Fall Into Temptation Episode 78 Update on Thursday 4th October 2018


THE PRESENT: Santiago meets with Raquel and he asks her to choose between Damian and him and this comes as a big blow to Raquel. Raquel tells Santiago that she is taking care of Damian for her children’s sake, and that he would do same if Carolina was in that situation; Santiago tells her that he can’t stand seeing her near Damian and so they breakup.

Alina tells Rodolfo that the money has been deposited in her accounts and he warns Alina that she should make sure not to play dirty by playing smart with him because if Andres should find out that she is actually not on his side, Andres’ connections with his so-called gang will make life very hard for her if she betrays them.

Nico refuses Alina’s order to go to her home and tells her that he is with his girlfriend Mia so she asks him if he wants to lose his job and he is ready for that. After hanging up the call, he tells Mia that he loves her very much and he is willing to lose his job for her, and that he doesn’t care if Alina fires him.

Miguel is questioned by Antonio, and declares that he went looking for Garrido because he skimmed some money from him, but for murdering Patricia, he denies killing her, he also denies knowing Vicente, and denies his involvement in Carolina’s murder and Damian’s accident.

Raquel tells Damian that he doesn’t deserve her help pone bit but she can’t understand why she has prioritize him when she also has a life to live which he never cared about and got involved with Carolina and now upon all the hurt she has to still take care of him but all she thinks she has to do is to leave him but because she is not heartless like him, she can’t leave him like that. She cries her eyes out stating how he wanted to run away with her best friend and even had a child with her and now she sees no reason why she can’t be happy for ones.

Nico is through with Alina with their relationship and his work but Alina says no one leaves her unless she says so but Nico tells Alina that he doesn’t love her and that their relationship was based on sex, and Alina reminds him that he is her payment for all the services she rendered to his family and straight away she kisses him and he never rejects her when she kisses him.

Miriam suspects that Andres is behind what happened to Damian and asks Rodolfo to find a way to get him to confess because she knows Damian found out about Andres embezzlement and maybe he reported him to the police and Andres might go to the extreme to get rid od Damian to cover up but Rodolfo thinks he can be a thief but not a murderer and still Miriam thinks he is capable and so he should get him to confessed.

Nico wakes up from bed at Alina’s house and sees Alina is soaked in blood in her bathroom which looks so serious since the blood has designed the whole room.
THE PAST: Carolina tells Lola that she decided that she can’t go back to work at Damian’s company because she doesn’t want people to talk ill about her that she has an affair with her boss.

Raquel tries to reason with Mia but tells her that Carolina and Lola betrayed her and so she should open her eyes because it looks like she is blind but Raquel thinks nothing is going on between Damian and Lola and also Carolina and so she should stop making up lies about people.

Godoy asks Laura for another chance and she says she can’t because she caused her to be disabled and Godoy says she was then one who shot herself because all he was trying to do was taking the gun from her. The two then decide to stay together though according to Laura, she can’t forgive his infidelity.

Miriam goes to pick Mia out of the Beckers house but she is stopped by Raquel and Damian and she goes to speak with Mia and she tries to manipulating her that even if the others call them crazy, they will keep on looking after the family because no one else sees what they do.

THE PRESENT: Andres gives drugs to Cynthia to make her lose her abstinence from drugs and sex and have sex with him and she tells Andres that he is very disgusting and he threatens telling Raquel and she slaps him.

Nico sees someone is bleeding in Alina’s bathroom and he becomes anxious.
Damian moves his fingers and calls Raquel “sweetheart” and right there arrives Santiago and Raquel goes dumbfounded.