Meri Aashiqui Episode 47– 48 Update on Monday 8th October 2018

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Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Falguni is distraught while harshad tries hard to compose her, while she rants about herself pushing ishaani towards this trauma, and tries to take all the blame, apalled at what ishaani has to go through. harshad tries to tell her that what happened was for the best, as its good that ishaani was saved, before she actually did get married to chirag. baa comes inside, and is amused at falguni’s plight, trying to be sympathetic, that her own daughter’s marriage’s dream shattered in frotn of her to pieces, and that it was really bad. she continues to tease falguni, that even by difficulty, ishaani got the suitable groom, but he turned out to be a monster, and that now ishaani is with two stains, one of being illegitimate and the other of being a broken marriage girl. falguni is frustrated. harshad is also composed by baa, saying that only desting would decide what ishaani gets, as he tried his level best to get the best groom. he is asked to take care of falguni. Baa leaves, giving a taunting glance at falguni.
All the cousin together try to cheer up ishaani, but she is unaffected. She asks to be left alone and they comply. ranvir comes to the roof. gauri tells ranvir that ishaani is in shock, and she needs to cry it out. ranvir is determined to help her. he goes to ishaani, and asks her to cry it out, or else she would be suffocated from this from within, and would get sick. she asks to be left alone. but ranvir says that crying is what she should do, after what chirag did to her. But she stands unfazed. He is tensed and distraught at her condition. ranvir comes back with ishaani’s favourite icecream, butterscotch. he tries to get her to smile re,minging her of the childhood memories, of her tending to him. he tells her that she isnt physically hurt, butmentally she is in anguish. he takles her hand and leads her to the room. He shows her falguni, who is distraughtedly crying in harshad’s arms, anmd she gets tensed for her. She breaks down and runs from there, bursting into tears. ranvir comes after her, while ishaani tearfully startys telling her sob story, that she just wanted a person who could love her the way harshad loves falguni, and a aperson she could share her happiness and sorrors with, and share her life with him, and only takes care of her, and his day starts with her and ends with her, and never changes, and asks if she was demanding too much, and asks why cant she gets a guy like this. He assures her that its really easy to love her, and that she would definitely get a guy like that. she breaks into his arms, and apologises to him too for her misunderstanding about him, while he says that he doesnt want her apology just wants her sorrows to go away, and asks her to cry her heart out, as he wont stop her today. She cries in his arms, the wsame way, falguni cries in harshad’s.
Meanwhile, Amba is scared for ranvir’s safety now after the chirag incident, while her husband calms her down saying that ranvir did what everyone would give recognition for, and that he would get a wonderful prize. Amba says that noone shall credit him, and that he is soon going to face an incredible problem. but her husband is convinced that ranvir would finally get his rightful place in the family. amba is super tensed.
Baa warns chetali that she is not going to inherit anything from her will. chetali is flustered, and asks for apology from baa, trying to convince baa that she didnt do anything to spoil ishaani’s marriage. She asks her to get lost. Chetali starts daydreaming about working as a daily labourer, and is shocked and rushes to Baa’s room to beg to be able to stay.
Baa wonders what happened to ranvir, that he got away to contact garima’s father. chanchal comes and tells something to baa. baa is shocked. Just then, chetali comes in trying to impress baa. Chanchal leaves, while baa is again being convinced by chetali that she didnt say anything to anyone about chirag’s bankruptcy. baa says that she knows that she didnt, but someone else did. Chetali tries to talk, while baa asks her to leave. chetali is relieved that she wont be thrown out. she goes out, while disha comes inside, asking if she was called. Baa gets serious, and asks disha if she was involved in whatever happened yesterday. disha feigns innocence thinking that she didnt have any involvement. baa asks if she is saying the truth. Disha swears. baa asks her to speak the truth with love, as she knows other ways too. disha doesnt budge. Baa asks disha to tell the truth. Disha is scared to find that baa is furious as she takes lighted incense candlesticks, and threatens disha that she would burn her hands, while she continues to rant that she isnt lying. Baa finally burns her hands, and disha is shocked. baa tells disha that she didnt do right in going against her, saying that ranvir’s romance has taken over her. disha blurts out saying that she too did a mistake and that she would tell falguni about burning her hands. Baa says that now she knows why disha did this, as she is falguni’s blood after all, as she should tell her that more than her granddaughter she is falguni’s daughter. she throws disha out. baa is furious and apalled. she composes herself.
