbol of their love.
Arjun says, his brother, his jaan. Only good thing from that relationship.
Vandana says Ayan did what she couldn’t do for years. Arjun started talking to her because of Ayan.
Arjun says his father left and took promise from him to take care of Ayan’s mum. He will never be able to give his mother’s place to her, but he will always fulfill his responsibility.
Vandana says she hoped he would accept her as a mother one day, but she lost.
Arjun says he lost. Neither he is able to fulfill relationships, nor able to break them. Maya says he’s just trying to run away from relationships. Her friend had said look from a different angle and your view will change. She asks him to try that. Maya has closed her eyes. He says she’s telling him to look from a different view and she has closed her own eyes. She says she’s afraid of heavy wind. He moves her hair from her face and turns her to him. He says when you open eyes, you will only see me, not fear. She opens her eyes and asks he will not run away knowing her past? Past that he can’t even imagine.
Precap: Maya tells Arjun that he blames Vandana for breaking his relationship with his dad and she blames herself for separating her mum from her love. She can’t see her mum’s pain and she can’t give her medicine of it. Suddenly Arjun says he has to go and he leaves.