Fall Into Temptation Episode 59 Update on Thursday 13th September 2018

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The PRESENT: Santiago loses control of himself upon hearing that the custody of Benjamin has been given to Miriam and serious it took the police personnel to calmed him down as he expresses how he love and how now they are taking him away from him as they did with Carolina but Antonio speak some sense into him to relax and let the law take its cause and also should be strong at this time for his children and not feel depressed.

Meanwhile, Miriam is already at the Alvarados house with the public notary authorities to get Benjamin and Nico and Lola tries challenging Miriam of just doing that to hurt them but not necessarily that she loves the boy and Nico decides to Run away with the boy but Lola refuses to allow him because she never wants him to get into jail and Florencia speaks to them to make them understand to give the child to Miriam. So, without any choice, they hand the boy off to Miriam.
Raquel calls Andres on phone and she confronts him for not helping her as she promised to not let Miriam get the custody and Andres says he doesn’t have any idea but he promises to help her get the boy back to Santiago.

Federico goes to see Azucena to get his severance pay to quit the job but Azucena begs him to stay to look after his father’s company and not quit if not, he will pave way for Andres and Miriam to have upper hand in everything. Federico still careless but Azucena makes him know that Miriam has now gotten custody of Benjamin. He then becomes sentimental stating that his grandma has indeed gone crazy.

Quickly, Nico arrives at the company to ask Fede to help him search for proof of Santiago and Damian’s partnership in Andres’ office.
Santiago wants to escape from prison because he thinks this is the time his family needs him, and he asks his cellmate Abel for help and he answers that he needs a lot of money for that.
THE PAST: Laura offends Godoy by refusing to listen to Godoy to make them settle their differences after her miscarriage and she tells Godoy that though she isn’t okay but she has to start work because his salary isn’t enough to cater for them.

Carolina goes to Raquel’s house to apologize to her, but Raquel kicks her out of the house stating that she no longer wants to Benjamin’s godmother again and Damian tries to speak with Raquel and she becomes even more upset.
Santiago also tries speaking to Carolina to understand that Raquel did that because she was hurt about everything and Carolina no longer prepared to resolve the situation with Raquel.
Mia argues with Fede as she says he only thinks of his sexuality and not of his family.

THE PRESENT: Rodolfo reproaches Sammy for telling Mia about what he had planned to do to Alina to get his revenge, and Sammy says he didn’t know that was his intention.
Laura continues affecting Godoy by giving negative news about the police on her news item and this causes the problems between Laura and Godoy to get worse all the time.

Juan goes to see Lola and confronts her with insults and aggression by slapping and molesting her as he believes the baby she is expecting is Bobo’s.
Miriam is not really interested in Benjamin and Raquel goes to her house to confront her to give her back Benjamin freely if not she will use force instead.

Alina confesses to Santiago that Miriam and Rodolfo bribed her to ruin his defense by offering her his law firm abroad and she indeed said Yes because with that she can be able to work with them to know their intentions towards him and them help him out and so she asks Santiago to trust her as it is a plan to beat them.

Santiago asks her for one last favour and that is he needs money and so he asks her to let Nicholas come and see him but Alina refuses and asks him what exactly he wants to use the money for in jail and what he is planning and he goes speechless.