Till The End of Time Episode 51 Update on Monday 8th October 2018

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Saanjh goes to terrace to meet Arjun and is shocked to see Maya with Arjun and they both sitting holding each other’s hands. She starts crying vigorously. Arjun sees breaking star and asks Maya to make a wish. She says she has already made a wish and looks at him. He asks if she knows she is mad. She smiles and says she knows. Their conversation continues. Saanjh runs from and rushes home. Prem opens door and she emotionaly hugs him. He asks what happened. She says she missed him today. He asks if Arjun told anything. She says no. Arjun walks down with Maya chatting with her. Prem via windows watches that and gets teary eyed. Suman asks what is he looking at and even she sees Arjun and Maya getting into car nd leaving. Prem tells her that his daughter’s heart
broke today and he can do anything for his daughter’s better future.
Arjun drives car till Maya’s house discussing she got peace of life today. She says only today’s, he has to take her to shanti spot often. He thinks Dusky will not spare him if he takes Maya to shanti spot often. He tells Maya that he needs gajar ka halwa either from or aunty’s hand. She smiles. He parks car outside her apartment building and asks her to go in. She says she lost her peace years ago and got back because of him, soon she will get love also and hugs him. He hesitates. She says as a friend she can hug him. He says okay. Ashwin clicks their pics. Arjun leaves. Aswhin thinks Arjun is Maya’s courage and now he will break it.
Saanjh prays god that Arjun is only hers and cannot be anyone else’s. Maya at home says same. She then informs Jahnvi what happened today.
In the morning, Arjun searches his mobile charger and pesters Ayan. Ayan says he had to become watchman yesterday night and now servant and falls back asleep. Arjun sees Saanjh in front of her with red eyes and asks what happened, if she got conjunctivitis, why did she come here. She throws news paper in front of him and asks to read it. He asks what is in it, why she is commanding him. She shouts to read it. He reads paper and is shocked to see his and Maya’s hugging pic on front page with a line that fashion tycoon Maya Mehrotra is in love with his staff. Saanjh asks where did this pic was clicked. He says it is..She says he had taken Maya to shanti spot, how could he. Arjun shouts instead of worying that a girl is defamed, she is shouting. Saanjh says it is Maya. Arjun says so what, she has gone mad. Sanjh says yes.
Maya sees news paper and cries. Jahnvi tries to console her. Maya says Ashwin has done this as he is indicating that he wants to snatch Arjun from her.
Saanjh and Arjun’s argument continues. Arjun shouts he does not want Saanjh’s friendship now and tries to leave. Saanh asks if he is going to Maya. Arjun shouts yes, Maya is his friend and leaves. He reaches office. Peon says Maya is fuming. Arjun enters Maya’s cabin and sees her with newspaper. He says this pic. She says it is not good, let dogs bark, they should not bother. Arjun is surprised.
Precap: Ashwin asks Jahnvi what will happen if he informs Maya’s truth to Arjun. Maya hears hiding and gets worried. Arjun calls Maya and asks her to come to office’s basement godown.