Till The End of Time Episode 14 Update on Thursday 9th August 2018


Arjun over phone informs Saanjh that Maya locked herself in a room after yesterday’s incident. Saanjh jokes he frightened Maya so much. He says she did not come to office all. She tells that her aunt is coming and they need to meet her. 

He says let us see later. After sometime, Rhea informs Arjun that Maya has to sign important document of his first photoshoot. He says he will go to Maya’s house. She says it is not that easy. Lalwani warns him to be in his limits. 

Arjun confronts him and says if he crosses his limit, it will not be good for him. He leaves for Maya’s house. Saanjh calls him again and he says he cannot come to meet Aunt and she should hug and kiss aunt on his behalf also. 

Saanjh’s aunt Rashmi comes and Saanjh kisses her on her and Arjun’s behalf. Aunt smiles and asks how is Arjun. Saanjh says he is fine. Arjun reaches Saanjh’s apartment building, but guard stops him. 

He bribes guard, but guard takes money and asks him to leave. Arjun says he will call police and complain. Guard says police will arrest him for trespassing. Arjun leaves yelling. Maya is seen still in her panic attack and destroying her childood drawing and blakens her father’s face. On the other side, Ashwin’s live-in partner taunts him that he is a beggar and begged 70,000 rs worth bangles from his wife. 

He says he will get more money from Jahnvi. She says Maya will not let him in. He says even Maya will be under his clutch soon and he will loot Maya and Jahnvi’s wealth. Arjun calls Saanjh and informs that guard did not let him into Maya’s building. 

Their argument starts. In living room, Rashmi tells Prem and Suman that she has brought a good alliance for Saanjh. Suman asks what about Arjun and Saanjh’s relationship. Rashmi says even she likes Arjun, but their relationship is not proceeding more than friendship. 

Saanjh comes speaking over phone to Arjun and serving tea tells she will kick his bum, ,etc.. Rashmi and her husband laugh silently. Prem says they are just friends. Rashmi warns him to do something before things get out of control. Maya looks at her childhood items and smiles. She then sees her 9th birthday candle and reminisces her father abusing her and her mother. 

Jahnvi hears door bell, opens door and sees Ashwin forcefully entering house. She says not today, Maya is upset. He says todayy is the day to speak to his daughter and calls Maya. Jahnvi asks what he needs. He says 5 lakhs. 

She says he took money 10 days ago and yesterday bangles. Ashwin says that was charit/bheek and he needs 5 lakhs now. She pushes him out of house and says he will not get a single paisa. 

He calls on landline and says if she does not give him 5 lakhs, he will inform Maya that her mom sends so much money to her pappa. Jahnvi pleads no… Maya is seen reminiscing incidents again and immersing herself into bathtub in a suicide attempt. 

Precap: Jahnvi knocks Maya’s room door and pleads her to open door. Maya is seen immersed in bathtub. Arjun is seeing climbing pipe trying to enter Maya’s apartment. 

Update Credit to: MA