Fall Into Temptation Episode 48 Update on Thursday 9th August 2018


THE PAST:  Damian is with Carolina at the hospital and she pleads with him to leave to prevent suspicion and they expresses their love for each other and together they admire their baby. They are happy and proud, but Damian has to leave but before he does that, he asks Carolina to name the baby Benjamin because he is sure the baby is his though Carolina still have some doubt.
Whiles on their way to the hospital, Nico manages to contact Carolina and upon reaching there, Santiago apologizes to Carolina for not being with her when the baby was born, but he is happy to see his new baby.
PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Alina visits Bebo at the prison’s clinic and tells him that he’s been released but there is one thing she assures him of and that is if he gets himself in any trouble again, she won’t help him and Bebo promises to not get himself into trouble. Bebo thanks her for everything she has done for him and he tells her that he remembered that he was with his dad on the night of the accident, and Alina thinks by asking nacho and he also recollecting this so-called conversation, it could help them rescue Nacho.
Mia packs her things and she tells Raquel that she is going to live with her grandmother. This makes Raquel very stressed up and Cynthia and Fede try to help her but it looks in vain.
Mia arrives at her grandma’s house but she also leaves her to attend to something else leaving Mia so very lonely in the house.
Antonio arrives in Santiago’s to give him the result of Benjamin’s DNA test and the test confirms that Santiago is not the father. This makes Santiago so hysterical as he loves Benjamin so much deeply as his son and does not want to lose him. the whole family become very sad but they try to calm him down but Santiago warn Antonio that he is never going to allow them take his son from him.
Sammy begs Alina to come back to him but she refuses due to this Sammy shoots Alina as she continues provoke him by calling him a coward who can’t kill a fly.
THE PAST: Fede tells Raquel that Carolina’s baby has been born and she is happy and she calls Damian to ask him to take her to see Carolina but he doesn’t want to go with her.
Santiago calls her daughter Lola whiles on her school trip to inform her about the birth of her little brother and she celebrates the birth of her Little brother with Patricia at the trip.
Vicente goes to see Damian at his office and asks Damian for more money for his silence because now that the baby is born, their little secret pushes up the price they bargain on but Damian refuses but he warns him to think about it if not the worse will happen.
The doctor goes to check on Carolina whiles Santiago is present and he commits an indiscretion by asking about how the baby’s father is doing and Santiago thinking he is referring to him responds that he is doing great but the doctor tells him that the child’s father seems to have disappeared. Carolina goes anxious whiles Santiago looked confused and shocked.