In his room, harshad calls ranvir. when he comes, harshad apologises to ranvir, saying that he did everything he could to save ishaani and ythe family, but he always misunderstood his efforts. harshad says that the lord didnt give him a son, as he already has one, and praises him for being more than a son to him. ranvir asks him not to apologise, saying that he is to be blamed, as he chose the wrong guy for ishaani. Harshad further tells him they will celebrate Ganesh event twice as big this time and before that he will have to bring happiness back in this house and smile on Ishaani’s face. Ranvir promises he will do that.
The family brings in Ganpati with music and dance. Ranvir along with Ishaani and Sharman carry Ganpati inside. They all are happy. Baa stares at Ranvir. Ishaani soon leaves from there. Ranvir follows her.
Ishaani sees bangle that chirag’s mum gave to her and remembers all her memories with Chirag and becomes sad. She goes to window, but Ranvir stops her from looking at moon and sees moon himself. They get close. disha sees it and doesn’t like it. He tells Ishaani if you see moon before Ganpati sthapna (placement) then you get wrongfully accused of something. She says by trying to stop her, he saw it himself. He says he’s used to getting accused and all. He then tells her about responsibility that Harshad gave but she says she doesn’t feel like doing anything. Ranvir says he has a solution and takes her somewhere.
Scene 2:
Location: Romil’s house
Chirag is there to return some of Ishaani’s stuff that he had. Ranvir brings ishaani there to invite Gauri and Romil for Ganpati sthapna. They get shocked seeing Chirag there. Gauri tells ishaani chirag is romil’s friend and they can’t kick him out of house like that. Ishaani tells her it’s okay. Chirag tells ishaani he came to return her belongings. He walks towards her to return it, but ranvir comes in the way and says he will give it to her. Chirag mentions everything trying to make Ishaani remember those memories, but Ranvir tells him no need to say all that, he will give Ishaani everything. After that, Ranvir gives invitation card to Gauri and leaves with Ishaani.
They come outside and ishaani starts crying. She says she still loves him. No matter how chirag may be, but her love was true. Ranvir also starts crying blaming himself for making ishaani love chirag. He promises Ishaani that he will bring her out of this, he will bring old Ishaani back. They hug again and then leave. Chirag comes outside and thinks ishaani still loves him, so he has one more chance and this time, he will make sure he doesn’t go empty-handed.
Scene 3:
Location: Ishaani’s house
Disha is talking to Ruchika on phone about the event tomorrow and hot boys attending it. Disha tries to show off, but Ruchika shows her reality that she is not that special either. She first got rejected by chirag and she doesn’t even get any attention from a servant, Ranvir. Just then Disha sees Ranvir entering with Ishaani and gets more jealous and mad. She thinks of an evil plan and smiles. Ishaani thanks ranvir and then goes to her room. Ranvir is happy as he at least managed to bring smile on her face today.
After a little while, Disha comes downstairs and mixes some intoxicated powder in laddus. She calls a servant and asks her to give to Ranvir saying Harshad gave. She says Ranvir rejected her, now watch what she does. She hides and watches Ranvir eating it. Ranvir asks the servant whether ishaani slept. Disha waits for Ranvir to lose his senses. Ranvir starts getting dizzy and wonders what’s wrong with him. he struggles to walk and Disha finally goes out and give him a support. He says he wants to go to Harshad’s room. She says she will take him, but she brings him to her room and makes him lie in the bed. She then closes her door and starts opening up Ranvir’s shirt’s buttons. Ranvir doesn’t have any idea what’s going on. Disha looks at him with bad eyes. Screen freezes on her face.
Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Disha tries to force herself on an inebriated ranvir, as he tries hard to regain his composure, and jerk her around. Disha says that she knows he has eyes for ishaani, but he could never get her, but with disha the case is different, and that she is herself throwing herself at him, while he is being shy. He refuses to be with her, while she says that she would fulfill his every need. Disha threatens him that he cant reject her, or there would be dire consequences. but he jerks her on the bed, and leaves, while disha is outraged. Ranvir cones down feeling very sick and nauseous. Disha notices the signs of struggle, that ranvir had with her, on her body, and is angry that he rejected her yet again, and that now she wont let him live in peace. She decides to have her revenge. Ranvir somehow manages to make his way to his room, with much difficulty, and gets inside. samba notices his condition, and finds him sweating profusely, and asks whats the matter. He starts muttering incoherently, while gasping for breath. he looks at the moon, and amba asks why she is looking at the moon. He says that he has already seen it, while trying to save ishaani from seeing it. amba says that its dangerous, and that for this girl, he always lands himself in trouble, and that this shall be blamed on him too. He is alarmed at this. Amba notices fingernail wounds on his neck and arms, and is shocked. She questions him about it. He remembers disha’s statements, and goes to harshad hastily. amba tensedly prays to the lord, to save ranvir for the mistakes that he commits trying to save others.
The next morning, ranvir joins the family for the Ganesh Arti. ranvir thinks that he should talk to harshad right now. but finds that they all are too busy for doing the puja at the pandal. Ishaani notices the diya not alight, and lights a matchstick, but is drawn back to her happy memories of chirag, and is tensed. Ranvir notices the matchstick burning, and goes to her, just in time, while she refers to him as chirag, surprising him. They both are tensed. ranvir gets back to his work, while ishaani is frustrated too. She too helps ranvir with his work, trying to initiate a conversation, offering to go to the pandal too. ranvir agrees. disha comes down to find them both together and is furious. The cousins notice her and asks why isnt she ready yet. Disha makes the excuse of a headache due to sleepless night, and asks them to carry on, while she joines them later. ranvir decides to have a talk with harshad the first chance he gets. Disha sees them both leaving. Falguni and harshad tell ranvir’s parents too to come to the party. Falguni tells harshad that she has to prepare prashad and she would finish that and come, and asks harshad to go ahead.
Scene 2:
Location: Pandal
Ganesh’s idol is unveiled, and the arti begins. Baa is tensed to find ranvir trying to talk. As ranvir continues to try to find time to talk to harshad, in the midst of the aarti, baa comes in and he has to stop. Amba stands reluctantly, while not liking that ranvir is standing with harshad, who decides to talk to harshad right after the arti. Harshad calls ranvir and asks if he gave prashad to everyone. Ranvir tries to talk, but he is too busy mingling with guests. ranvir finally takes harshad aside. baa notices them and wonders what he wants to talk to harshad. But before they can talk, chirag arrives there with his family, completely non guilty of what happened. baa is surprised too. harshad and ranvir are shocked too. In the pandal, while ishaani is mingling with people, her eyes fall on chirag intensely staring at her from a distance. She gets tensed, and harshad too is tensed at chirag’s presence. ishaani is surprised, as chirag progresses towards her, with an eager look. gauri asks ishaani what happened and is tensed as she turns around to find chirag coming towards them. Ranvir stands behind ishaani, eyeing chirag with a steely gaze. He assures gauri that everything would be alright. He comes up in front, in between ishaani and chirag. baa tells harshad that she knows what he is thinking, but they cant stop people coming to meet Ganesha, and adds that now he isnt worried for ishaani, as she is totally safe with Ranvir. gauri calms ishaani down, who’s visibly tensed. baa thinks that the person who she wants to harm, wont be able to save anyone else from being harmed. The screen freezes on baa’s stoical face.
Precap: Falguni is shocked as disha shows her the wounds on her neck and arms. Baa sees them from the keyhole. Falguni asks disha who did this to her. disha pretends to be distraught and tells her that it was ranvir, and falguni is shocked. disha again reaffirms that it was ranvir. baa is amused to hear this, while falguni is unable to believe, as she stands shell shocked..