Kuch Rang Episode 241–242 Update on Monday 17th September 2018

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Sona takes Bejoy and Asha to their old house. Bejoy says he will not go in. Asha says what is wrong if they reminisce old days. Bejoy says he will not and continues his usual dialogues. Sona insists and rings bell. Bejoy says what will new owners think. Maid comes out and greets them. Bejoy asks what is she doing here. Maid says Sona dismissed her from work, so she joined here. Bejoy enters and says furniture and color has changed, but structure is same, let us go back before owner comes. Sona says nobody can get them out of this house, she bought it for them as promised. Suhana says this is Suhana’s house. Asha and Bejoy get emotional.
Dev enters office and sees watchman guarding outside Sona’s space. He scolds watchman and dismisses him from work. He then gets
into Sona’s office and flirts with Paromeeta. Paro falls for his buttery talk and charm. She asks why did he and Sona divorce. Dev says it is not easy to handle Dev, disconnects incoming call, and says she must be free in the evenings and should keep it for him. She gets shy and leaves.
Suhana asks Asha to tell Bejoy not to get too emotional, Sona has kept this house back as Amar badi. Sona gives keys and says they are standing in their own house and nobody can get them out now. Bejoy emotionally hugs her. Asha asks maid Gunni to get kitchen items out, she wants to fill grocery. Sona says she will leave back to office now.
Sona reaches office sees Dev with hammer and laborers. Dev says he cannot handle partition again in his space and hits name plate. Name plate falls down. Sona shouts Dev and reminisces asking employee to write Sonakshi Bejoy Bose on name plate. Dev says first injury pains a lot and gives hammer to laborers to break partition wall. Sona’s employees try to stop laborers. Sona stands angrily. Dev stops laborers and asks if she is in shock and not remembering smart lines. Sona says this time he will get handcuff and he will not be able to remove it.
Golu goes to Ishwari’s room. Ishwari asks to come in. Golu says his watch alarm rang and it is a sign. She asks what. GKB comes with Elena and asks Golu to go to his room and play.
Dev jokes that he is afraid of Sona’s anger. Sona says he will be punished this time. Dev asks to look behind and shows police and lawyer and says he thinks way ahead. Lawyer says building this partition wall is against fire safety norms and his department employees are breaking wall and she cannot stop them. Dev thanks him for coming. He says it is his duty. Dev says it is not enough to open a startup, one needs contacts also.
Dev continues confronting Sona and reminds how he snatched trophy from her. She says she does not care, she does not need validation from him, he does business on ego and she is not like that. Bejoy enters. Dev says Sona that she did not change in so many years and is still same. Lawyer says
Dev has filed case for illegal construction and she may have to pay heavy penalty. Sona says she is ready to pay penalty and accept her mistake, but some people/Dev are spineless and don’t accept their mistake.
GKB asks Elena to go and speak to Sona and ask her to vacate office. Elena says GKB forced her to breakup from her family 7 years ago and now she is forcing her to correct Vicky’s mistake, she will not. GKB in her broken English yells. Elena leaves. Ishwari says Elena is right.
Sona apologizes her employees for the trouble he faced. Employees say it is okay, they are with her. Lawyer says he will send dates to her. Dev says he will take back case as he was worried about employee safety. Sona says she will go to case hearing and win. Dev says she can go to court alone as he is taking back case and disperses staff. Sona picks nameplate from floor. Dev returns and says good name plate, but not suitable here, so she should take it home. Sona says she realized real problem, he is not digesting reading Sonaksi Bejoy Bose instead of Sonakshi Dev Dixit, he is angry that his ex-wife is equal to her, so spineless man like his took this heinous step, he cannot digest her receiving award and does not need his name. Dev fumes in anger. Son taunts he is fuming, his male ego is hurt. Bejoy smiles standing behind.
Precap: Ishwari meets Asha in market. Dev looks at Sona from his cabin window. Assistant asks if he can close window. Dev says he wants to watch his enemies more than his friends.
Sona taunts Dev that she can hear his male ego breaking. Dev says her ears are ringing wrong, nothing has broken, he will not waste his ego for the woman like him. He snatches her mobile and enters his bank transaction ID and asks to fill whatever amount she wants and get out of his office space. She comments in bengali. He says again in bengali and reminisces old days. She says no more old days. Suhana’s teacher calls Sona and says she needs to talk important. Sona says later. Teacher insists and asks if Suhana talks about her father. Sona says no. Teacher says other students told that both parents are necessary for children when Suhana broke out in anger. Sona says there must have been a simple argument, when there is no one, why to think about it. She walks away commenting
again. Dev looks angrily. Waqt ne kiya kyaa haseen sitam…song..plays in the background again. She then gets busy in establishing god’s photo and Pooja. Employees comment let us start Pooja, already lot of time wasted. Dev looks around.
Ishwari goes to temple in a market. Asha passes by and tries to speak, but Ishwari ignores her and leaves. Asha reaches back home. Suhana asks if she brought daadu’s tea. Asha says no. Suhana says daadu will be angry and goes to call him. Asha looking at Ravindranath Tagore’s photo says whether to tell Bejoy or not that Ishwari did not talk to her.
Sona gives speech to her staff that they all grew up together from a small company to bigger one, etc. Dev looks around standing at a distance. Sona gives him prasad forcefully and asks to distribute among his staff, she always gives things and not like others.
Ishwari returns home tired. GKB in her broken English asks what happened to her, if she saw something bad in market. Ishwari says she saw Asha in market. Elena hears that and gets happy, asks how is maasi. Ishwari yells that both Sona and Elena are from same house, but Elena is sanskari and held family together and Sona broke family. GKB starts yelling again and says she should have gave an ear or two to Asha and not let her free and then asks her to tell Dev to forgive Vicky. Ishwari says it is between Dev and Vicky and she will not interfere, anyways Dev takes his decisions alone now and does not listen to her. She leaves to her room and GKB makes weird expressions as usual.
Bejoy returns home. Asha asks if he had been to Sona’s office. Bejoy happily says whatever he saw today, he felt really proud. Asha asks if Dev and Sona fought again. Bejoy says Sona is Jahnsi ki Rani and Razia Sultan’s combination, she is managing such a big office alone so easily.
Dev from his cabin looks at Sona. Assistant comes and gives investor file and asks if he should close window. Dev says he keeps a close watch on his enemies more than his friends.
Asha tells Bejoy that she met Asha in a market. Bejoy asks what did she say. She says Ishwari did not speak. Bejoy says that is okay, even we should not try to connect broken relationships. On the other side, GKB brainwashes Ishwari against Sona as usual. Mamaji scolds her. She yells at him and continues that Sona did not come once in 7 years, etc.
Dev continues looking at Sona even after office after finish. Assistant ask if he did not leave yet. Dev says he complains that he does not attend office properly, so he is staying back today and asks him to close cabin lights and leave. Paro also takes permission from Sona and leaves. Sona also continues working.
Precap: Suhana calls Sona and asks when will she come home. Sona says she will finish work soon and return. Dev comes and takes phone from her.