Till The End of Time Episode 53 Update on Wednesday 10th October 2019

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Arjun calls Maya and asks her to meet him in office basement godown. Maya panics in front of Jahnvi that Arjun will leave her now. Jahnvi says he will not if she tells him truth. Maya panics more and says he will. Jahnvi assures him nothing will happen. Maya reaches godown and panics more reminiscing how Ashwin tortured her in childhood, him repeatedly locking her in godown, throwing colors on her, slapping and kicking her, drowning her in water tub, etc…
Arjun enters and says her truth is out now, she cannot hide it. Maya panics thinking he came to know about her truth. He switches on light and asks how could she hide such a beautiful place from him, he can do all his shooting here and does not have to go anywhere else. Maya relaxes that he does not know anything.
Arjun throws colors on walls and says she should change vision towards colors and try them. She says colors are not for her, she hates them. He removes curtain from a mirror and shows her that already he applies colors on her. She colors paints sprinkled on her dress. She reminisces Ashwin throwing paint on her and angrily breaks glass. He holds her and rolls them both over paints smeared wall. Maya walks angrily. Arjun suggests her again to change her vision on colors.
Maya reaches home. Jahnvi is shocked to see her smeared in colors and asks if she is fine. Maya walks into her room and locks door. Jahnvi knocks door and goes to get duplicate keys. Maya reminisces Arjun’s incident and then Ashwin torture. She takes bathes, comes out and picks lipstick. She tries to apply it, but reminisces Ashwin throwing color on her and smears her hands with lipstick. Jahnvi continues searching key in cupboard.
Precap: Saanjh sees red dress in Arjun’s room and gets happy that Arjun bought it for her. She says Ayan this is her favorite color, Arjun still care for her. Arjun gifts same dress to Maya and suggests her to change and vision and try colors once.