Fall Into Temptation Episode 81 Update on Wednesday 10th October 2018

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THE PRESENT: Lisa is very distressed as Vicente is very unbalanced and she believes that he killed Carolina since he continues to hallucinate and Santiago decides to go see her sister Lisa to protect her from Vicente’s wrath and unstable mind and Vicente enters and questions Lisa is she was calling the police to come for her.
Godoy is still in the Beckers house with Cynthia and he promises her that he is never going to make her have relapse again and Cynthia says, that isn’t his work but hers instead. Godoy tells her that ever since he met her, being with her makes her feel good and better and there, they kiss.
Fede is at the company trying to resolve the problems and he runs into Luz and he invites her to go out with him so they can celebrate his father’s coming back to life.
Nacho goes to see Alina and he tells her about the people who visited Santiago some time back whiles he was with him in his house and he wants her to help him to help Santiago if he is missing himself with something bad though he never heard what they talked about but Santiago after the conversation kicked them out and became nervous.
Sammy goes to see Mia and tells her that he found Nico in bed with Alina but she doesn’t believe him because she says Nico told her long ago that he is through with Alina and that all Sammy wishes to achieve is to separate her from Nico but it will not work and Sammy still stresses to the truth and there, Mia goes brokenhearted. Sammy then suggests that they have to join hands and take revenge.
Raquel continues to reach Santiago but to no avail and getting in touch with Nico, he tells her that Santiago is meeting up with Lisa at their village where Vicente is also there and she is afraid that Santiago might do something stupid to him and she tells Godoy about it and he decides to go there and look for Vicente.
Raquel goes to see Miriam and asks her to speak with her lawyer so the temporary custody of Benjamin be given to her grandchildren (Mia and Fede) since it seems Miriam isn’t even interested in the child; she gives the boy to Raquel to take him to her house with his belongings. Miriam accepts to speak with his lawyer and so she takes Benjamin from her. Raquel takes Benjamin home who is now going to stay with her and she looks so happy.
THE PAST: Raquel speaks with Carolina but they continue without resolving their problems and Santiago asks Damian to stay on at the party and to allow the two women to talk in peace. Raquel and Carolina are both pretty annoyed and in their separate homes, they decide to take their anger out on their respective husbands. Afterwards Damian tries to see Carolina but she does not want to have any contact with him anymore but she later texts him and says she wants to see him.
THE PRESENT: Santiago arrives in the town but Vicente doesn’t want to see him and he escapes from the house without hurting Lisa.
Mia tells her mum about what Sammy told her and she feels history is repeating itself in her life as her dad cheated on his mum; that is same way Nico is cheating on her. 
Raquel speaks with Nico not to hurt Mia and after she meets up with Alina and speaks with her to ask her if she knows about Nico’s relationship with Mia and if she is still going to continue seeing Nico and Alina thinks she has nothing to explain to her. So the topic changes to telling her about the situation with Benjamin and how now Miriam is willing to grant the custody to her children and what she can do to help the situation since she is the lawyer of the Alvarado family. Alina questions her to be frank with her if what bothers her is being with Nico or being Santiago’s lawyers and she goes silent.
Danny confronts Fede that he knows him to be a gay because he remembers he kissed him ones and he replied but he is lying to Luz that he is interested in her and Fede wonders why it bothers him and tells him it’s because he doesn’t want him to hurt Luz.
Santiago catches Vicente and holds him by the neck asking him continuously what he did to Carolina and he also asks him if he is going to kill him and warns him to leave him alone.