Fall Into Temptation Episode 80 Update on Tuesday 9th October 2018

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THE PAST: Nico and Fede arrive late at their respective homes with a very suspicious attitude and their parents question them and they simply reply that they went to a party with some girls. Nico is called by Fede but he is annoyed with Fede as he spent all the party with Iker and they kissed. 

Months pass without Damian and Carolina seeing each other and the business of the sales of houses of Damian and Santiago continues doing well. 

The two couples, Damian and Raquel; Santiago and Carolina, rekindle their marriages with deep love making. 

Raquel celebrates the first two years of her catering company. 
Fede and Nico still don’t speak to each other. 

Nacho organizes a party at his house to celebrate the end of the housing project of Santiago and Damiana and Raquel decides to go with Damian for the celebration. Carolina also decides to go with Santiago and they all arrive and Carolina becomes upset as Raquel becomes the center of attention since the workers are very grateful to her for her help with the project as they think she connected them to Damian but Carolina thinks they should also applaud Santiago for a good work done too not Raquel alone but that isn’t a bother to Santiago at all. 

So, Carolina decides to leave the party and Santiago tries to stop her from leaving but it was to no avail and Raquel decides to speak with her. In the act, the two women still feel a lot of resentment towards each other and it looks like nothing can be settled between them. 

Laura holds Godoy responsable for her disability and tells him that if he wants her to use crouches so to make fun of her, she isn’t going to and if he dares to humíllate her, she will make life unbearable for him. 
THE PRESENT: Godoy goes to see Cynthia as she has suffered a relapse and she tells him he needs him since he is the only person who helps her look better with his words of encouragement. She asks Godoy to forgive her for everything and though Godoy is not told anything, he still calms her down.
Sammy goes to visit Mia and he tells her that he tried to cut his veins as he went to Alina’s house and found her there with Nico in bed and at first he wanted to kill them both but changed his mind and cut his veins instead to end it all and Mia goes speechless. 

Andres visits Damian in hospital and tell him that he never imagines he will wake up again and so he I warning him to keep quiet because if he doesn’t know and disclose the truth, it won’t be good for him (Damian). 

Vicente sees Carolina whiles deeply drunk and Lisa seeing how crazy her husband is becoming and hallucinating by talking to Carolina and begging the ghost of Carolina not to harm him, she calls Santiago to tell him that she believes that Vicente killed Carolina and Santiago goes speechless.