Sightless Love Episode 14 Update on Wednesday 10th October 2018

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Paulino looks for Vanessa, she tells him that he cannot be in there and he tries to kiss him but she tells him that they can be seen and Paulino promises to return to her room in the night when all of the lights are off and Vanessa sadly asks him not to do it and she goes so sentimental.

Alberto tells his father that he has to go to the city to go see a doctor something that could typically change his life and his dad Luis asks him if he is going by himself and Alberto asks him why he is trying to interrogate him and if he thinks he doesn’t believe him then he should ask his spy Zacharias to follow him more because he knows he’s employed him to monitor him but that wont help and so he should ask Zacharias to get off his back since he never wants to have anymore fights with his employees 

Alberto goes to bid farewell to Vanessa about his 2day trip and he advices her and in the meantime, she has to take the time to think if what she feels for him is true love, because for him it is only a tedious and tiring and Vanessa tells him that she loves him but he still gives her the opportunity to think about it to critically know if she indeed loves him so she can give him feedback when he returns. After Alberto left, Vanessa tearfully says to herself that she doesn’t love him. 

Paulino goes to see Vanessa in the night as he promised and there Vanessa tells Paulino that they should not see each other anymore, because she and Alberto are in love and they will get married. Paulino then tells her that it isn’t true, since Alberto does not love her, because he is in love with marina. 

They kiss again passionately but Vanessa still wants them to quit. He then reminds her that it was her who asked him to stay and if he never left too, he did it to fight for her love and he will do it no matter what. Whiles about to kiss again, Susana almost bounced on them and Paulino escaped as fast as possible. 

Angustias prays to God to help the eye surgery go well for Marina so that she can have her sight to be accepted by Prudencia and Luis not only as their son’s girlfriend but also as their daughter.

Alberto tells Eric that he and Marina will be coming over to the city so Marina can have her first eye test and Eric is waiting to meet the woman who has captivated his friend’s heart like that. 

Angustias advises Vanessa that she should open her heart to Alberto and tell him that she loves Paulino but Vanessa replies that she can’t do it because she is not used to living in poverty, that she will win Alberto back and she will marry to him and that is final. 

Zacharias reports to Luis that Alberto sets on the way to the city all by himself with no company whatsoever as Alberto told him (Luis). Not knowing that, Alberto made Marina and Damian to wait for him far away on the highway to prevent his father’s spy from seeing them with him. He picks them up and off they go to the city and whiles getting some coffee, Alberto receives an image from Susana telling him that, he and Vanessa are marrying within a month and Damian reading it questions Alberto about it and he explains that, he cancelled it but he is sure that Susana was the one who published it and Damiana goes angry but Marina says he believes his love for her so he shouldn’t worry. 

Susana has intentionally allowed a newspaper firm to publish Alberto’s and Vanessa’s wedding and after they did it, she lies to tell she told them long time to not publish it because the wedding is postponed and Luis asks her not to worry because that will force her son to marry Vanessa to prevent any disgrace 
Vanessa finds out about the publishing and she goes angry and tells her mum why she did that and Susana says she careless about Alberto’s reactions but Vanessa says she will end up looking like a fool if it doesn’t take place, Susana tells her that all their friends are expecting that wedding and this news will make that Alberta marry her on the date they had set. 

Eric meets Marina at the hospital and he tells Alberto that he now understands him because he will also do anything to have such a beautiful girl to himself but he is sure that his father will pounce all his anger on Marina if he doesn’t marry her now that the wedding date has also been published.

Prudencia hopes that, his son’s trip will help him to overcome the love he has for Marina but he also thinks he should have gone with Vanessa and Angustias tells Prudencia his son did not travel alone to the city because he took marina with him to see an ophthalmologist to see if her blindness can be cured, as he thinks that it would be much easier that they accept her as his girlfriend, she tells her that it shows how big his love is for Marina and so she should support her son. Prudencia then goes mad. 
Isauro becomes mad when Toribio tells him that marina and Damiana went to the city so an ophthalmologist checks marina and he throws Toribio on the flow.

Damiana and Marina have a feel of the hotel room and they enjoy it as Damiana takes Marina around to make her look conversant with the place and to know her movement. Yieeeeee saa Beebi ed3. Alberto brings her some shopped cloths he made for her and he looks so happy. She wears one and looks so outstanding in it and Alberto looks happy taking her out for dinner and there, they enjoy the moment together in great serene environment.