Who Killed Libia Episode 37 Update on Friday 10th August 2018


Rosa tearfully goes to ask the whereabout of Franco from Oscar and there Oscar starts to console her by embracing Rosa, Jemima sees them as she tries to approach and feels very disappointed upon seeing Oscar and Rosa together without being noticed by them as tears drops down her eyes because she thinks Oscar is cheating on her with Rosa.
Franco goes to look for Rosario but Ofelia tells Franco that because of him Rosario is encountering many problems and in case he really loves her, he should be away from her to keep her from experiencing those unfortunates’ situations in her life.
Sofia goes to tell Mr. Augustin that she is afraid of losing John because her mum’s illness continues to increase and he advices her that she should forget a little about her mother and open the doors to love and go away with John for a while so that by the time they return, Father Teddy would have been through with her marriage divorce and that will set her free from Fernando so that she and John can get married.
Jemima arrives home in tears to tells her sister Sarah that, Oscar is cheating on her with Rosario and now she can frankly that Rosa is not only interested in Franco but also Oscar. Sarah then goes speechless but mad but advices her sister to forget Oscar as she advised her way back because she knew those men have no good intention about them and they never even know where those masons came from and the Engineer also said he wasn’t the one who hired them and with that she can specifically say that, their mission into their house was with bad intention.
The doctor calls Sofia to inform her that, they should know how to deal with their mother if not they may lose her any moment in case they are to give her any pressure.
Mr. Augustin congratulates the boys for showing their krakye powers by kicking Gabriela out of their house when she came to get him back to his house after he got lost from the retirement home where they found him and brought him back. Seriously John’s attitude that time proved to him that indeed he is a man of power. He takes the opportunity to ask them why way back they arrived in his hacienda carrying guns like warriors because up till now, he looks a bit sceptic about it.
Eugenia and Benito engages in a chat and she tells Benito that though she truly loves him, she can see that, he cannot also go against the wish of his parents and will certainly do what they ask him to do and that is the woman to marry and truly that can’t be her and so she prefers to leave the house as their maidservant and go seek for a different work elsewhere since she can’t stand to see him with another lady. Benito looks very sad but there is nothing he could do. John and his brothers revealed to him that, their parents had a big ranch but unfortunately, some wicked men killed them and took over. He then assured them that, he will do everything in his power to help them search for that wicked person and that all he pray is for them to give him support.
Fernando gambles away all his money in a chicken fight contest and though Armando cautioned him, he intimidated him and still went ahead, after losing all of his money, he thinks of killing Augustin or force him to sign the documents.
Father goes to see Augustin and to inform him that Gabriela refuses to listen to him about Oscar and Jemima’s marriage and also that is John and Sofia’s but Augustin asks him to not worry because he is ever ready in support of those two couple’s relationship. He then takes the opportunity again to reveal to him that, Sofia is actually in deep trouble and the person who put her in that trouble is Fernando. All this while, John was eavesdropping and he goes shocked.
John asks Sofia if she is ready to run away with him and Sofia discloses to him that she can’t because her mum’s condition is critical. But John goes to get his horse still and picks Sofia with him telling her that they are going and she asks her where to but he never tells her but Sofia tells him that she can’t go with him and so she shouldn’t go but if he wants to go then she will also go with him if not she will die of love.
Rosario tells Franco that she has a son whose father was a man who had illegal businesses and got killed, but they are still threatening her to kill her son if she doesn’t do as they want. He then pleads with her to help her to locate the where about of her son because she never wants to lose him to as she did with his father and also the child isn’t Armando’s as he thought.
Raquel tells her nephews (Oduro and Benito) that, she bought them nice rings so they could get their women engaged as soon as possible though the children thinks they are rushing things but she warns them it’s either they marry or forget about their property.
Oscar tries giving Jemima her engagement ring but she gives it back to him stating that she no longer wants to be with him because she hates lies but as to the particular lie, she never reveals and tells her that she never wants to see him again.
Jemima tells Eva why she rejected Oscar’s ring and Eva thinks that can never be true but Sarah asks Jemima to stop being childish shedding tears about that mason and Eva warns her to stop intimidating people always. Sarah then confronts Eva to tell her how those men got into the hacienda because the engineer says he never hired them that mean she Eva could know something and it might be that she is hiding something from them but Eva says she knows nothing.
Gabriela looks everywhere for Sofia but nowhere to be found and she looks very desperate and Sarah thinks that is Sofia is nowhere to be found then that means John might have taking her away to go kill her but Eva warns her to stop uttering scary word. Jemima supports Eva and thinks John is different from his other brothers because he has proved to them that he truly loves Sofia.
Rosario tells Ofelia that, she really hates her mum for abandoning her because if she never had abandoned her, she definitely know life wouldn’t have been difficult for her and so she never wants to see her coming over to look for her.
Fernando tells Rosario that he will allow her to spend some days with her son in the village and she needs to leave as soon as possible until Franco stops looking for her. So, Franco arrives at her place to look for her but he is told by one of the men that, Rosa is already gone.
Gabriela throws a big party to announce the engagement of Benito and Sarah, and Oduro and Jemima. Same vein, Eugenia goes to inform Raquel that she is leaving the house but she would have preferred her to stay until after the engagement ceremony but Eugenia refuses and she says she is an ungrateful person.
At the party, after being force indirectly to get themselves engaged to the Elizondo family girls and putting the ring on their fingers, Gabriela announces that, their wedding follows a month later.