Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1112 Update on Friday 5th October 2018

The Episode starts with terrorists barging in Kiara and Sunny’s school and going to Principal’s office. They threaten Principal Madam. She says this is school and asks them to go. Pragya and Tarun come in the car to go to school, but Policeman stops their car and asks to take an U turn. Abhi hears on radio about terrorist attack on bright sunshine school. The terrorists go to Kiara’s class and shout. Kiara asks them why they are shouting and says kids are already scared seeing your face. Terrorist shout at her. Teacher gets shocked. Kiara asks who are they? Teacher says terrorist. Kiara says bad people on earth. Terrorist says we will make you understand and shoots in air. He says he is terrorist/aatangwadi. Other terrorist slaps teacher and asks her to tell student to make a line and go to hall.
Kiara thinks if my mum came to know that she will play your band. Tarun gets info about terrorist attack on school. Pragya says it is Kiara’s school and asks driver to take an U turn. Driver says way is closed. Tarun asks him to take from other way.
Abhi comes to the school and asks Inspector to let him go inside. Police Inspector tells that terrorists may have bomb and weapons, and refuse to let him go. Abhi thinks to go from back gate. Mitali and Suwarni Dadi gossip about Tanu. Purab searches for remote. Mitali says I will search and finds it. She gives remote to Purab. Dadi asks what is your tension? Tanu comes there and calls Robin. Purab switches on TV and comes to know about terrorist attack on school. He calls Suresh and asks him to take out car. He calls Abhi. Abhi tells him that he is in school and asks him to take care at home. Tanu thinks Abhi gets ready to die for everyone. Abhi tries to go from back side. Pragya comes to school and asks Inspector to let her go inside, says her daughter is inside. Inspector says I can understand your emotions, but terrorist will not understand. Tanu tells Purab that Abhi will save Sunny. Dadi asks her to stay away from Sunny.
Tanu sees Pragya and thinks if she saw her. Terrorist tells other terrorist that gang have come here with weapons. Terrorist tells kids that they are playing terrorist and police came. Sunny asks who are you? Terrorist tells him that he is famous Ashok Pandit, a terrorist who had escaped from jail. Sunny questions him. Terrorists tell him that they are their bullet proof jacket. Kiara takes out chalk piece. Terrorist tells other terrorist that she is taking out something from her bag. Kiara says she will play with chalk. She tells Sunny that her mum will beat them. Sunny says his chucks must be coming there flying. Abhi jumps in the school through back door. He sees watch man dead and takes his gun.
Disha comes to Dadi and gives her Poha, and then says Chedwa. She looks at TV and gets shocked. She says this is Sunny’s school and says my son is inside. Purab tries to calm her down and tells that Abhi is there and will save him. Disha says what are you doing here and runs to go out. Purab also goes. Mitali says she will go with them. Dadi asks Tanu to go as well. Pragya also comes through back door. Abhi hears her slippers’ heel sound. He says Pragya…..Terrorist come there. Pragya sits near Abhi, but they are separated by the wall. Song plays….
Terrorist aims gun on Abhi and says he will kill him. Pragya looks at Abhi who is at gun point