Fall Into Temptation Episode 79 Update on Monday 8th October 2018

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THE PRESENT: Damian moves his fingers and calls Raquel “sweetheart” and right there arrives Santiago and Raquel goes dumbfounded and becomes happy that Damian spoke finally and Santiago seeing left the hospital right away without Raquel’s notice. Mia and Federico also arrive and she tells them what happened and the children informed her about Santiago’s presence and asks her if she wishes to join him but Raquel wants to stay behind.

Alina asks Nicolas to leave his house but Nico wants to know the person in that pool of blood but she actually did not allow him to see the one bleeding and lying on the bathroom floor. It turns out it was Sammy and son Alina helps Sammy after his failed suicide and he tells her that life without her is meaningless.

Bebo tells Florencia that he thinks that Lola doesn’t love him that is why she continues ton push him away and on the other hand, Florencia confesses that she is in love with Santiago.
THE PAST: Raquel give Carolina a check for her share of the catering service company and Raquel takes the opportunity to apologize to Lola for Mia’s actions towards her by stating that she has an affair with Damian.

Damian confronts Santiago for thinking the worse of him that he could stoop so low to have an affair with Lola a minor and Santiago apologizes to him for his actions. In other matters concerning their partnership, Santiago would have loves to let them end it now and that Raquel and Carolina’s partnership is no more but Damian still want them to maintain it and so they both agree to keep their partnership alive in spite of the existing rift between Carolina and Raquel.

Lola goes to Damian’s company to hand in her resignation and Carolina goes with her and there, Damian asks her if that is their final good-bye and Carolina says that it is but Damian thinks he can’t get over her.

Carolina gives the money to Santiago so it can support them but Santiago refuses to take it stating that, it will be best for her if she buys herself a car and buy whatsoever stuffs she wants for herself. The two seizes the opportunity to thank Florencia for her service but now that she isn’t going to work again at the catering, they no longer need her service and she will have more time to look after Benjamin and wants her to look for another job but she is free to come to the house anytime she wishes.

THE PRESENT: Santiago tells Florencia that things have been too rough for him and that he’s afraid of losing Raquel and she tells him that maybe they shouldn’t be together because they (Raquel and Santiago) are surrounded by pain, and that maybe it would be better if he tried to get over her.

Nico arrives home and in pain, he tells Lola that it seems he can’t overcome his weakness with Alina and that makes him a weak man because he went there to breakup with her but she seduced him and succeeded and Lola tells Nico not to feel bad because he hasn’t been able to end his relationship with Alina, but that he should be aware that she could hurt him. Nico tells her that he saw Benjamin at Mia’s home, and that it hurt him having to leave him there, and that it was all their mum Carolina’s fault for destroying their family.

Antonio tells Godoy that Miguel took the rap for everything and the Beckers were cleared of all suspicions. Andres tells Raquel that Damian knew about Miguel’s shady dealings, but he’s surprised to find out that Damian is out of coma. Nacho tells Augustin that Santiago is hiding something very serious. Alina tells Santiago that it’s impossible for him to regain his parental rights over Benjamin, especially after Damian came out of his coma.