Sightless Love Episode 12 Update on Monday 8th October 2018

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Paulino gets surprise when Yolanda tells him that she saw him and Vanessa kissing but he confessed to her. Then Yolanda tells Paulino that Vanessa is the girlfriend of Alberto and they are going to get married, Paulino tells her that Vanessa doesn’t love Alberto and also if he didn’t leave the ranch it was because Vanessa asked him to stay that it means she loves him, Yolando tells him that he forgets about her because Vanessa will go back to the city very soon. 
Mr. Luis tells Alberto that he and his mum decided to stay with him at the ranch and Alberto says that is up to them. 

Marina tells Yolanda that she has been seeing Alberto because he loves her and he is willing to end his relationship with Vanessa because he assured her about that. In the middle of their conversation, Vanessa arrives to visit Paulino and upon she seeing marina, she apologizes to her for having treated her badly and she also makes it clear to her that Alberto is her boyfriend just by telling her that he was even the one who asked her to check on Paulino. This breaks Marina’s heart and Yolanda tells Marina that Alberta loves her and if she loves him so much she has to fight for that love and stop thinking about others for ones. 

Vanessa and Paulino kiss and tell each other how much they love each other but she tells him that it is inevitable that even with the great love they have for each other, she will still get married to Alberto. 
Prudencia tells Damiana that she can’t forgive her since she does not want to tell her where her daughter was buried and Damiana answers that she should rather ask Angustias because she told her. 

Isauro insults Ramona because she makes him see that Marina does not belong to him and that she will never love him back no matter what and Isauro tells her that he will not allow t anybody to take Marina from him because she is his creation. Ramona tells him that marina is in love with Alberto and there is nothing he can do about it. 

Damiana meets Angustias in town and tells her that, she has to tell the truth, because it is the only way that Mr. Luis will accept her daughter marina as the girlfriend of his son. 

Marina asks Alberto to let them break their relationship and Alberto says he doesn’t love Vanessa and Marina says for Vanessa to apologize to her only makes her feel guilty upon knowing how much Vanessa also love her. But Alberto says she is the one he loves and not Vanessa but Marina still has fear that Luis will never accept him. 

Mr. Luis is desperately doing everything to let Zacharias find where Marina lives and after making all of his search and not knowing about it, he returns to give the bad news to Luis and he tells Prudencia and Susana that he wants to know where Marina lives so he can put her at her place and throw her like a dog on the streets and Angustias eavesdropping enters to warn Mr. Luis to leave marina alone and not to hurt her if not he might regret later and if he also hurt her, it will be like going against the heavens and himself and seriously her attack comes as a shock to him. 

Prudencia asks Angustias why she confronted Luis to defend marina like that and Angustias is about to tell her that she is their daughter, but she changes her mind and says that Marina is a good girl and not as bad as they think about her and Prudencia still wonders why she still defended her to that point and she tells her that, she wishes she will understand her but Prudencia tells her that she will make sure that Luis never hurts her. After Prudencia left, Angustias then prays to God to protect Marina so Luis never hurt her because he is her father.