Kuch Rang Episode 189–190 Update on Friday 10th August 2018


Ishwari irons Dev’s house. Radha comes and asks why she is pressing Dev’s clothes. Ishwari says Dev does not even know to press, he does not even know where his clothes are. She opens her cupboard and keeps Dev’s clothes in it. Radha asks why she is keeping Dev’s clothes here. Ishwari says Dev asked to keep it here. Radha yells bengalan/Sona must have occupied whole room. Ishwari asks why she is against Sona always. Radha yells Sona kept big swinger in Dev’s room and he gets hurt repeatedly, what if he steps on a nail and gets injured. Ishwari starts thinking.
At night, Dev finishes his presentaiton late night and sees Sona sound asleep. He goes and sits on swinger. In the morning, Dev wears blue shirt. Sona angrily asks why he
wore such a bright shirt and looking so handsome, what if a girl falls behind him, laughs and says what if he had got such a complaining wife. He shouts he told her that he has important presentation, she spoilt his mood. She gets sad. He laughs and asks what if she had got such a yelliing husband. They both laugh. Sona goes to get his tie. He thinks if she will know that his clothes are in mom’s room, she will get sad. He says no need for tie. He limps. She asks what happened. He says his pain increased in the morning. Kichu brings hot water and says mom sent to soak his leg in it for his leg pain. Dev asks to keep it aside. Sona says mom knows what he needs, hope even she gets a chance to read his mind and serve him. He says she will be given a chance to better serve him and smiles. They both smile.
Elena gets Vicky’s call and feels sad. Sona calls her. She yells she broke up with Vicky as per her wish and now she should stop her calling back. She switches off mobile. Sona thinks she is doing this for Elena’s goodness.
Sona reaches home and sees servants keeping her swinger out in balcony. She asks who permitted them. Ishwari says she permitted it as Dev got hurt thrice with this swinger. Radha starts yelling that Dev likes space in his room. Neha says she told that Dev does not like change, in this house only Dev and mom sets rules and everynoe have to follow them. Sona says she is just happy that Dev is becoming independent and hopes she will understand his mind soon. Ishwari says don’t worry, you will understand Dev’s mind slowly. Sona smiles.
Nikki sits on swinger and asks Rhea to click her pic. Radha comes and laughs that jiji did good by keeping it out, who will keep such a big swinger in room. Nikki jokes she should try a selfie on swinger as mamaji already learnt taking selfie. She calls her Radha rani and mimics mamaji. Radha asks Rhea to click a nice pic and tries to sit on swinger and falls down She yells this swinger has ghost and it hurt her and Dev. Nikki asks to stop blaming swinger, bhabhi brought it with so much love. Nikki yells to stop it as she is still small, bhabi is trying to force her decisions on everyone, but she did not do all this in her sasural. Radha says even if she wanted to, Ranver would not have allowed her. Neha angrily yells whatever… Nikki continues taking pics.
Sona looks at empty space and looking at Dev’s pic says Mr. Obodro got hurt by swinger and and got it out, but not to worry… Vicky barges in angrily and shouts how dare she is to interfere in his life. She says he is interfering like he entered in her room now. He yells he makes his own way. Sona says Elena is her sister and she will not let him ruin her sister’s life, nobody is afraid of his muscle and rogue attitude. He challenges to try hard and try to keep Elena away, Elena soon will come back to him.
Ishwari discusses with family what she will prepare for Dev’s birthday. Sona enters. Ishwari says she should decide what to prepare on Dev’s birthday, she wants to prepare Dev’s favorite food and mamaji and others want their choice. Nikki and Rhea butter Sona and asks to tell their choice. Ishwari says she always accepted Sona’s advice as she was her nutritionist. Sona says she is on maa’s side and apologizes mamaji. Mamaji smiles and says it is okay. Ishwari asks Sona next to decide Dev’s gift. Nikki and Rhea say they have an idea. Neha gets emotional and goes to kitchen. Mamaji follows and sees her in tears. Sona says she got emotional seeing maa calling her dear one. Mamaji says it is her hard work, soon Ishwari will completely accept her as bahu, asks her to stop crying and decide gift before Nikki and Rhea decide some weird gift. Sona smiles.
Sona calls Sourav and asks him to give mobile to Elena. Sourav switches on speaker. Sona says mom asked her to decide Dev’s birthday feast and gift. Elena sadly says it is good, she is happy for her. Sona says she took the decision for her betterment. Elena says she will talk to her later and disconnects call. Sourav asks what was Sona telling. Elena says nothing important. sourav says he knows it must be about a guy.
Dev comes to his room in the evening and feels very happy seeing swinger missing from there. He opens his cupboard and sees his clothes in order and gets more happy and says maa knows well what he needs. Sona comes and asks he would have told her directly that he did not like swinger in room.
Precap: Mamaji tells Ishwari that she does Dev’s birthday arti around 6 a.m. each year, this time she should try something different. She says this time she will do arti at 12:03 a.m. Sona tells Dev that she wants him to be with her at 12:00 a.m. during his special day and asks if he will give his night to her. 
Dev comes home from office and gets very happy seeing swinger not in room and his clothes in order in cupboard. Sona comes and says she did not know he is so disciplines. Dev thinks she thinks he did all this. He apologizes and says he was getting used to swinger. She says if it is in room or in garden does not matter, it is in house, that is all matters.
Mamaji asks Ishwari to find his Sunil Gavaskar’s autograph as he has challenged his friend that he has gone. She says she has only 2 hands, let her search. She finds Dev’s birthday certificate and smiles. Mamaji says he remembers she was so excited after Dev was born and did not let anyone see her. She says Dev was so cute, he made her maa from Ishwari. Dev was born at 12:03 a.m. Mamaji says she
performs Dev’s arthi at 6 a.m., this time she should thinking different.
Sona tells Dev that he calls her rabbit, but maa was jumping like rabbit in excitement, she is very excited about his birthday. Dev says maa gets him gift every birthday and always celebrates her birthday. Sona says this birthday also, they will spend whole day with maa, but night after 12 a.m., it is only them. Dev agrees and they both smile.
Ishwari tells Mamaji that he gave a good idea, even she will surprise Dev by performing his aarti at 12:03 a.m.
Vicky stops Elena near her college and tries to speak. She ignores him and says she has moved on and even he should stop pestering her. He fumes in anger.
Next morning, Dev gets ready for office and says any girl will fall for him. Sona tightens his te. He says he will tell his wife selected the dress. Sona says she is very happy that he became indepent and not like before whe he used to call maa for everything. Dev feels guilty. He goes out. Sona tells Radha that Dev has changed for good. Radha yells nothing has changed, she should go and check in Ishwari’s room.
Ishwari irons Dev’s shirt and Dev says he was in a hurry for office. Ishwari says so what, he can take her help any time. Dev asks not to inform Sona. He turns and sees Sona standing. Sona leaves angrily. Dev runs behind her and tries to convince her. She shouts he will not change at all, he would have taken her help. Dev says it is women’s work. She asks if clothes know gender and talks in bengali. He asks to speak in the language he knows and says he is not a chauvanist, but like others, he has some weakness, he cannot do all this. She yells he will be mamma’s boy always. Ishwari enters and asks what is mamma’s boy. Dev says nothing.
Precap: Radha tells Ishwari that she is preparing halwa for Dev, but Sona did not prepare food. Ishwari says so what. Radha says she must have planned something big, already she has taken over this house.