Who Killed Libia Episode 51 Update on Friday 14th September 2018


Armando tells Fernando that he shouldn’t bother about Kino again because he has already issued his death but he learnt Father Teddy went to speak with Kino’s inmate who was accused of Bernardo’s death and he doesn’t know if that guy mentioned anything to Father Teddy and Fernando gets really furious and tells Armando that Father Teddy is trying to prove stubborn off late so he needs to eliminate him but Armando tells Fernando that he should relax because he is only saying his mind and doesn’t have any prove to show whether Kino mentioned anything to his inmate and Fernando orders Armando to shut up and go and find out quickly.

Fernando informs Rosa that she should get prepared because she will be going on a musical tour and Ofelia will join her. Rosa asks Fernando if she can take her son along and Fernando tells her it isn’t possible so she can find someone else to look after the boy or put him under his care if she wants but she refuses.

Jemima and Sarah pleads with Gabriela to permit them to go and visit Sofia but Gabriela strongly disapproves and makes them understand that there is no way she will grant them that permission because to her Sofia is a living dead so they better forget her and quickly, Don Augustin interferes and yells at Gabriela to stop speaking ill of her own daughter and permit his granddaughters to go and see Sofia else he wouldn’t sign any documents for her to withdraw money again.

Eva promises Rosa that she is ever ready to look after Luis when she is away on her musical tour and she continues to tell Rosa to confined in her since Luis is her grandson and through that it will enable the boy to get to know her better and be at ease with her knowing that she is his granny and also she will sacrifice anything just to please and make her happy in life and Rosa shows her gratitude for her kindness and love towards her. She then tells Eva to say goodbye to Sofia on her behalf and Eva announces to Rosa that Sofia no longer lives in the hacienda but rather, she lives with John who happens to be the love of her life and they are even expecting a child this gets Rosa astonished.

Oduro goes to offer a job to Oscar that he wants him to create a stair case that will connect to the stage in his new bar which he will be operating soon in the town and when Oscar arrives in the bar, Macuya (the singer in the new bar) gets interactive with Oscar asking him about their town and how she enjoys the place and Oscar tells her that the town is indeed full of fun because there is a singer named Rosa who really rocks the place with her outstanding performance so he doesn’t know if she can cope and Macuya makes Oscar to understand that she isn’t in for any competition with anyone. As their conversation goes on, she asks Oscar if he has a girlfriend and Oscar replies that yes and there she gets quite disappointed.

Eva and Rosa visits Sofia to show their condolence to her concerning what she went through in the fire outbreak and Rosa tells Sofia that she is already aware of what has been going on in her life off late and why she is with John at the moment and Eva apologizes to Sofia for disclosing her issues to Rosa without pre informing her and Sofia tells her not to worry at all because Rosa is her sister so if she gets to know what she is going through, there is no way she is going to get offended and there Rosa promises to give Sofia her support whenever she needs it and Sofia gladly says same to Rosa.

Fernando angrily walks into the brothers home to force Sofia back home when she was alone with Tina  and Tina defends Sofia from Fernando and suddenly, Jemima and Sarah arrives and shouts at Fernando to let go Sofia and Fernando angrily tells them that Sofia is causing him so much pain and disgrace because everyone in the town now mocks at him for being neglected by his wife and Tina furiously replies Fernando that he is the one at fault because he doesn’t know how to treat a woman nor pamper her so he should get out of their house immediately before she punches him and Fernando shamelessly leave and threatens Sofia that she will regret what is has caused him.

As Fernando drives on his way home, Otafrigya and his guards crushes him and asks if he has informed Rosa to get ready for the musical tour and he replies that yes and Otafrigya then reminds him to pay the money he owes to them as soon as possible else his wife and in-law will get to know the kind of person he is and the kind of business he associates himself with and Fernando promises to do as they say to avoid any trouble and they pave way for him to leave.

Sofia testifies to her sisters that she is being treated well by John and his family and the mindset they have about John to be rude and proud isn’t so because getting close to him has made her realize that he is very caring and loving and she never thought after being raped, she will ever fall  for anyone like she has fallen for John and now she lives more happier than she was in the hacienda and she prays that both of them will meet men like John in their lives who will love and care for them. Sofia then asks them how their mom is faring and if there is any chance for her to forgive her.

In the same way, Gabriela informs Fernando that she will never forgive Sofia just like she did to Bernardo and Fernando makes Gabriela to understand that what she went to do was all in vain because none of them was affected and Gabriela tells him that then she will do it again if she gets the chance. Fernando then tells Gabriela that they should think of selling the hacienda because he needs money and Gabriela angrily tells Fernando that she will never do that so they should think of other means but Fernando tries to persuade her to take that risk.

Benito and Oduro take Sarah and Jemima to go and have a look at their new bar which will be operating soon and when they arrive, Jemima happily informs Sarah that Oscar sneaked into her room last night and he told her that he still loves her and there is no way he will be going into priesthood because he only said it to scare her and very soon they will be happily married. Jemima then tries taking a glance at the bar and in the same vein, Macuya tells Oscar that she likes the staircase he has constructed and so she wants to try walking on it and there she intentionally trips and falls into Oscar’s arms and they look into each other’s eyes and suddenly Jemima gets to see them.