Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 434–436 Update on Monday 13th August 2018


Moropant introduces Yuvraj to Laxmibai. Yuvraj not only apologizes for his past behavior but also declares his resolve to join her in her fight. Robert Hamilton and Capt Hugh Rose plan to divert Laxmibai’s attention from the uprising scheduled for June 23. 

When Capt Hugh Rose learns about Yuvraj extending support to Laxmibai, he remains unfazed. Capt Hugh Rose is confident the uprising was destined to fail. Laxmibai get angry when Scindia refuses to help her and even advises to drop her plans to revolt against the British. 

Laxmibai is unaware that the British had changed Scindia’s message. Laxmibai is horrified to learn that Damodar is missing. When the search fails to find clues about Damodar, Laxmibai orders to close the gates of the fort. It is later revealed that Capt Hugh Rose plans to kidnap Damodar. 

The story takes an interesting turn when it is shown that Rao Dulaju is still alive. Will Laxmibai be able to save Damodar? Robert Hamilton and Capt Hugh Rose try to flee with an unconscious Damodar. In the process, Damodar’s ring falls to the ground  Capt Hugh Rose and Robert Hamilton plan to flee Jhansi before they are recognized and caught. 

Rao Dulaju meets Robert Hamilton and introduces himself. Laxmibai later finds the ring and shows it to Tatya Tope. Laxmibai suspects Damodar has been kidnapped. Before the British officials can flee with Damodar, Tatya Tope orders the soldier to open the chest. 

When the soldier fails to respond, Laxmibai opens the box and learns it is the gift from Scindia. Laxmibai’s attention is diverted when she hears the cries of a child. She investigates and finds the cries coming from a carriage. The carriage driver reveals the child was his. 

Robert Hamilton, Capt Hugh Rose and Rao Dulaju manage to take Damodar to the Commissionary. The next day, an oracle reveals to Laxmibai that Damodar was present in Jhansi. 

Will Laxmibai succeed in saving Damodar? Robert Hamilton holds Damodar captive in the Commissionary. Raghunath collides with a stranger in the market and believes he had met him before. 

The stranger is none other than Rao Dulaju. Moropant is shocked at the sight of Laxmibai walking hysterically on the road. 

Moropant learns that Laxmibai was searching for Damodar.  Raghunath informs Laxmibai that he had seen Rao Dulaju in Jhansi and suspected his hand in Damodar’s kidnapping. 

Laxmibai orders him to find Rao Dulaju as soon as possible. Rao Dulaju is caught when he sneaks into the fort. 

Laxmibai and others learn that Damodar was being held captive in the Comissionary. At the Comissionary, the British officials ill-treat Damodar. 

Laxmibai and her army surround the Comissionary. Robert Hamilton and others are shocked when Laxmibai barges into the room.