Madhubala Episode 305–306 Update on Monday 8th October 2018

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Part 1
Meera wishes Radha well and steps back when she notices MKs pic
She screams.. YEH AADMI … He is a liar.. he is a thief.. a cheater..! Sultan tries to calm her and asks him to let it go…but she is hyper Sultan keeps trying to calm her Meera says…my kid.. where is he
Sultan says.. ur son is ok ..he is here! Madhu tries to touch Meera when Sultan jerks off and says.. stay away.. n asks who put the pic? Madhu is Dips quickly leaves from there worrying about Sultans strong arms around their necks!
Madhu takes the photo down.. ! Sultan realises Meera has fainted and carries her inside! Radha breaks down as well and Madhu asks her to calm down! She rues that.. Meera saw MKs pic.. n remembered all pain..
Radha discloses that MK is guilty of all the crimes. .n Madhu is shocked.. but takes her inside! Dips overhears the whole thing!
Madhu feeds water to Radha …asks to calm down..! Radha asks to be left alone .. Dips rushes to her.. when Madhu stops her..!! Dips insists but Madhu interrupts n pushes her out of the room ! Dips says she is the elder bahu so should be part of it!
Madhu says 3 words – Its all drama for Dips but its Radhas life.. second it mite be about Dips MIL but its Madhus mom.. and third thing its connected to RKs dad so she is out of it..!
Dips says DONE? Well listen… one second to tell RK the truth Madhu says n then her one signal and Dips will be out of this house! Madhu says..RK trusts her more than Dips! She says.. LIVE and LET LIVE!
Dips says.. Rishbala mehal mite be priceless but will take only one ignition to be put on fire..!
Madhu comes to Radha.. n she discloses about how MK had relations with Meera… n her own staff used to whisper about her.. but she never knew who she was. n MK never told her either.!
She says.. MK told her years later about the marriage and a kid! She says MK told her .. Meera was out of his life…n so she decided to give a second chance! She says Meera-Sultan are telling the truth a poisonous truth!
She rues that all was well . .n now ..all is a mess…wonder who cast an evil eye on the house! She accepts lying to save the family !! She says she felt guilty seeing Meeras condition … She regrets for not doing anything earlier! Madhu is shocked and in tears!
Madhus cell rings its RK .. .Radha asks her not to tell RK or he will break completely!
Part 2
Radha rues that if RK finds out..he will lose faith on everything.. ! Madhu says..if they hide from him ..he will lose trust on them too
Radha asks Madhu not to tell RK as she has seen him so peaceful after ages..n she is ready to lose his trust for his happiness!
Madhu is worried and struggles … Radha loses her cool and asks Madhu to tell RK rightaway and destroy his happiness!
Part 3
Meera is still crying for her son and hyper.. n Sultan thanks Doc on phone for the guidance! Madhu comes and sits by Meeras side..
She sees the bangle on Meeras wrist and its same as hers..! Meera is still crying..! Madhu recollects Radha telling her the story of the bangle and is shocked..!
Precap — Madhu tells Sultan that Meera will get all her rights! Sultan says .. RK wont agree to this .. neither Radha ..! Madhu says. .one minute..and Radha comes to meet Sultan!
Part 1
Sultan is talking on the phone while Madhu is sitting by Meeras side on the bed! She notices the bangle on Meeras hand which is similar to hers! She recollects Radhas explanation about why there was only one piece of bangle in the set! Sultan tells Madhu to inform RK that they are leaving but its not over yet! Madhu wipes her tears ..gets up and walks to Sultan and says..she wanted to and Sultan interrupts n says..showing sympathy.. reassuring that all will be ok? Madhu says no and Sultan says.. dun wanna know.. and tho they are friends but for him now she is nothing more than RKs wife! RK enters and says.. very good and says. .now that he understands and accepts this.. .he should stay in the limit! RK tells Sultan that when Meera said she has to go what is he doing here? RK continues. .oh yes.. staying longer to try to get Madhus sympathy?
Madhu says RK please! She says Meera is not well so Sultan was talking on moby to the Doc! RK asks.. is Sultan making her act sick? Sultan says. .why should he? RK says.. so he can stay back longer? Sultan says.. he doesnt need to ..but he will come back once Meera is better! RK says …he will return with more lies? Sultan says. .whether RK thinks its truth or lie.. its embarrassing for Sultan that he is forging a relation with the person he hates the most…! He asks …so why to lie? RK settle old scores? Sultan says.. enouf RK! RK tells Sultan to stop the act and to go away from him n his family! Sultan goes and sits by Meeras side and says.. RK knows how to play with peoples lives not him! He says. . who will be settling scores between family and love.. or keeping accounts..of love and hate .only time will tell..! He asks Meera if they shall leave? Meera is quiet..! Sultan physically helps Meera to get up and makes her stand and walks out of the room holding her! Madhu is feeling uncomfy. watching them leave…! Meera is dizzy too! RK says. .finally .. Sayonara Sultan..! He turns and walks off!
Madhu resolves that she cant lie anymore to RK.. and that she needs to tell him the truth…! She goes to talk to RK! Bittu is with RK in RKs room and he says.. its great that Sultan left.. so now they can move ahead..! He says. that the producer informed that the next schedule is in Paris..! RK tickets for Rishbala so he can take Madhu around Paris..! Bittu says but Sultan said he will return? RK says..for the fear of rats, one doesnt stop building kitchens! He says … Sultan wont come .. till Rishbala are not there..after all who will he fight with? RK says Sultan is doing all this to get Madhus attention and reaction which he will never get ! Bittu says. .hope thats the case! Bittus cell rings and he goes out to talk!
