Who Killed Libia Episode 52 Update on Saturday 15th September 2018

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Jemima tries taking a glance at the bar and in the same vein, Macuya tells Oscar that she likes the staircase he has constructed and so she wants to try walking on it and there she intentionally trips and falls into Oscar’s arms and they look into each other’s eyes and suddenly Jemima gets to see them and there Oduro introduces Jemima as the lady she will be marrying soon to Macuya and Jemima teasingly confirms it and even shows her engagement ring to her together with Sarah and Oscar starts to get jealous. Macuya then invites Jemima and Sarah to the opening ceremony of the bar and they gladly accepts her invitation.

John bitterly complains to Father Teddy that he is fed up in life because he has loosed his bakery shop and even almost lost Sofia and her unborn child in the fire outbreak and doesn’t know what to do in other to fend for his family because he has no one to look up to and Father Teddy encourages him to relax and put his hopes in God and he promises to offer him an oven which is of no use in the orphanage and John excitedly thanks Father Teddy and he tells him that he will even teach the children in the orphanage how to bake bread with so much joy in his eyes.

Macuya tells Oscar that she can see there is no trust between he and his girlfriend and she doesn’t see it to be the best and Oscar mentions to her that she only did it out of jealousy because she didn’t like seeing both of them together in that manner and besides it’s a long story so she shouldn’t worry.

Macuya then pleads with Oscar to make some time to attend the grand opening of the bar because he wants him as a special guest of honor and Oscar tries to reject the offer but Macuya persuades him to come around and he may even choose to come with his girlfriend which she wouldn’t mind at all.
Jemima sits and discuss with Oduro, Benito and Sarah that they all know very well that they don’t love themselves so they should think of a plan that will benefit everyone though their parents want them to marry by force and they all agree to the plan by getting married and when that happens, they will have the chance to do whatever they wish without anyone’s interference and it will only remain between them.

Fernando goes to Raquel’s house and as they sit to chat, he pleads with her to offer him some money but she refuses and makes him understand that he can’t come to her house and ask for money anyhow and Fernando tells her that he is not only after money but he really admires her because she is so attractive and right at that moment, Gabriela also arrives and questions Fernando his reasons for being in Raquel’s  house and Raquel informs Gabriela that Fernando has come to ask her for some money but she is no position to offer money to anyone without her husband’s knowledge. Gabriela then asks her way out and he warns Fernando to be very careful in other not to become one of her enemies because she can see that he isn’t content with all the good things she’s been doing for him so he is now going around begging for money and Fernando tells her that she is doing it for her own good and Gabriela giggles and drives off.

Eva sends Luis to the hacienda to cater for him as Rosa goes on her musical tour and Gabriela heatedly queries Eva who the boy is and she explains to her that he is Luis and he happens to be her grandson and right away, Gabriela orders her to send the boy out of her house immediately as she looks down upon them in disgust.

Don Augustin opens up to Eva that he is willing to accommodate Luis in his apartment so she shouldn’t worry at all and Eva shows her appreciation to him for accepting her grandson into his home.

The grand opening of the new bar in town begins and almost everyone in the township attends as well as Oscar, Franco, Sarah, Jemima, Rigo, Eugenia etc. The M.C of the show then introduces Macuya to the audience and as she performs, she steps down into the crowed and walks straight to where Oscar and Franco sit and shows her dancing moves to impress Oscar which Jemima and Sarah couldn’t take their eyes off as they watch her do her thing.

John goes to offer some bread to Sofia and she asks her if she will like to attend the grand opening of the new bar in town and Sofia tells him that she is ok being with him at home. Sofia then asks John what he will do if their baby turns out to be a girl and John happily tells her that he will play with that baby girl and treat her just like he used to do with Libia and suddenly John gets sad saying he regrets ever losing her little sister and Sofia also tells John how she misses her late father Bernardo but she knows that both of them are in heaven and they are blessing them each and everyday. John then asks Sofia if he makes her happy and Sofia answers that being with him is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to her as tears runs down her cheeks and they both kiss and cuddle each other in joy.