Who Killed Libia Episode 49 Update on Friday 7th September 2018


Gabriela attacks Sofia and slaps her mercilessly that if she doesn’t tell her whom she is pregnant for, she will lock her up like she did to Jemima. Sarah, Jemima and Eva try to stop Gabriela from hurting Sofia but Gabriela takes her anger on them that they should get out of her sight. Suddenly, John arrives at the hacienda with his horse to take away Sofia and there Gabriela gets shocked and she asks John if he is responsible for her daughter’s pregnancy and John reveals to her that indeed he is the father to Sofia’s child.
Same manner, Sofia in her room weeping, overhears John calling her name and so she comes out and John carries her unto his horse and rides off and there Gabriela starts to yell at Fernando to do something but Fernando stands and stares at them doing nothing.
Gabriela looking so much heated in anger, she orders Sarah and Jemima to go indoors and remain in their rooms until she asks them to go out and also asks Fernando to see her in her study because she wants to have a talk with her. In the study, Fernando wrathfully swears that he will never forgive Sofia and John for what they have done and Gabriela tells Fernando that all his efforts and attempt to damage Sofia’s pregnancy never worked and now all they have achieved is nothing but disgrace. She then curses Sofia and her entire generation.
As John and Sofia journey their way towards home, they stop and sit somewhere to talk and John asks Sofia if she really wants to be his wife and Sofia excitedly tells John that she agrees because what she feels for him is real and it can’t be compared to what she had with Fernando and Sofia takes off her ring and John shows her gratitude to Sofia for accepting him.
John takes Sofia to his house and shows her where they will be sleeping together and Sofia finds a doll lying on the bed and she asks John who this doll belongs to and John explains to Sofia that his late sister Libia was once the owner of the room and he continues to tell Sofia that since their parents died, it has been his responsibility to cater for his siblings but unfortunately for him, he lost Libia and Sofia gets sad upon listening to John but John calms her down and tells her to be happy instead and as a sign of Libia’s understanding, her flower shines as John and Sofia kisses each other.
Eva and Don Augustin get into a conversation and Eva mentions to Don Augustin that she isn’t sure she can live with Gabriela due to what happened after she tried stopping her from hitting Sofia but Don Augustin tells her not to talk like that. She continues telling Don Augustin that finally she has been able to talk to Rosa and she has accepted her as her mother and she also explained to her that Bernardo was her father and now Sofia has also accepted Rosa as her sister but Sarah and Jemima don’t know about it yet and Don Augustin asks Eva if she is really sure that Rosa is her daughter.
Armando informs Fernando that he has spoken to all the workers in the bar concerning who went behind them to report Petra’s Murderer (Kino) to the authorities so therefore he is very sure his threats will make them commit so many mistakes which will enable them figure out the person who reported and Fernando furiously tells Armando that all they need to do is to make sure Kino gets out of jail so that he doesn’t reveal them to the authorities as well and Armando question him why and he angrily holds Armando and makes it clear to him that he will always obey his commands and do as he says.
Sarah visits Sofia to deliver her a massage from Gabriela that she has forgiven her and so she wants her to return back to the hacienda only on a condition of naming her unborn child after Fernando and Sofia makes it clear to Sarah that there is no way she will return or name her baby after Fernando so she should go back and say that to their mother because her mind is already made up.
Father Teddy goes to see John and Sofia and he realizes that they are somehow sad so he asks them what the problem is and Sofia explains everything to Father concerning her mother Gabriela but Father Teddy makes them to understand that the love they have for each other is clean and real and the Bible even states that a man and a woman will leave their parents and come together as one, and Sofia asks Father Teddy to do one thing for them in other to calm her nerves down so she could be at peace by blessing her and John to be one and Father Teddy heed to Sofia’s plea and blesses them both at the chapel.
The doctor who looks after Pablo’s granny informs Oscar, Franco and Tina that her health condition isn’t getting any better and he doesn’t know what to do because the little boy Pablo is really affected. On the other hand, Pablo weeps bitterly due to her grandmother Delfina’s health condition since he has no one apart from her to lean on but Oscar and Franco give him their support and encourages him that if anything should happen, they will be there for him and protect him always so he shouldn’t worry at all because they also experienced the same situation when they lost their parents.
John carries Sofia into their bedroom in his arms and they kiss. All of a sudden, they begin to have flashbacks on how their love story began, the very beginning they set eyes on each other, the very first time they kissed, when he John realized Sofia was married, the day they tried to escape for their freedom, the moment they made love and all the ups and downs they have been through and finally when John came for her from the hacienda when Gabriela was pouncing on her due to the pregnancy. And after reminding themselves about the past, they passionately kiss.