Fall Into Temptation Episode 82 Update on Thursday 11th October 2018

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THE PRESENT: Santiago catches Vicente and holds him by the neck asking him continuously what he did to Carolina and he also asks him if he is going to kill him and warns him to leave him alone and they argue and Santiago wants to beat the truth out of him for being the cause of Carolina’s death.

Nothing bothers her says Raquel but all she wants Alina to do is to limit herself to doing her job as Santiago’s attorney and leave Nico and Mia in peace.
The doctor speaks with Damian that he had an accident and went into coma but he is progressing well and that he’s going to start recovering his memory little by little. This makes Miriam asks Damian to say “mom” to know if he recognizes her but he instead mentions “Raquel” and this makes Miriam feel bad.
Danny continues to bother Fede about his trying relationship with Luz to just raise her hopes up as a single parent that he can father her child and Fede tells him that all he wants to do is be with Luz and not just raising her hopes up but if his presence around Luz bothers him, he will leave. He left and Danny tells Luz about it and she goes mad against Danny.
Godoy arrives at Lisa’s house and he speaks with Vicente to tell him his relationship with Bras Garrido because he heard that he owes him some money for gambling with him but Vicente says he has no idea about what Godoy is saying and Santiago wants Godoy lock him up and take his statement but that cannot be done until Vicente sobers up completely out of his drinking state or better still he has to be at the psychiatry.
Mia confronts Nico for lying and cheating on her again with Alina and Sammy was there to second her about the truth and there Nico realizes that Sammy was the one in that pull of blood in Alina’s house. Mia then tells Nico to leave her and not return again. Sammy then tells him that now that he is alone, Alina will never touch her again because that is exactly what she did to him.
Lola confesses the truth about her past mistake to Bebo and he tells her that he also made mistakes back then while working at the bother by stealing cars and stuffs which ended him up in jail. That means they all have a past and though they both failed, the can still be on the right track and get over it but Lola thinks Bebo can never forgive her and will refer her always with issue that if she was able to sleep with mean for money she can be capable of doing same and Bebo says they can still overcome it but Lola thinks it’s impossible and she kicks him out.
Raquel checks on Damian at the hospital and he asks her what happened and she tells him that he had an accident but he has to calm down and not stress himself as he will understand things later and he asks about Fede and he thinks somethings is wrong with him and he begins to have a relapse and so Raquel has to ask Fede to come to the hospital see his dad as he is asking for him and he goes over to the hospital.
Fede tells Nico that he wants to try a relationship with Luz and Nico says he should do it fast and not just raise Luz’s hopes up and Nico also confesses to him about going to breakup with Alina but he ended up sleeping with her and Sammy sees them and cut his veins and now Mia knows everything he’s lost her for good since he went to see Mia and she told him that she never wants to see him again and Fede thinks he’s an idiot and he also asks him to ask his sister to stay away from Sammy before he gets hurt.
Alina asks Rueda to speak with his son to stop acting childish since he came over and cut his wrists but Rueda tells her that, she caused all that and Alina says Sammy has to grow up and again is warning him that if anything bad happens to Sammy, she can’t be blamed for his mental instability and ask him to leave him alone and he assures him. In other matters, Rueda asks Alina to do everything to get Santiago separated from Raquel which is an order from Andres and she accepts the challenge. Rueda asks her how he is going to do it; if she will sleep with Santiago to fulfil that and she answers that is none of his business but the fact is if she was able to sleep with Nico, he can do same with his dad.
Nico informs Santiago that Benjamin is now leaving with the Becker family and Raquel confirms it to him as he calls her to verify.
THE PAST: After a year of breaking up, Damian and Carolina realize that their life is empty without each other and they get back together again.
THE PRESENT: Zaldivar arrives at Santiago’s site to look for him but met his absence and he leaves a message for Nacho and Agustin to tell him that, he passed by to ask him to see him and Nacho asks him whatever dealings he has with Santiago but he tells them it’s none of their business but Nacho still insists to know.
Santiago goes to visit Benjamin whiles Raquel was playing with him in the Becker’s house. Same vein, while Mia takes care of Damian at the hospital, Damian asks about Carolina and what happened and this shocks Mia as she asks her dad if he wants to see Carolina?