Madhu comes to RK and says need to talk about something urgent! RK asks Paris or Italy? Madhu says need to talk about something urgent! RK dances around with Madhu n sings ‘Kuch na kaho..jahan jana hai kaho’ and twirls her around! Madhu is troubled! RK says.. planning an outing for them..and 100 unit members..! He says..they are going to Paris! RK says..n thats coz there his ex g.f stays .! He starts to brag that his ex g.f was beautiful n he loved her..! He says.. she still loves him n is waiting for him with her broken heart! Madhu asks RK if he really has a g.f in Paris? RK says..till now ..she din pay attention and now..when she heard the name of ex g.f. .she suddenly became alert? Typical wife! He asks her to relax n says..they are going to Paris as its the outdoor shoot of his movie! Madhu says she cant come! RK says. .no need to walk! Madhu says. cant leave Radha behind! RK says.. its not easy for him to leave Radha behind either but its work.. so..! RK says..Sultan wont come till Rishbala are not there! RK says .. he will tell PH to shift the outdoor location to some hill station in India so they can rush to Radha whenever she needs them! RK asks Madhu if she is having any other concern? He smirks and says..have no ex g.f. .. Thoda Teda hun par Tera hun!
RK says.. he has learnt from the men in his family how to love.. like crazy love without thinking..and to share a full commitment love.. no matter if he saw the person just once! RK shares how.. Mohan took leave of only one week and met Radha. .and that too just once and they got married later in that week. .coz.. seeing Radha..Mohan felt she is his ideal partner..! RK says. .agree that Rishbala love story started late coz of ego issues.. but for him…there is no one in his life..except her..! RK says.. will love u like crazy always..! RK hugs Madhu…! She is teary eyed! RK asks if she knows that? Madhu says. yes..! RK teases asking her if she doesnt wanna know the name of his ex g.f n Madhu hits him playfully! Madhu is in dilema!
At night.. Aryan tells Sultan he will sleep with Kaka. .and that Sultan should sleep there with Meera.. as she is scared! Meera shown troubled..! Aryan says.. to keep his hand on Meera so she wont be scared..! Sultan says..Aryan knows how to handle his granny why not sleep here as well..! Aryan says.. that he doesnt like her..! Sultan glares at Aryan ..n Aryan wishes him good night n goes off!
Sultan comes and sits by Meeras side..and pats her head…! She feels comforted..! Sultan smiles at Meera..! Next day morning, Madhu is in kitchen making tea and Radha comes to her..! Madhu says she was bringing tea for her! She says.. she din tell anything to RK! Radha says. .thank God! Madhu says.. still worried what if RK finds out from somewhere else ? Madhu says.. Sultan will put all his power to dig out the truth! Radha says.. wish there was a way to go back in past and set it alright! Madhu says..she wont have been able to do anything! Radha says..atleast she wont have let Meera be in this terrible condition and that she could have done something! Radha breaks down and Madhu calms her! Madhu says..there is still a way.. all can be ok..! Radha holds Madhus hand hopefully!
Part 2
Sultan looks up and is surprised to see Madhu standing in front of him! Madhu says..will wait outside! Sultan says..not needed . n shares that Meera doesnt get sleep at she is sleeping during the day much at peace. as if she is completing years of sleep! Madhu stammers and says.. got to know..! Sultan says that he was right..?? That he was not lying..! He says.. truth is out..before her.. and that he can see the look of regret and repentance in her eyes..! Madhu walks upto him and says sorry! She says.. can imagine how bad he felt! Sultan says.. she was stuck on her belief.. n that ..there is no tricks here..! He says that.. he is not feeling bad coz of her words or anyone elses words for that matter. .but he is feeling bad coz his mom has lived this life.. of pain..! He rues that Meera doesnt even know that the boy standing in front of her is her son.. just like he dinno there is anyone he can call mom! Madhu looks sadly at Sultan!
Part 3
Sultan looks at Madhu and says.. its ok ..and says.. even if there is no identity there is a bond/ relation! He says.. learnt one thing from her.. that to reach someones has to fill their heart with lots of love.. ! He says.. she understands. .meaning of love..that.. one shouldnt love.. to expect love back. .but it doesnt mean that he will stop to fight for his mothers identity .. rights and respect! Madhu says.. its not necessary he has to fight for all this .what if.. Meera gets her rights..without any war/battle ? Sultan asks if she knows what she is saying.. ?? He says that ..RK wont agree n neither will Radha n he understands that clearly! Madhu says one minute! She calls out to Radha..! Sultan is surprised to see her there! Radha comes to Sultan and asks how Meera is ? Sultan looks away and says.. its a 30 year old wont heal so soon n that too without any medication! Radha looks away! Sultan says sorry but dun have any complaints ..but destiny has brought them against each other! Radha says..can understand ur and ur moms pain.. the last 30 years.. Meera has faced so much pain..! Sultan asks Radha point blank ..why have u come here? Radha and Madhu are stunned and look at Sultan!
Precap — Sultan tells Radha that..she knows what he wants and that has and will never change.. ! He says..Thanks for coming but never return! He says.. u can leave! Radha turns and leaves! Madhu calls out.. Maa..!