Fall Into Temptation Episode 47 Update on Wednesday 8th August 2018


YEARS BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: During her stay in hospital Carolina talks in her sleep and Santiago hears that she has deceived him. On asking her about why she said she cheated in her sleep, she explains that it was because she deceived him by going to work instead of going to see Lisa as she told him.
Same vein, Damian and Raquel visit her in hospital. Whiles Santiago and Raquel go to get coffee for themselves, Damián takes the opportunity then he goes to see Carolina at her ward, but she tells him that what happened with her baby was a punishment to them but Damian thinks less and she want to be in calm to take care of her other baby, and Damian again says that other baby is also his but Carolina asks him to leave the hospital if he really loves her and should stay away from her life forever. Damian then leave in pain to make up a lie to Santiago and Raquel that he wants to leave to go speak with Mia alone.
PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Lola comes home to see Santiago and Raquel again and she becomes sour but after Raquel left, he tells Lola that he will keep on seeing Raquel whether she likes it or not and won’t give up Raquel but Lola is against it.
Rafael kidnaps Cynthia and forces her to take some jewelry of Raquel’s, Godoy and his team find out about it and go to the Becker house and they surround the house by his police team police and he takes Cynthia as a hostage but in the end, Godoy arrests him. The police manage to detain Rafael.
Godoy show Raquel the jewels and she confirms they are hers but she refuses to press charges against her sister Cynthia for the theft and Godoy advices Cynthia to find a new life away from troubles.
Lola furiously tells her father that he wants to make his new life with Raquel who is Damián’s wife and he is her mother’s lover that if all this does not seem to him disgusting.
Mia tells her grandmother that her mother and Santiago are having a relationship and Miriam tells her that her mother has no morals at all and he is taking advantage since her father cannot defend himself but he has them both to do so against her mother. Mia complains to Miriam about the relationship Raquel has with Santiago, Miriam tells her to go to live with her. 
YEARS AGO, BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Damián assures Mia that she, Federico and her mother are the most important thing for him, mia tells him that if this is true, then they must do a trip together, her brother, her mother and her and Mia suggests to her father that, if that is so then they should go on a trip to Acapulco.
Carolina tearful tells Raquel that she is not a good mother that is why she lost one of her babies, so when she leaves the hospital she will not work anymore, that she only wants to be with her family. Due to what happened to Carolina she decides to devote herself to her family and look after her baby leaving her job aside and Raquel agrees.
Since Raquel never pressed charged, Alina requests from Antonio for the immediate release of her client Bebo though he has been beaten mercilessly by his in-mate when he has no hand in that stealing act and Antonio assures her.
Damián, Raquel and their children decide to spend a long time in their house in Acapulco Damian also wishes to recover his family and they all go to their house in Acapulco for a long stay. In the meantime, Carolina’s pregnancy is being calm, she is surrounded by Santiago and her children’s’ love.
On their return from Acapulco the Becker family looks very happy and at ease.
Same vein, Carolina stays at home on her own because Santiago has excused her to go check on a land they have been contracted to build affordable houses for workers. Lola is also on a trip, Carolina suffers an accident by falling down from a table while putting things in order at the kitchen that brings on the birth of her baby.
Just then, Damian calls Carolina and as she is unable to get to Santiago and she asks him to help her because she is about giving birth, and Damian rush to take Carolina to the hospital and he stood beside her as the proud father during the birth of the baby boy and he is even given the privilege to cut the umbilical code of the boy. All these while, Santiago is trying to find Carolina upon his return home with his son Nico and he looks stranded realizing that he left his phone home and Carolina has called a thousand times. Meanwhile, Damián looks very happy to see his beautiful boy.