Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1104 Update on Saturday 15th September 2018

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The Episode starts with Tanu picking Kiara’s call. Kiara gives her introduction and says that handsome doll chor has stolen my cookie. Tanu says it is wrong number. Kiara says it is right time and don’t want to return my cookie. Tanu asks her to mind her language and says Abhi is not here. Kiara asks her to ask Mr. handsome to return her cookie. She says you would have played with doll in your childhood. Tanu says no, I didn’t play. Kiara says then you are not a girl. Tanu looks for the toy and says it is here. Kiara says her toy has specs. Tanu hears Kiara telling that her mum came. She then hears Pragya’s voice asking Kiara what she is hiding and asks her to return her phone. Tanu gets shocked and recalls Kiara. She thinks of Suwarni Dadi’s words. Pragya asks Kiara with whom she is talking
to. Kiara says that doll chor. Pragya takes the call and apologizes on Kiara’s behalf. Kiara asks Pragya to scold her and says she is having cookie whom we both love. Tanu gets shocked and tries to say hello. She drops the phone and it falls in water. She tries to switch it on and thinks now she couldn’t get the number. She thinks she had many drinks, and shall have nimbu pani.
Abhi and King are driving the car and they have an accident with each other’s car. They come out of car and see each other. They think of their argument. King tells Abhi that he don’t think that this is co incidence as the accident seems to be planned. He says you want to share stage with me. Abhi says I don’t want to see your face. He says don’t think that I am not doing world tour as you are not a good sister, but because you are not a good human, I don’t get good vibes from you. King says even I feel the same. He says I feel like you have snatched something from me. Abhi says whatever is mine, I won’t let anyone take it. King says everything comes to me automatically as I am King. He says King was born to be lucky. Abhi says today is good luck and tomorrow can be bad day. King says I will make you understand in reality. Abhi says I will clear your misunderstanding. King says it is a challenge which I never lose. Abhi says promise, which I never break. Tarun comes there. Police comes there.
King asks Inspector to arrest Abhi and says he hit my car. Abhi says he hit my car. King says he wants to ruin my name and fame. Varun says both are guilty and suggest compromise. Inspector refuses. Constable identifies Abhi. Inspector asks Abhi and King to come with them. Tarun calls Pragya and tells that they are in the police station as it was a minor accident. Pragya asks with whom? Tarun says with the same singer. Pragya asks her not to let King talk to Police, as if he talks then Inspector will understand that he is drunk. She says she will come there. Constable calls Tanu and asks her to reach Police station. He asks who is she? Tanu says she is his wife.
Purab tells Disha that Abhi is embarrassed because of Aaliya. Tanu comes there and asks Purab to come. Disha tells her that Purab will not help her. Tanu tells that problem is of Abhi as he is in Police station. She says it is your wish to come or not. Disha thinks what is happening with jiju. King and Abhi accuse each other for doing their accident. King accuses him for doing bad publicity by bribing the people and says I think followers are fake. Abhi gets angry on him. Inspector asks Constable to keep them in different lock ups. Pragya reaches there and asks Tarun what happened? Tarun tells about the accident and tells that Police knew that he was drunk. Purab and Tanu reach the police station. Purab asks her not to tell police that Abhi was drunk, and says our statement shall match. Tanu asks him not to teach her how to behave or talk with Police. She is about to see Pragya, but just then Pragya turns to attend Kiara’s call. Tanu collides with Tarun and scolds him. Pragya talks to Kiara.
Abhi sees Pragya’s handkerchief and says fuggi. He asks someone about the woman whose handkerchief it is. He comes there and sees Pragya. Pragya is about to see him.