Fall Into Temptation Episode 46 Update on Tuesday 7th August 2018


PRESENT DAY, AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Azucena tells Raquel that she truly looks very sorry for what Nacho is going through because he is indeed a good man but Mia tells her mum that she never liked Nacho at all and this Raquel tries to challenge her leading them into a great argument. Quickly, Cynthia arrives wanting to tell Raquel something but she wants to take care of some deliveries first. Cynthia asks Mia why her mum looks so serious and she reveals to Cynthia that it’s because, her mum looks bad for Nacho because she found out that his son was arrested for stealing her father’s jewelries. This hits Cynthia and she becomes nervous.
Miriam tells her lawyer Rueda that she is still not satisfied about what is happening with Santiago and his friends and that all she wants is to see Santiago behind bars because she can tell that he is the brain behind the stealing of the jewelries.
Cynthia discloses to her sister that she stole the jewelries and that she is sorry but she wants to change for the best and she did that to get money to support her since Miriam took everything from her and she ended up by selling drugs and now it has landed her in trouble and now she needs her protection. She also reveals to her that she never slept with Damian as she told her and that it was a way to take revenge on her for being successful over her always. Raquel knowing all these lies, goes ballistic and asks Cynthia to leave her house and go report the truth to save that innocent man who is paying for her wrong doing.
Santiago visits Nacho in jail and questions him to tell him if he stole the jewelries and gave them to Bebo and Nacho goes speechless. He again then questions him if he killed Carolina and Nacho becomes surprised and tells Santiago that, he only didn’t tell him about the affair of Carolina and Damian just to protect him if not he would have been the one in prison receiving the visitation from him instead and that he never killed anyone and that he can says someone is behind the robbery just to incriminate him and her son.
THE PAST: Raquel advices Mia to not judge her brother Federico but rather support him in which part he chooses to define his life or define his sexuality. He tells Damian about it and Damian seems to be a very disappointed that his son may end up being a gay but they still have to support him and help him so he will never feel intimidated.
Santiago is told that Carolina is in the hospital so he rushes there with his children and the doctor reveals to them that due to the miscarriage, she lost one baby but the other one survived. That means she was expecting twins. Carolina anxiously continues to blame herself for being the cause of their baby’s death and that she is the worst mother who doesn’t deserve to be a mother and ask him to forgive her but Santiago asks her not to worry at all.
Lola senses something Fishy and thinks something might have happened for her mum to keep on blaming herself for the loss of one of her babies and Nico asks Santiago to call Lisa to ask her what actually happened and to his surprise, Lisa tells her that Carolina wasn’t with her at all.
Raquel and his husband Damian decides to go see Carolina at the hospital together with their children but Mia starts her tantrums stating that she wants to speak with her dad and when he refused to speak with her but will do so after returning from the hospital, she goes mad and attacks her father for always giving attention mostly to Carolina and not his family instead, Damian goes crazy and descend on her and put her at her place for always trying to rule and blackmail them and this makes her feel bad and so Raquel have to cancel their going to the hospital and attend to her for fear of Mia hurting herself again.
Lola goes to speak with her mum about Auntie Lisa telling their father that, she never came to see her and Carolina tells her if she never saw Lisa because on her way, Lisa called to inform her that the situation is calm and she decided to return home and it was there that she felt that sharp pain in her abdomen and came to the hospital.
Federico calls Nico to get information for his family about Carolina’s situation and he is told that Carolina was expecting twins but she lost one due to the miscarriage and Damian looks very worried.
PRESENT DAY AFTER ACCIDENT: Alina presents some documents as evidence to the police revealing to them that Nacho couldn’t have been responsible for Carolina’s death because at that time he was even on his phone with his son Bebo but the police thinks the evidence isn’t strong and he will therefore still be detained.
Raquel discloses to Santiago that it was her sister who stole the jewelries. Whiles about to enjoy themselves, Mia and Nico enter and the children go crazy for their parent’s actions.
Mia goes to the factory to tell Federico that their mum and Santiago are together and that she lied when she said nothing was going on between them. Federico then tell Mia that, there is nothing he can do about it because their mum and Santiago are two grown adults and not need to be told them what to do but Mia still thinks she will not sit to walk them and Federico asks Mia to stay off because Raquel and Santiago are not to blame for the situation they are in now and so she should think about herself and stop thinking about their mum and Santiago’s relationship because he is trying to live his life normally without putting the blame on others.
Rafael kidnaps Cynthia and forces her to take some jewelry of Raquel’s as a payback for betraying him to Godoy because he won’t let her go.
In the hospital, Carolina looks feverish and whiles Santiago sits by her, she begins to hallucinate and she imaginatively sees Damian and asks Santiago to make him go away because it’s all his fault she lost her baby but seriously, Santiago can’t understand anything and he calms her down that it is true and asks why she is saying that. Carolina then states that she cheated and Santiago just stirs at her.