Meri Aashiqui Episode 17–18 Update on Monday 17th September 2018

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Scene 1:
Location: Chirag’s residence
Ranvir makes a very bad impression of Ishaani’s character in front of chirag. Chirag asks him to think. Ranvir talks and continues to insult ishaani about her infidel nature, saying that she inherits it from her blood. chirag, unable to bear it any longer, slaps him tight across the face and reprimands him never to talk about them like that ever again, as he is the one who cant be faithful. Ranvir says that he was just trying to check if chirag’s affection was true or not, and found that it is. he says that ishaani is lucky to have him as her groom and asks him to think about ways of making her like him, as she doesnt want to get married to him at all right now. they both start concocting a plan.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Ranvir comes home, and his mother pretends to be asleep, but actually she is worried that ranvir’s demeanour changed so much. ranvir thinks about his past moments with ishaani as he lies down, and sleeps with a tear stricken face.

The next morning, chanchal instigates baa about ishaani getting close to ranvir, and how ranvir should bve thrown out. Baa says that she would make harshad see ishaani’s true face, and says that she wont let the marriage be finalised, as she would reveal such a secret about ishaani, that they wont even think again of marrying ishaani into their family.
Devarsha and prateik make a mad dash down the stairs, for harshad’s sports car, to pick a relative from the airport. After asking them to drive properly, harshad gives the permission while the boys are overjoyed. They leave. chetali gets freshly prepared doughnuts, and baa reprimands her for making indian food rather than the food that he is bored in america. She taunts falguni about not making foo and working in the kitchen. harshad watches on.
Scene 3:
Location: Harshad’s office
Harshad asks ranvir about the current status on ishaani and chirag’s marriage. ranvir asks him not to marry them, and harshad is surprised. Ranvir composes and says that they shouldnt get married without love. Harshad asks ranvir to take over ishaani’s problems and get her to agree for the marriage, as he knows her best. ranvir is tensed. Harshad says that ishaani would get married and leave the house, and then he and falguni would stay behind, but ranvcir would be the most pained by her memories after she leaves. ranvir says that its true.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Ishaani is tensed to see so many gawdy dresses in front of her, and asks ranvir to choose one for her. He selects a red one and eyes her emotionally. She looks at him as he shows his selection.

Baa goes to falguni and says that disha would look much better than ishaani, and continues to taunt falguni against it. falguni says that her destiny changed when she married her husband. she asks baa to stop thinking about ishaani. baa taunst her about chirag’s choice as a groom. They both cross paths. Chetali sees the tension and is amused. she discusses the amusement in her room, with her husband, about the tension between baa and disha along with falguni and ishaani. Her husband asks her to concentrate on sherman instead and think of the marriage. falguni asks disha to go and get ready. disha says that she wont come down as chirag is coming for ishaani. Falguni again clarifies that disha didnt have a problem, but she stays adamant. Falguni says that the relation isnt finalised. Disha says that its almost done as it is, and remains insistsne tthat she wont come down. she leaves hastily while falguni is tensed.
Baa comes to dihsha’s room asking her why isnt she dressed. disha is hesitant. Disha asks what would she do there. baa says that there are two ways to bear an insult, one is to seek sympathy and the other is to think silently about revenge while pretending to be happy. baa asks her to consider the second, and asks her to come down. she tells disha that she would create a huge drama downstairs, that would knock chirag and his parents’ wits. Disha is thoroughly convinced. the screen freezes on Baa’s face.

Precap: ranvir asks chirag not to worry as ishaani would definitely say yes. Chirag asks if he is sure. ranveer assures him as he says that for one month, chirag’s amanat is with them and asks him to come back to take his bride. chirag is happy.

The mehtas and parekhs are in parekh house chatting…ketan mehta is praising harshad for his business idea and ask the reason behind his success and just then ranveer arrives and harshad says its ranveer…
deversh and prateek are chilling with chirag…ranveer comes and tells deversh and prateek to go and pick sharman and leaves…ishaani is coming downstairs…chirag spots her and is lost in her beauty…ranveer from a distance spot ishaani and on seeing chirag looking at her, he leaves…
Chirag goes to ishaani and says she is looking great in red and turn to disha for further comments who was standing behind ishaani…dish ignores him and goes to her brothers…deversh praises ishaani…but chirag says disha is looking better…he again goes to ishaani and says u r looking lovely and turns to falguni standing behind ishaani …deversh prateek leaves to pick sharman and falguni takes away chirag…
ranveer is standing sad on window…chirag comes…chirag says he have understood and now wants to put efforts to get ishaani in his life…he says first time a girl have said no to him and he wholeheartedly want to change her no to yes…and he feels we have to fight for people who are important for us…he says people say life begins when ur breath stops and chirag says his moment has come and his life started..ranveer says mine ends…chirag is surprised and ranveer handles the situation saying his tension ends…ranveer says he is convinced with chirag and will do anything to get him and ishaani together…chirag says ranveer seems in aashiqui with someone and is lost in it but ranveer says he isn’t lost but he have lost his aashiqui…
ladies are on dining table waiting for deserts…mrs.mehta praises the food…mitesh is also secretly eating sweets in kitchen…his younger brother comes and ask him why is he doing this secretly…mitesh says chaitu is making him diet and herself has gain more weight…chaitu heard this..and mitesh seeing her got scared…
Baa is talking to mrs.mehta, shweta…baa tells her that ishaani is illegal child and her father is unknown..chaitu saw baa talking to shweta in privacy and told falguni about it….baa says it will make people say against chirag…shweta is surprised hearing this…shweta asked if really ishaani’s father is unknown and baa said yes…falguni comes and interrupts baa here…shweta asked falguni for this…she asks falguni for the proof of her first marriage and explains her point forth…she said if ishaani is illegal kid then their repo will be affected…few more people arrive the scene…ranveer too…shweta asks why falguni hid this truth…ishaani interrupts in mid saying falguni hid the truth to get her married to chirag…ishaani broke in tears…ishaani adds on saying baa is right and she have no proof for her real father…ishaani says everyone loves her a lot in this home but this doesn’t change the fact that she is illegal…she says she don’t know why harshad loves her a lot and why they have kept her in their home and she don’t deserve all this since she is illegal…she pleads shweta not to get chirag married to her as it will raise people fingers towards mehtas as she is illegal…harshad chirag enters…harshad burst in anger and asked who called ishaani illegal…he says ishaani is his daughter…a father is not the one who give birth, but the one who make his child live in the outer world and on whom the kid trust the most…harshad says heart relations are more than blood relations…harshad is now emotionally broken and he said not to get chirag married to ishaani if they don’t want but warns them not to tag his daughter illegal ever…ketan apologise on behalf of his wife…chirag supports saying he don’t believe in past and want his future with ishaani…he says for him ishaani is harshad’s daughter and this only matters..he requests all to give 1 month time to ishaani to think over this and he will wait for her…chirag signals shweta and she apologize to ishaani and gives her bangle to ishaani and huggs her…
sharman enters with deversh and prateek…
chirag comes to ranveer and thank him for his advice to give sometime to ishaani…chirag said ishaani’s eyes told that she didn’t expected this from him…ranveer says ishaani will fall for chirag in this time and till then his amanat is with him…chirag leaves and ranveer broke …BGM tum hi ho and flashbacks with ranveer crying…he wipes his tears and shouts on himself for crying all time like girls…he memorizes himself of the responsibility given by harshad…and says mission chirag ishaani starts…epi ends with his unsuccessful attempt to smile…
baa tells harshad she don’t like ishaani’s friendship with ranveer, a servant..