Kundali Bhagya Episode 158 Update on Sunday 16th September 2018

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Karan look for Preeta in the function. He looks towards her thinking she is so pretty and brings coolness to soul with her smile. Preeta also looks around for Karan. Karan wonders who she is looking for, and was sure it’s him.
Sameer meets Preeta who asks him about Karan. Sameer assures to send him if spotted. Karan who had hidden himself behind the curtain comes out, and teases Preeta with a nearby mirror spotting. Preeta thinks Karan must have gone out to meet some girlfriend. He must have got bored and gone to some happening party. Karan comes running from behind her, Preeta was afraid and screams. Karan apologizes and asks if she had been looking for him. Preeta questions why would she? Karan shouts behind her as a liar.
Kareena brings Rakhi to kitchen and says Sanjana has shown
them all the heavy jewelry which she will gift them as gifts. She asks Rakhi about their heavy jewelry. She says she wish to present them with heavy jewelry gifts, she doesn’t want to listen another word from Sherlin’s aunt. Rakhi agrees and leaves with Kareena to get the jewelry from locker.
Karan stops Preeta in the corridor. She was annoyed that he acts as a spoilt child. Karan smiles that it’s interesting in life. Preeta says he has hidden the nice Karan Luthra. Karan says when he wasn’t around, she looks for her in the hall and now she is scolding him. He never bear such scolding of his dad. Preeta apologizes for being angry at him. Karan says he must get him a sorry card whenever he is wrong. Preeta says he will have a huge variety of card then. Preeta was about to tell Karan something when Kareena spots them. She sends Preeta to Sarla and asks Karan to call the driver. They leave.
Natasha asks Sherlin how her proposal was fixed with Rishab. Sherlin says her mother and Kareena are best friends from club. Natasha asks her to fix her scene with Karan. Sherlin says Natasha will have to work for that by herself. Sherlin spots Prithvi and comes to her. Prithvi informs her that the goons will be here soon. Preeta watches them together. Prithvi poses to be congratulating Sherlin, he comes to Preeta and explains that he was only congratulating Sherlin. Preeta leaves inside. Karan was crowded by a few girls for selfie. Prithvi smirks thinking he will be the hero of this party soon, and he has paid double to the goons for beating Karan today.
Dadi complains to Sameer for not creating some entertainment. Sameer goes towards the mike and brings Rishab and Sherlin to the front. He now calls Preeta and Prithvi. Karan deliberately makes Prithvi fell down by placing a foot in his way. He helps Prithvi stand up, and silently asks how much will he fell? Prithvi smiles. Karan thinks he is aware Prithvi is severely hurt. Prithvi asks Preeta to come for dance, but Karan says Preeta can’t dance with such a fallen man. He says Prithvi just fell down and must be hurt; he will dance with Preeta. Shrishti was happy while Preeta shows Karan eyes.
Karan and Preeta dance on Dil Diyan Gallaan. Prithvi sat on a table watching them dance curtly.

PRECAP: There is a precap of Aap Ke aa Jane se special episode at 8pm on Saturday