Begusarai Update on Friday 14th September 2018


A crane comes and breaks the wall. Bindya is driving it. Guddi is inside. Poonam coughs. The women are hitting the men. poonam takes Guddi out. Dadda ji who will stop my men. Bindya says we will stop me. I will. When the sins are exceeded God comes on earth to clear them out. Dadda ji says so a woman like you will tell me about sins. Bindya says you can’t face a single women yet you talk about your dignity. See around what women are doing. Bindya says when Ravan sinned Ram killed him. Now you are the sinner. You have done so many sins and God will punish you through these women. You end is inevitable. 

Dadda ji says dont infuriate me. No one can hit me. I vow that if one of these women hit I will kill myself. Poonam says a woman is a daughter, sister, wife and mother. A mother gave birth to an animal like you as well. Bindya says you think women are lower right. you will see a devi in every woman today. They dig a grave ditch and shoves dadda in it. Poonam starts throwing sand on him. 

Dadda says have you lost it? Bindaya says yes. An evil like you should meet this consequence. Dadda ji says i wont leave anyone. he says priyom lakhan stop them. Priyom says i was asking you to stop as well. Did you? Time changes in a blink. Its time of decision. Dadda ji says what are you saying? The start throwing sand on dadda ji. Inspector comes and says top. Badi amma hugs Guddi. Inspector says I request you all to stop. The women say we are with you. Inspector says court will punish the culprit. They don’t stop. inspector fires a shot in the air. Everyone starts running. Inspector says this is the time to get thakur sahab out. He takes out dadda ji from the dig. 

Dadda ji says all your efforts will go in vain. Your countdown has started from today. Cops take dadda ji with them. The ask him to sit. dadda ji smirks at bindya. Gudi starts crying. She sits on the ground. Poonam hugs her The women raise slogans in favor or Poonam and Bindya. Mitlesh is drunk. he says when did people start appreciating Bindya. He sees them coming in with Guddi. He says they are celebrating the defamation of the family. Priyom says I am really thankful to all of you. We would have lost Guddi and Poonam forever if you didn’t help us. 

This date will be mentioned in history when goodwill won over mercilessness. I thank you all again for standing with us. And I thank my wife. Bindya is dazed. I feel lucky to have her. Badi amma goes in. They take Guddi in. Rekha says forgive me Guddi, I couldn’t understand your pain. Guddi hugs her. Priyom says thank you too Poonam. He says if you didn’t reach on time Guddi wont be safe. Poonam says her whole family was there for her. Even Bindya too. Maya comes in. Mitlesh says welcome Minister. Where is your stick? Didn’t you bring it in here? 

Maya says why are you saying that? What have I done? He says maya you forget everything. A few days ago you couldn’t even look at me in the eye. You have picked up weapons and you challenged me. Should I answer in the same language. He sees badi amma going. Mitlesh says what is she doing outside? Body-guarding you. Maya says no.. He says I am not interested in talking to you. Get out. Poonam makes Guddi sit. Guddi says he kept asking me to run away. 

I said no I will tell Dadda ji. Poonam says because you are Phulan Thakur’s daughter and you don’t run away. She says I lost Dolt forever. Poonam says you are not responsible for what is written in fate. You are not responsible for his death. Guddi says I am. I fell down, so he had to stay. He wasn’t going. Why did Lakhan do this. He used to call Dolt his brother. Why did he shove dolt. Why he took my love from me. Poonam hugs him. Poonam says in heart I will never forget Lakhan. Priyom comes in his room. Bindya stands up. 

He says Bindya, she says I am going. I was waiting for you. I thought before leaving I should meet you once. He says what you mean? She says I remember you asked me to leave before you come. But I couldn’t. I am not needed here anymore. I have to go. She picks her bag. Bindya says you know, all my life I saw hatred in eyes of people for me. I never saw hope in any eyes but in your eyes I did. I don’t know what you saw was right in blackness of my heart. I liked seeing that hope. But that day I saw hatred in your eyes. I can’t live with it. So I am going. She says I have placed the 2 crore in locker, I don’t need your money. 

You have given me something that worth more than anything, your name. And i am taking that with me. BIndya says you made me Bindya priyom thakur. You gave me a lot of respect, for that thank you so much. I have to go. She leaves. Priyom holds her arm. He says I don’t want my wife to leave me. Bindya starts crying. Priyom hugs her. Poonam comes in room and sees Lakhan. Lakhan asks how did you get bruise? Tell me the name. Poonam says don’t touch me. Lakhan says why shouldn’t i? What have I done? Poonam says you are a murderer. 

Lakhan is dazed. Poonam says I don’t want a relationship with a murderer. Guddi starts screaming. Poonam comes. Guddi says its really aching. Badi amma says just lay down here. She asks poonam to call doctor. Doctor says don’t worry she and the child both are safe. It happens because of stress. Give her rest and away from tension. Rekha says you shouldn’t go upstairs or downstairs. Call me when you need something. Bindya says warm milk is good as well. Badi amma says you are right. Mitlesh comes in and says enough melodrama. Badi amma says what you mean? He says all women have forgotten their limits. No one is telling her that this child will ruin her life. Its an illegal child. She has to get it aborted