Till The End of Time Episode 54 Update on Thursday 11th October 2018

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Maya smears her hand withh lipstick and looks at it carefully with expressions like usual psychopath reminiscing Arjun’s words and Ashwin’s torture. Jahnvi opens door with duplicate key and searches Maya. She sees Maya with lipstick on her hands and asks if she is fine.
Arjun at home sipping cool drinks scolds himself that he forcefully suggested Maya to add some colors in her life, why should she. He picks phone to call her, but stops reminisces Maya telling she hates colors and looking at them she feels someone is choking her. He thikns he has to find out why Maya has problems with color. Door bell rings. Arjun says who is it, he is not at home.. he is just joking and opens door. Saanjh comes and says him hello. He does not reply. She asks what happened..He says office
problem and asks why did she come. She says wo actually maa yahan/mom here. Arjun hears Maya and yells why she is always behind Maya, why should he be only her friend and not Maya’s… He continues. She asks him to shut up..she did not tell Maya at all. She told maa forget her shoes here..shouts he is obsessed with Maya and leaves. Arjun yells everyone think him as temple bell and hit him repeatedly.
Saanjh reaches home angrily. Suman asks if she brought her shoes, she has to go on a walk with Vandana. Arjun calls Saanjh, but she disconnects it. He redials. Ayan speaks. Saanjh says she does not want to speak. Arjun yells everyone scolds him for Maya. Ayan says actually yes…and gives his side of explanation. Arjun thinks everyone use him as a punching bag… He looks at shopping website and gets an idea.
Vandana and Suman walk in gardenn and discuss Maya is getting big problem for Saanjh and Arjun’s relationship, they have do something.
Ayan calls Saanjh. Saanjh asks what now. He says he does not mind if she does not talk to him, but she should come and see Arjun’s surprise gift for her. She says impossible, he does not even give melting ice cream, forget gift. He asks her to come and see herself in corridor. She says okay and smiles. Ayan knocks bathroom door and asks Arjun when will come out. Arjun says the more he knocks, he will say 5 min more, PIP bro. Ayan says potty in peace and locks door from outside. Saanjh comes in. Vandana asks her to show her anger for some time. Saanjh sees red dress and says this is her favorite color. She asks Ayan not to tell Arjun that she had come and leaves. Ayan unlocks door. Arjun comes out and asks why did he lock. Ayan says like he used to lock him in bathroom in childhood, says his parcel came. Arjun asks him not to touch it, it is for aunty. Ayan asks which aunty. He says secret.. Vandana calls Suman and happily tells Arjun’s train is coming on track slowly. They both laugh.
Arjun enters Maya’s cabin next morning and gives her a gift box. She opens it and sees a red dress in it and looks at carefully. Ajun says he knows she hates colors, but changing thinking can change the world, even she should. He used to be afraid of heights, so papa forcefully made him climb tree..he got so busy in grabbing mangoes that he forgot his fear. He is not forcing her, she should just try color once and see the change. Maya asks him if he came to her house climbing 15 floors for those mangoes. He says something similar and leaves. Maya looks at dress and smiles.
Saanjh walking towards Arjun’s flat thinks before giving gift, Arjun will apologize, but she will act for sometime. She rings bell. Arjun opens door and apologizes. She says it is not done, what is the value of her anger. He says vada pav, lollipop, SST/sasta sundar tikau. He offers her lollipop. She asks again what is the value of her anger. He says sit-ups and does some. She says her favorite color dress. He asks which dress. Ayan says Saanjh saw red dress and he told Saanjh. Arjun stands tensed.
Mala hangs dress in her room and reminisces Arjun’s words looking at it. Jahnvi enters and suggests her to tell truth to Arjun before Ashwin tells him.
Arjun takes Ayan inside room and scolds him that he will kill him without a poison, that dress was not for Saanjh. Ayan asks it is for shooting, not a problem, they will give it to Saanjh for 2 days and then return it back. Arjun tells that dress is for Maya Saanjh hears that and shatters.
Precap: Arjun yells at Vandana that she betrayed her bestfriend and trapped her husband. Saanjh takes Vandana to her home. Maya calls Arjun and asks where is he. Arjun shouts where he can be alone. Maya says he is not alone and thinks she will tell her truth to him.