Till The End of Time Episode 13 Update on Wednesday 8th August 2018


Arjun smears Maya’s face with a cake while celebrating her birthday. She panics reminiscing her 9th birthday incident and leaves. Staff stands in a shock. Arjun asks what happened and walks behind her. Another staff member holds Arjun’s collar and shouts how dare he is to touch Maya. Arjun warns him to leave his collar, else he will break his hand. Staff leaves his collar. Arjun walks behind Maya, but constable stops him for running behind a girl. Arjun escapes somehow and sees Maya far away. Maya walks into beach reminisces how her father molested her. She washes her face with water waves and leaves in taxi. Arjun comes calling her and coast guard stops him. He says a lady went into water and sees Maya going in taxi. he thinks she came to beach to just wash her face. At night, Arjun informs Saanjh and Ayan that Maya went near beach to wash her face. They all laugh. Saanjh scolds Arjun who will smear boss’s face with cake, now he lost his job. Ayan leaves commenting Arjun got his saanjh, he will go and search his soulmate. Arjun leans on Saanjh’s lap and says whenever he is with her, his mild is calm and and light and when he is with Maya, he feels very heavy. She is a solace for him and asks to find solution for his problem. Saanjh smiles and says he has find solution himself this time. Maya is seen sitting on her bed and panicking reminiscing her molestation incident. Ashwin continues celebrating Maya’s birthday at his home with cake and drinks. His live-in partner says he is drinking since yesterday and should wear dog belt and give its control to Maya. He shouts. She says he is a beggar and she is pity on him and living with him. He shouts. He says he is living on his wife’s money and Maya’s favor and their beggar. He angrily destroys cake and shouts she will watch what he can do. Janhnvi comes there and pleads him to forgive Maya. He says he will complain against her and Maya. Jahnvi pleads him not to. He asks her to pay then. She gives him her gold bangles. He asks her to clean cake now. She cleans. He and his live-in partner laugh. In the morning, peon opens Maya’s office and sees Arjun sleeping on sofa. Arjun says peon he is late. Peon says it is 8:30 a.m. Arjun asks him to bring coffee. Saanjh calls him after sometiime standing outside his house. He picks call and says he is in office already. She excitedly praises his punctuality and asks if he apologized Maya. He says Maya did not come to office yet. He waits for Maya till afternoon and asks Rhea when will Maya come. She says she does not know and Maya’s mobile is switched off. He asks her Maya’s landline number. She says she does not have. He tries to pick her mobile. She says no use, she does not have Maya’s landline number. Arjun enters Maya’s cabin and finds a document with landline number. Maya is seen playing with toys whole day locking her room. Arjun calls her landline at night and hears Jahnvi pleading Maya to open door and have some food as she did not have anything since yesterday. 

Precap: Rhea tells Arjun that Maya has to sing his first photo shoot documents and she did not turn up yet. Arjun says he will get them signed. Maya is seen immersing into bathtub reminiscing her molestation incident again. 

Update Credit to: MA