Fall Into Temptation Episode 58 Update on Wednesday 12th September 2018

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THE PAST: Carolina looking very nervous and thinking that Florencia actually saw her and Damian’s chemistry thus almost at the verge of kissing, she asks Florencia unnecessary questions about if she is done with doing all the household chores and also where Santiago could be and she answers that Santiago went out. Florencia left and Carolina grows more and more nervous but Damian asks her to calm down because he is sure Florencia never saw a thing.

Santiago gives Florencia some off days but Carolina thinks she will still need Florencia’s services if not there will be no one to take care of Benjamin the next day if she goes to the catering and Raquel offers to babysit Benjamin to assist Carolina.

Carolina expresses to Santiago how she feels jealous of Florencia because it seems he cares more about Florencia than her his wife and Santiago says he only gave off days to her because he sees Florencia works tirelessly every day and Santiago realizing Carolina looks very jealous and that proves her great love for him, they ended up enjoying the moment together.

Mia enters Federico’s room unannounced only to find Fede half-naked in bed with a friend (Ike) but asleep and she goes very shocked and concludes that indeed Fede is a gay.
The next day, Carolina arrive in the Beckers house to bring Benjamin to Raquel so she can go to the catering and there, Raquel apologizes to her for making her think bad about Florencia and Carolina stresses to her not to worry because that even caused her and Santiago to have a nice moment last night and this makes Damian go mad within him and he intentionally offers to take her to the catering and she resists but Raquel convinces her to go with Damian.

Arriving at the catering, Damian asks her what she meant by what she told Raquel and she says she did sleep with Santiago and this time around it looked very extraordinary and Damian asks if it’s because she did that an felt it looked great because she felt jealous about Florencia because as it is he can say that Santiago will never cheat on her and Carolina becomes offended and states that, she was also faithful too like Santiago until she met him and Damian says if that is so then he is asking her if she loves him or Santiago and she answers that yes because he is the father of her children whereas when she is with Damian, she has no peace.

Same vein, Raquel was taking care of Benjamin and he gets sick suddenly and calls Carolina on phone and together she leaves with Damian heading to the Beckers house.
THE PRESENT: Rodolfo pressures Alina to lose Santiago’s case because no matter what the Beckers will win the case.

Abel (in mate in prison) tells Santiago to be very careful with Alina because she used to work for Rueda once upon a time before getting her own firm and who knows if they are still lovers because if that is so then it will be counterproductive for him and so he warns Santiago to never trust anyone and look after himself tries to force Santiago to give him money.

Raquel finds out that Miriam froze her bank accounts ones again and she decides to do something but Cynthia asks her to calm down and let her handle the situation.
Nico tries to make Lola change her decision to have an abortion but she refuses to adhere but she doesn’t know when she will do it and so Nico gives her his support.

Florencia arrives at the Alvarados house and she asks them if his dad knows that she called her over to help her take care of Benjamin and Lola asks her why she thinks her dad will be furious to have her in their house and Lola finds out from her that, she stopped babysitting Benjamin because she found out about the relationship between her mother and Damian.

Raquel meets Andres to talk about her situation in the company because she learnt he is going to be the head of the company and Andres assures her that he never had any idea about her frozen bank account and Raquel don’t understand why Miriam is being heartless with her and her children and Andres says Miriam is doing all that because she wants her grandchildren to move into her house and Raquel says that will be over her dead body and Andres says it will surely not happen because he will help her to get money by coming back into the catering office and Raquel says she can’t now due to her condition and so Andres says he will handle the catering if she accepts.

THE PAST: whiles Raquel is doing everything possible with the doctor to check on Benjamin which he confirms he is doing better now because of the first treatment Raquel on her own discretion gave Benjamin before the doctor’s arrival and she says it’s because her children experienced same symptoms and that is why she treated the child with that medicine and congratulates Raquel for that effort. Santiago arrives and, in a moment, Carolina and Damian arrives home and she blames Raquel for what happened to Benjamin and this makes Raquel feel bad.

Celia and Godoy enjoyed the moment together and Godoy regret spending the night by her side and she tells her that if he did it’s because he wanted to do it with her and he says it will never happen again but Celia says she knows he will come back for more.
Santiago speaks some sense into Carolina that she shouldn’t have acted so bad towards Raquel when all she did was to save Benjamin. She later regrets and decides to apologize to Raquel.

THE PRESENT: Cynthia confesses to Godoy she’s afraid to fall in the drugs again because now she wants to help Raquel because everything continues go against them and Godoy believes she can overcome the drug and Cynthia thanks him for believing in her always upon knowing her weakness.
Miriam arrives at Santiago’s house with the public notary to take Benjamin away with her and same vein, Raquel also finds out she got the legal custody and Santiago is told by Antonio at the police station that he has lost control completely over Benjamin’s custody.