Till The End Of Time Episode 16 Update on Monday 13th August 2018


Maya immerses herself into bathtub. Jahnvi knocks door and pleads to open door, she is tensed. Maya gets out of bathtub and comes out changing dress. She sees a hand peeping from her window and runs out panicking thinking it is her father. She informs Jahnvi someone is inside her room, she saw hands from her window. Jahnvi reminisces Ashwin telling though he cannot reach Maya, his voice can reach her. They both enter room and see Arjun jumping from window and entering in. Maya fumes seeing him. Jahnvi asks who is he. He says he is fashion photographer. She asks why did he come from window instead of lift. He says he is a photographer and likes walking through rough places to click photographs. She asks if he came to click photograph. Maya asks him to get out. He says she should
get out as shelocked herself in her room since yesterday. Maya asks why did he come her. He say he called her landline yesterday and heard aunty knocking her door and pleading to come out. She asks how did he know her landline number. He says from her office drawer. Mom goes out. Maya asks how dare he come here if he is mad. Arjun says she is mad instead to do unusual things, she went to beach to wash her face unusually, panicked like her friends or anyone did not smear cake on her face. She reminisces her father molesting her and smearing cake on her face. He starts unbuttoning his shirt. She asks what is he doing, get out. He says no and removes contract papers from his shirt and says since did not come to office and did not sign contract papers. Seh says it is her office and let it go in loss. He says it is his carreer issue. She says he will be punished. He says he can do anything, but reminisces her locking him in bathroom and says no bathroom, no…She says he came via window and now should go via balcony. He asks if she is mad. Mom comes holding orange juice and says it is very dangerous. Maya says 15 papers and 15 floors.
Arjun goes to balcony and asks if she is serious. She nods. Jahnvi says it is very dangerous. Arjun gets out of balcony and gets down holding pipe. Maya signs a paper each when he climbs down a floor. He gets down completely. She signs all 15 papers. He asks if she will send papers via guard. She throws them in air. He stands in a shock and angrily picks papers from floor. Maya watches standing in balcony and goes back in. Jahnvi thinks she needs to meet this boy who can get Maya’s pains and problems away.
Suman oil massages Saanjh’s head and says they are thinking of arranged marriage for her. She then says she was 19 when she eloped with her papa on her favorite pink scootie. Saanjh laughs that if Arjun sits on scootie, it will break down. Suman asks when will she propose Arjun. She says she is waiting for right time when Arjun will propose. Her brother comes and says Arjun will not propose her and it is better parents get her arrange marriage. She fumes. He says she is useless who could not make Arjun propose her. She says it is not that easy. She looks at her and Arjun’s childhood pics and calls Arjun. He angrily says if she wants to know if he apologized Maya, then he did. He scolds to stop disturbing him and disconnects call. She starts crying. Her brother comes and says she likes khichdi, what if she is given khichdi all the time. She asks not to pester her. He says she is khichdi of Arjun’s life. A bestfriend cannot be girlfriend. She should make Arjun jealous and make him realize her value. She should go and tell Suman that she is ready for arrange marriage. Arjun will realize her value. She shoud become Arjun’s life’s biryani and not khichdi.
Saanjh reminisces her mom Suman’s words that she should elope with Arjun, her brother’sgyaan, and friend telling if she does not propose Arjun, he will elope with some other girl. Arjun enters calling Dusky and asks if she is asleep. She says what does he think and angrily goes and sleeps on bed. He says he climbed 15 floors and climbed down via pipe. She asks why did he do that. He says his Maya is unusual and same her guard. Guard did not let him go via lift and Maya forced him to go via pipe. Brother asks him to go out and come in the morning. Arjun scolds him to sleep back and continues with Saanjh. Maya at her room reminisces Arjun entering room via window and rest of the event. She calls someone and says Arjun Sharma.
Precap: Maya’s manager Lalwani alleges Arjun that he spoilt something. Arjun tries to explain, but Maya does not listen. Arjun throws his ID card on her and says he quits.