Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 428–430 Update on Thursday 9th August 2018


Karma manages to trick the Company soldiers to leave the cake unguarded. The Jhansi warriors led by Tatya Tope sneak in and Rao Dulaju plants the bomb in the cake. 

In the ball room, the assembled guests and Laxmibai prepare to watch the duel between Ladai Sarkar and Capt Mac. 

Even as Tatya Tope and comrades plant the bomb, sharp shooters prepare to assassinate Laxmibai and others. Ghaus Khan and Tatya Tope try to gather clues about the British game plan; however, they fail to learn anything. 

Though Ladai Sarkar has to suffer defeat, Laxmibai decides to duel Capt Mac on Ladai Sarkar’s behalf. 

Tatya Tope is surprised by Laxmibai’s decision. Ghaus Khan believes Capt Mac must have insulted Indians which could have prompted Laxmibai to duel with him. 

As Laxmibai prepares to duel Capt Mac, sharpshooters train their guns at him.  as Laxmibai duels with Capt Mac, Capt Hugh Rose tells Robert Hamilton to ask the sharpshooters to get ready to fire at Laxmibai at his signal. 

Laxmibai notices the sharpshooters and indicates to Nanasaheb Peshwa. Nanasaheb Peshwa informs Tatya Tope, Ghaus Khan and Karma about the sharpshooters. 

Karma ensures that Rao Dulaju does not learn about the plan. Ladai Sarkar and other Indian kings are elated when Laxmibai proves too much for Capt Mac. Tatya Tope and Ghaus Khan manage to make the sharpshooters unconscious.

 The assembled guests praise Laxmibai when she wins the duel. Laxmibai lashes out at Capt Mac for insulting the Indians. Will Laxmibai succeed in her plan?. 

Capt Mac and other British officials learn about the plot to assassinate them from Rao Dulaju. 

When Laxmibai invites Hugh Rose to cut the cake, the British captain asserts that since she is their guest he would be honored if she cuts the cake. 

Ladai Sarkar panics and yells at the British for insulting them. Capt Hugh Rose questions why they were afraid of cutting the cake and calls Laxmibai a coward. 

Since, she doesn’t want her plan to get foiled; the queen of Jhansi decides to cut the cake. Before cutting the cake, Laxmibai invites Rao Dulaju to stand along with her. 

She also thanks other kings and her comrades for daring to dream of freeing their country from the British. 

Captain Hugh Rose believes that the moment Laxmibai cuts the cake she will die and so he and other British officers escape.