Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 431–433 Update on Friday 10th August 2018


Capt Hugh Rose and other British officers flee on a horse carriage after learning about the conspiracy to assassinate them. Anticipating their attempt to flee, Karma disguised as a British soldier, drives the carriage. 

Capt Hugh Rose is surprised when the driver jumps off from the carriage. Robert Hamilton too decides to escape before Laxmibai can cut the cake. Rao Dulaju too wishes to flee. 

Laxmibai cuts the cake and informs other kings that with Nanasaheb Peshwa’s help, she had removed the bomb which had been planted in the cake. Before Rao Dulaju and Robert Hamilton can leave, Karma arrives and informs that the bomb has been planted under the carriage in which Capt Hugh Rose and others had used to flee. 

Karma believes the bomb must have exploded killing Capt Hugh Rose and others. Tatya Tope shocks Robert Hamilton further that the British camp outside Jhansi had been bombed by the revolutionaries. While Laxmibai and others rejoice, Rao Dulaju quietly sneaks out. 

When Raghunath informs Laxmibai about Rao Dulaju, she states that he wouldn’t be able to escape. Laxmibai confronts Robert Hamilton and orders him to warn Queen Victoria that she along with her comrades would attack the British army on June 23. 

Laxmibai manages to nab Rao Dulaju and hands him over to her subjects. Will Laxmibai succeed in throwing out the British? Rao Dulaju is lynched and his corpse thrown outside the borders of Jhansi. Laxmibai exhorts her subjects to unify to overthrow the British. 

On searching the site of the explosion, Karma and Ghaus Khan are surprised to learn that one British official had survived. Their worst fears are proved true when it is revealed that Capt Hugh Rose had survived the blast and vows to take revenge on Laxmibai. 

Damodar invites Laxmibai to see the Ramlila staged by him and his friends. Karma and Ghaus Khan inform Laxmibai about the possibility of Capt Hugh Rose surviving the blast. Laxmibai asserts Capt Hugh Rose will never dare to enter Jhansi again. 

Queen Victoria learns about Capt Hugh Rose having survived the assassination bid. Laxmibai and Nanasaheb Peshwa make plans to oust the British. Laxmibai is confident that with the support of kingdoms like Gwalior, Datia and Banda, the British can be ousted. 

Nanasaheb Peshwa suggests crowning Bahadur Shah Zafar as emperor of Delhi. Laxmibai orders Tatya Tope to invite kings of neighboring territories to participate in the struggle scheduled for June 23. 

Queen Victoria orders Capt Hugh Rose to foil Laxmibai’s plans. She promises to send a huge army to foil the plan of the revolutionaries. Laxmibai is stunned after watchingt the Ramlila performance. 

Damodar fears Laxmibai will send him away to vanvas as he was the adopted son. Laxmibai promises Damodar that she will always take care of him. At the directions of Capt Hugh Rose, Robert Hamilton murders the soldiers sent by the King of Gwalior. 

Before murdering, Rose learns about the King’s message for Laxmibai. Before leaving for Jhansi, Capt Hugh Rose orders Company soldiers to disguise as the Gwalior army. 

Laxmibai watches the Ramlila performance by Damodar and his friends. In the midst of her speech, Pradhan Mantri informs the queen about the arrival of messenger from Gwalior. 

On entering Jhansi, Capt Hugh Rose and Robert Hamilton capture the building which Laxmibai had handed over to Christian missionaries as punishment for opposing the East India Company. 

Capt Hugh Rose then disguises as a Gwalior soldier and sneaks into the fort. Raghunath informs Laxmibai about the arrival of Prince of Modh. Laxmibai believes Yuvraj had arrived in Jhansi after receiving her invite to sovereigns of other neighboring kingdoms to participate in her struggle. 

On seeing Laxmibai, Yuvraj not only recollects his childhood memories but also feels bad for disrespecting the queen of Jhansi previously. Will Yuvraj join Laxmibai in her freedom struggle?