Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1115 Update on Friday 12th October 2018

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The Episode starts with King telling Abhi that he never loses challenge or competition.. Abhi reminds him that he never breaks promise. Client tells that he don’t leave the chance which come in his hand and that’s why he made the contract in such a way that they can’t back off, and says it is like a marriage which has no chance of divorce. Abhi says I will not break the contract. King says even me. Abhi asks him to back off. Client tells that the time is for celebration and not to fight. He asks Abhi to do inauguration of single music album launch and invites King and says we will announce world music album. King says party will happen, but it will be in my house. He says today is the house warming party and asks Abhi to bring his family to his house. He tells client that even your 200 crores will
be saved. Abhi accepts the invitation. Client goes. King says I want you to bring your wife and says I want to see the woman who is bearing you. Abhi says I will bring my wife, but I wish she could meet your wife as I don’t think any girl will marry a man who has attitude. King looks on. Abhi calls Tanu and asks her to come with him to the party. Tanu says you never asked me to come before. Abhi says it is a couples party. Tanu says ok and tells her friend that she will meet her friends and then go to party.
Sunny comes to teacher and says he wants ice cubes. Kiara checks his bags. Sunny comes back and asks what you are checking? Kaira says marbles, gulel etc. Sunny says he didn’t bring it today as it was needed yesterday. Kiara says did you know about yesterday’s attack before? Sunny says I had brought it for you and tells that they can be friends, and says sorry. Kiara says you got scared of me. Sunny gives her strawberry milk shake and says I told mummy and she made it for you. Kiara says we shall become friends now. Sunny says yes. Kiara drinks it. Sunny asks her to come to her house. Kiara says ok, and says my mumma will talk to your mumma. Sunny says no issues and gives his number.
Chachi tells King that she wants to go out and buy vegetables. King says you want to do timepass and then says it is a good habit. Pragya smiles. Chachi goes to charge her phone. Pragya says she has made list for house warming guests. King says there is a change and tells that he has signed world album, and invited that singer’s family home. He says he don’t want to sign, but it is like someone is forcing him. Pragya says it is destiny that you don’t want to see his face, but invited him home. Pragya says she will make the best arrangements and will handle everything. King says announcement will be made in the party. He says there is one more thing and tells that he has invited his wife, but he told that no woman can bear me because of my attitude. He says he has challenged him that his wife is best. Pragya asks what and asks him why did he tell him. King says if I don’t marry anyone then there is a chance for you. Pragya says but there is no chance of yours as you are not my type. King says because you like that Mumbai type guy. He asks her to be a good wife. King thinks Abhi will lose his challenge seeing his fake wife.
Kiara tells Pragya that she didn’t finish the tiffin as Sunny brought strawberry milkshake for her. Pragya asks who is he? Kiara asks her to have almonds and tells that he is the same guy whom you have saved from terrorist. Pragya asks how is he? Kiara says fine and asks her to let her go to his house for science project. Pragya refuses and says she didn’t meet his parents yet. Kiara requests her and calls Sunny. Sunny picks the call and talks to Pragya. Kiara says mumma don’t want me to send to your house as she didn’t meet your parents. Pragya takes the call and asks him to give call to elders so that she can get the address. She asks about his mum’s name. Sunny says Disha. Pragya is shocked and reminisces Disha.
Pragya asks him to give call to Disha. Sunny looks for her, but she was not there. He says he will give call to Chucks as he is the decision maker of the house. He sees Robin going and asks him to talk to her as chachu and give address. Pragya thinks once she thought Sunny is Disha and Purab’s son and says anyone’s name can be Disha. Abhi thinks of King’s challenge and calls Tanu. Tanu is partying with her friends and drinks. Her pregnant friend refuses to drink, but Tanu tells her that life gets restricted with pregnancy and asks waiter to give her juice. She says she will go to restroom. Friend says you have much drink. Tanu says she has just started. Abhi calls her. Tanu says sorry and tells him that she can’t come as she is drunk. Abhi gets upset and ends the call. Tanu tells her friends that she has to go and handle Abhi. She leaves.
Pragya asks Kiara not to trouble anyone in Sunny’s house and asks driver to bring if he needs anything. Kiara says ok. Pragya gives her mobile and asks her to keep it so that she can talk to her. Chachi comes and asks Pragya to get ready. Pragya says she will get ready in 10 mins. She takes her dress and the glass falls down and breaks. She recalls Sarla telling that it is auspicious. Beeji telling that it is auspicious. Fb ends. Pragya thinks something important is going to happen today.
Pragya and King are walking towards Abhi, while he is sitting alone in the party.