Kundali Bhagya Episode 157 Update on Saturday 15th September 2018

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Rishab asks what if there is some normal guy somewhat like him, then. Karan tells Rishab to focus on his projects and meetings, it’s not worth him to get a girl. Rishab was hurt and wonders why wouldn’t Preeta be happy in his company. He gets a call from his manager, inquiring to fix a meeting in the morning. Rishab scolds him for calling him about petty matters on the day of his mehndi.
Sherlin’s family arrive for the function. Rishab comes to introduce him with Sherlin’s aunt and her best friend. Natasha calls Rishab lucky to get such a pretty girl. Natasha takes a selfie with Karan and demands his number. Karan says he is never hesitant to share his number and flirt with any girl but she is the best friend of a girl he dislikes the most.
Kareena brings Sherlin to stage for
henna. Rishab comes to take a leave from Dadi for a while. He was leaving the hall when he finds Preeta and her family arrive. He warmly greets everyone, then notices Preeta didn’t move. Preeta requests Rishab to take Janki to some room where she can rest, there was heavy traffic in the way. Rishab takes Janki’s wheel chair towards the guest room.
Rakhi welcomes Sarla and family. Preeta meets her warmly. Kratika calls Preeta and Shrishti to join her and get henna applied. Kareena complements a lady for her necklace. The lady was boastful about the quantity of her jewelry. She taunts them for wearing light jewelry even in the function. The henna lady asks if she must write full name Rishab or only an R in Sherlin’s henna. Her mother tells her to write R only.
Prithvi comes to meet some goons. He assigns them to go and demand jewelry from the ladies in the function; at that time he will enter as a hero and will beat them. He wants to impress everyone in the function there. The goons demand him five lac. Prithvi bids 2.5 lac. The goon demands 4 lac, full and final and turns to leave. Prithvi agrees to pay 4 lac, but warns it to be all perfect.
Sherlin shows her hands to everyone upon completion of her mehndi. The ladies appreciate the design. Rakhi says R looks really good in it. Sherlin thinks Prithvi would not like this R at all. Preeta looks around to find Karan and wonders why he isn’t around even when there are a lot of pretty girls in the function. Sherlin goes inside to turn the R to P. She thinks it’s really easy to fool everyone here, and wipes the design to turn R to P. Shrishti comes from the corridor and passes her by. Sherlin reminds Shrishti that she never forgets anything. Shrishti returns to her and says she will continue reminding her how much she hates her. Sherlin says she will return it to her. Shrishti tells Sherlin that she must chose Prithvi in real life, it would be a favor for all of them. She says Sherlin has worn a beautiful dress, but doesn’t suit her negativity. She must change the dress and her husband to be both. Sherlin was curt and says she and Prithvi will both revenge her and her sister.

PRECAP: Preeta spots Prithvi and Sherlin talking to each other while they get conscious of her stare. Later, Karan makes Prithvi fell on the floor while he was taking Preeta to dance. Karan says Preeta can’t dance with such a fallen man.